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  1. So. This is not a defence of the attack on Pearl Harbour. This is just a suggestion. The idea is to have a carrier only operation that recreates the attack on Pearl Harbour by the IJN. (Though I suppose other nations 'carriers can be included if Wargaming chooses to do so) This new operation will address two things: The new CV rework The lack of any dedicated Axis Operations Firstly, The CV rework: When the CV changes hit, experienced and novice players alike will be thrown a brand new system which they will likely be unfamiliar with. A dedicated CV operation like this will be able to help players familiarise themselves with the new style of Carrier combat, as well as the updated anti-air capabilities of enemy ships. Secondly, The lack of any dedicated Axis powers operations: We get it. "THE ALLIES WON THE WAR!" I can already hear the armchair generals typing out their angry protests. But the Axis powers did still have a few naval victories. Among the most significant of these would be Pearl Harbour. The ultimate trigger that brought America into the Second World War on the side of the Allies. While the attack was tragic, it does make for an interesting operation to include into the game. It would also give us the only situation where multiple carriers can work together in a team (Unless WG removes the 1 CV per side game cap). Some Further details and spitballing ideas: The operation would be somewhat similar to Killer Whale or Narai, but with only Carriers. The enemy ships would likely be USN T6-7 battleships and cruisers (Maybe stick some other ships in there as well if you feel like it. But if Cherry Blossom is allowed to have only IJN ships on the enemy side, then it would make sense in the context of "Historical Accuracy" to have all the enemies at Pearl be USN) The primary objectives would be to "Destroy the main force" docked in port. This would probably be comprised mainly of Battleships (Maybe five. Perhaps have Arizona docked in there). After the attack, the carriers have to retreat to an extraction zone before the main enemy fleet of carriers returns. Additional side missions could include bombing airfields, shooting down enemy fighter craft, etc. TL:DR When the CV rework hits, people will need a place to both learn the ropes of the new CV mechanics and challenge themselves with said mechanics. We could do this with a fun, interesting and historically significant operation. Also, depicting the war from the Axis' side would be an interesting new take on a genre saturated with stories from the Allies. I am not discounting the Allies. I'm just saying that the Axis also has stories worth telling. Put down your torches and pitchforks. Being able to attack Pearl Harbour would certainly be cool. But this is just a suggestion. So take it however you wish (An idea, a necessity, an attack on your sensibilities and patriotism, a mushroom with a gender-switching crown, a hat, whatever). Until next time, Fair Winds.
  2. I love the game,and I wish to buy some premium ships. But, I think there should be a option to test drive a prem ship,before you buy it. Like example,I like the Ashitaka,but don't know if it is worth spending money for,if I have not ever played it. All i am suggesting to you guys, create a option,so that one player can play a prem ship,for one day,only once from his account. That way player will understand if the play style of the ship suits his or her play style. I am saying this because,I wanted to buy Atlanta,but scared that the ship might be too fragile for me to handle,so i tried my friends account to play the ship once,and i loved it instantly. Bought it the very next day. I hope this is not a impossible thing to consider. Thanks
