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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there fellas! I was wondering which of the 3 skills would be most useful for my Bimarck which would be a secondary build. Right now im training my captain on Bayern and i do like brawling quite a lot. I have personally done some research and high alert seems quite right but than again vigilance is also quite tempting.. Opinions and suggestion? Thanks!
  2. I have been asking and searching for this matter, but it was from many many months ago or not enough trust from the answerer. So what better answer than from the Dev themself. So my question is : Are Superintendent add +1 airplane squadron to each AirFighter, DiveBomber & Torpedo Bomber on CV ? If not, will there be plan that Superintendent add+1 to airplane squadron ? The reason of it was because, there a plane icon in the skill. I don't want to choose it fear of wasting 3 skill point. Looking from it, my guess is, Superintendent does not add airplane number to your CV, because the idea of the skill were for Air Supremacy (Level 5). Another question arise ... Does Air Supremacy add+1 both Dive Bomber AND Torpedo bomber squadron ? I hope, with this thread and an answer from the developer or moderator, everything will be cleared for the current and future new Carrier (CV) players.