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Found 6 results

  1. はじめに、フォーラム初心者のため見苦しい文章になっていることをお許しください。 分艦隊以外の味方と連携をとりやすくするシステムを提案します。 現システムにおいて、味方の艦がいつレーダーをうてるのかどうかは、VCをつないでいない限りわかりません。 自分がレーダーやソナーを使用する側ならチャットで連携を促すことはできますが、その逆の立場だった場合連携するのは困難でしょう。 そこで、リチャージ中の消耗品のキーを押すと、味方チャットに再リチャージまでの時間を通知するようにします。 例えば、デモインに乗っていて、あと40秒でレーダーがうてるようになるとします。 レーダーが割り当ててあるキーを押すと、 「Desmoin:レーダー再使用まで40s」 などの通知チームチャットにがいきます。このシステムにより、ピンと合わせて使用することで分艦隊以外のチームメイト、いわゆる野良との連携をとることを可能とします。 「使用可能」の通知があってもいいかもしれませんね。 チームタクティクスにおいて、味方チームとの連携は必須です。 分艦隊以外の船と連携が取れやすくなり、よりよいゲームになることを願ってこのシステムを提案します。 改善余地あればコメントください。
  2. legionary2099

    That was weird

    Take a look at these two pictures , they are from the same match. I got lucky when i see the damage tick stuck at 99999 , thinking i got a nice number , i took the screenshot right after death. Then when the match end , the damage shown is 100000 ???? What the ? Can anyone give some insight about this ? I mean the system just take correction automatically, just weird.
  3. Attorney_Marc


    買了新電腦,重新下載遊戲客戶端很花時間 如何將遊戲客戶端直接備份到隨身硬碟?
  4. What is a reason of killing T5 ship with this MM system? By putting a +1,-2 MM to a T5 ship and make them really really often to meet T7. And T4 ship is a really good sealclubbing tier because that MM.
  5. biq27

    PC upgrade ideas

    Morning all, Slightly off-topic question (although related). I need to buy a new computer, I'm not really a 'gamer' but enjoy casual gaming and have really gotten into WoWs (I'm not very good but enjoy playing nonetheless, it is incredibly addictive). I need a new computer, my shitty laptop just isn't doing it for me anymore. I was planning on buying the components and a.) putting it together myself or b.) taking it to the local computer shop for them to do it. This seems to be the generally accepted way to do things without it becoming cost-prohibitive/getting value for money. My requirements - I need a computer that will last me for the next few years and cope with WoWs like games, I don't play any super competitive games etc. I was also planning on buying Warhammer total war (and, again, similar games). It would ideally be sub- $2000 (AUD). I already have 2 monitors, keyboards etc. Anyway, would love some advice! Merry Christmas and happy sailing! Cheers
  6. CromwellCruiser

    Rank Systems

    Hey guys Sorry to bother you all. But I've got a question I'm dying to ask: How did WG ensure equivalency between the UK rank system and the US/Japanese Rank System? Because if you look at the Royal Navy's officer ranks, they lack the rank equivalent to the army's 2nd Lieutenant....which is filled in the US by the rank of Ensign and in the IJN by the rank of Sho-I. The Royal Navy's Ranks go, to my knowledge: Midshipman<Sub-Lieutenant<Lieutenant<Lieutenant Commander<Commander<Captain While to my knowledge the US Navy's ranks are: Midshipman<Ensign<Lieutenant (Junior Grade)<Lieutenant<Lieutenant Commander<Commander<Captain Did WG resolve this? I'm a little slow on the uptake so if this is a non-question then feel free to tell me so. P.S. does anyone know where the files for the combat ribbons, e.g. shots hit or hits to citadel, kept? I've found the files for the badges and rank (service record) but not the ribbons--would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.