  3. now the sheet and screwed yet thrilling CV RTS has been destroyed, what left is unlimited blade works brainless bombing from CV. JUST HEAR ME THIS TIME :V first, i will state the obvious impact of current CV rework : 1. Surface Pheasant will become pinata for CV with unlimited plane and unstopable bombing 2. CV snipe will become more common, THIS IS NOT SOLVING the "noob CV vs Pro CV"... just making it more worse..... 3. Surface Pheasant will BECOME IRRELEVANT AND OBVIOUSLY EVERYONE WILL PLAY CV TO WIN 4. Easily ABUSED BY BOTS, no brain involved... unlimited plane da heeeelll.... EZ dodge AA flak 5. Less profit from selling premium Surface Pheasant..... because wallet warrior is always want a stronk sheep 6. short hype, people will be bored after a few match..... but i dont think we must abandoning the CV rework Idea... this new interface seems appealing for a lot of people WHAT WE NEED IS TWEAK SOME STUFF! ok, here is some sugestion A. NEW MODE, CARRIER BATTLE - everytime CV is involved, ITS AUTOMATICALLY TURN INTO CV BATTLE - OBJECTIVE : DESTROY ALL ENEMY CV >> its obvious - TIME LIMIT : 30 min - THERE IS ANOTHER "special" 2 BOTS CV FOR EACH TEAM, preventing silly botter or noobs or DC for screwing and losing fast. - maximum real CV player is 4 in each team, a lot of people will try this mode lol.... - SPECIAL 2 bots CV WONT LAUNCH PLANE, unless commanded by surface sheep - WIN is based how many CV is sunk, or if number same, its based on remaining CV HP - surface pheasant sunk is NOT COUNT - the number of CV and its tier is balanced on each team - give AADF FOR ALL TIER CV! B. a benefit for surface pheasant - any ship selected consummable automatically turn into AADF in this mode, so NO WASTE HYDRO or AADF for sheeps - number of AADF is buffed by 4~5 - SURFACE SHIP have special plane consummable (please look at BBCV ISE in WoWs Blitz for reference) *surface sheeps now can COMMAND 2 Bots CV to launch plane, so there is 2 slot... its represent each bot CV....launched based on CV1 or CV2 * Cooldown is 3 min, it mean it can only launch plane 10 times for each CV..... * its QUEUE based on the first who command the bot CV... *based on it type : >> Cruiser can launch 1 squad bomber, 3 plane for each squad, the bomber type can be chosen "in battle"..... just like changing torpedo mode >> BB 2 plane of spotter squadron with 3 only min duration, except for German BB and French BB can launch fighter (3 plane), because their YOLO nature.... BB mean to deal damage with their own massive firepower..... >> DD can launch 1 squadron of fighter (3 plane) or bomber, pick in battle like changing torpedo type * this is benefit for surface pheasant to defend their CV ESPECIALLY the 2 BOT CV! because the moment 1 or 2 bot CV destroyed, they lose access for launch plane.... * this is intended TO KEEP RTS style and make the surface sheep keep relevan in CV battle. Cruiser can become AA slave without sacrifice a lot of damage, BB can shit on other sheep because the spotter plane, and DD is become the real Daddy because it can launch fighter or bomber. smoking team now give it benefit * surface pheasant sunk in not count for winning to make em last longer and avoid becoming obvious pinata for CV player if this sheet is implemented, i can IMAGINE a INTENSE AIR BATTLE and surface pheasant is WILLINGLY to become AA slave
  4. Grygus_Triss

    New Port Idea

    So, I was just looking around the clan base, and I thought to myself how I'd like to see a Port modeled on the Clan Base. I think it would be cool to see your ships moored there, especially considering the work already done on the base. Bonus points for the port being updated to reflect when base is upgraded. Any thoughts?
  5. Konig_Im_Norden

    Suggestion: Add Clan Flag

    Suggest to add a new content: CLAN FLAG. Now there are nation flags, signal flags, and one or two flag that players can choose to hang. However there should be one more flag: Clan Flag. As it is know that, in WOT, clan mark is printed on the tank. There should be similar mechanism in WOWS. I think the best solution is to hang a Clan Flag together with nation flags, customized flags, and signal flags. Hope that this suggestion can be considered, and clan flag can be added.
  6. I just got an idea about some new ways to introduce the game to newcomers. So the idea here is. When a newcomers play tier 1 and 2, the aiming mechanic doesn't require lead. The player will just fire at the enemy directly from the aiming mark without leading it. This way they can adapt to the game easier. Once the player reached tier 3, they will be redirected to the training room and a tutorial on how to aim will be provided. But of course not only to broadside target. I see a tips that placed in the battle loading screen can sometimes be pointless. Why? because some players doesn't have enough times to read and understand it. Yes I know there are some videos on You tube but come one guys they are newbies. And one more. A tutorial on how to dodge a torpedoes will be provided.
  7. So... this post has been inspired by a comment on one of my older posts. "Noob players who crowd the playerbase and reduce the skill level should leave." I believe is a rough interpretation of what was said. I am of the opinion that new players should be nurtured and given the chance to get better over time. I suppose most people could be of my opinion, but stay silent about it. But that just leaves the loud majority of posts berating new players who don't know any better. Now we can't solve idioticy, but we can always help cure ignorance. I'm definitely not the best player out there. I'm not even in the low unicum ranges (I think). However, I enjoy playing this game, and the communities I've engaged with have built a very positive experience. So to maintain this game's health, I'm going to make a case for Newcomers and Inclusivity. Since WoWs became available on Steam, there has been a great influx of green commanders. New players who found this game interesting and want to give it a try. The training wheels for this game, I feel, come off when a player reaches either tier 4 or 5. That is about when a player has to start playing against actual players should they wish to sustain reasonable growth. However, according to friends of mine who used to play, this is also when a lot of new players simply drop out and stop playing. (ie, they stopped playing when they reached t5) I switched over to playing against actual players really by accident when I reached t4. I had a violent shock back then. The skill level difference in playing against predictable AI versus unpredictable humans was immense. By the time I had joined WoWs though, I did have CS:GO and TF2 under my belt. So I at least understood the concept of differences in player skill. And that improving would increase my enjoyment of the game. So I persevered, eventually getting good enough to reach the higher tiers and do reasonably well. Most new players coming to WoWs though would probably be less experienced. They might not have yet grasped the concept of having to improve their own skills in a game. After all, a wide range of games are based off the concept of merely having your ingame avatar get more powerful while you yourself as a player remain relatively unchallenged. In WoWs, however, you as a player have to improve along with your ship. As you climb up the tier ladder, you will face more seasoned players with more experience with the game. They know how to manage their consumables, how to coordinate with each other and how to use map geometry to their advantage. New players need to learn these skills to be able to do well, in lower tiers yes, but especially in higher tiers. There are people out there who help. Yuro to name one produces guides on how to optimally play certain ships. Even through memes seemingly inserted purely for entertainment, his videos both show and tell players how to improve. (This does require players to actually put effort into analysing his playstyle and understanding why what he does works, but I didn't say getting gud was easy. Also honestly, Flamu's guides are very much catered to NA and don't suit the Asia meta as much) There are some out there who are seemingly out to make the problem worse. Those who chose not to learn, and refuse to take input from others. Worse still, they take any opportunity to beat down those below them, giving them the smallest sense of superiority to pad their fragile egos. These players do nothing to help new commanders who genuinely want to improve. More than likely, they will end up driving these new players away, with their perceptions of the game forever soured by a few bad apples. Bad apples will exist in any game. That is an inevitability. But for those who believe that nurturing new players should be the way to go, try as much as possible to encourage new players. Do not just give them purely positive feedback. That is a fast track to breeding complacency and causing even more potential toxicity. Try instead to give constructive feedback. Help them rectify their problematic points and teach them how to get better. (I understand that better is a subjective term. But in this game it usually manifests as higher average damage and better win-rate) I have found that certain clans are quite supportive and friendly when it comes to playing and improving. The guys over at [1-ATF] were a bit overbearing but still helped me learn how to play destroyers effectively. (Thanks) These would be the ideal kind of clan most players join first. There are some who only provide positive feedback, however. And while it preserves the player's will to stay, does not encourage them to get better. And they will inevitably get upset when someone calls them out on their apparent lack of skill. (Certain Australian clans that shall remain unnamed I'm looking at you) TL;DR, I believe that us more experienced players should help newer players and encourage them to get better. We should not drive them away, but we should also not praise them to the point of complacency. A positive community focussed on improvement and growth is the best kind of community. Memes included. This has been a long post. For those who took the time, thank you. I hope this post has encouraged you to help. If not I hope it was at least interesting to read. Until next time, Fair Winds.
  8. (Disclaimer: This is my opinion. It is purely subjective. Take it as you will, but don't take it out of context. Also I will not be counting premium ships. So all you Asashio mains calm down.) So I, like basically every other weeb, started the game playing the IJN line. I've cut my teeth and ground my hours away to reach Shimakaze, Zao and Yamato. I have enjoyed my time with them, but over time, I find myself being drawn away from the IJN. These days, it just feels like every other tech tree can offer better alternatives at any tier (With some unique exceptions). Take the tier 6 Aoba for example. Back in the days when I first started, there were three other alternatives: Cleveland, Budyonny, Leander, Le Galissonniere and Nurnberg. Now, when we compare Aoba these ships, Cleveland provided a better fire rate and HE spammability. The newly balanced Pensacola boasts superior AP shell salvos at the same calibre. Budyonny brings better range, speed and shell velocity to the table, and Nurnberg brings 1/4 german HE penetration, higher fire rates and forward firing torps. Leander boasts heal, smoke and forward firing torps once again. And finally, I have not played Le Galissonniere enough to have an opinion on her. Now there are some exceptions. Fubuki's 10km torps are unmatched at tier 6 (Which is a great advantage especially when you get up-tiered to tier 8). Amagi is still fun to play. (And arguably superior to Izumo) Furutaka, being the first cruiser able to mount 203mm guns, is unmatched in her tier as well. (But is outclassed by Myoko in most cases with matched to tier 7 Yuro pls) There are some standouts but for a lot of the grind to the top, there are other ships from other tech trees that one would rather be playing. The issue which I can discern is, that the IJN cruiser and destroyer lines' sole distinguishing feature to wargaming is their torpedos. The problem with that is that torpedos are a very inconsistent damage dealing tool compared to guns. They do massive damage when they hit, but it is unlikely for more than two torpedos from a single salvo to actually hit. And that is when they are actually aimed properly on target. Additionally, these IJN torps have larger detection radii compared to other nations. So effectively, it is likely that in an average game, you won't actually be doing that much damage compared to other destroyer lines with faster torpedo launcher reloads. Now some will say that this is compensated by the IJN's better concealment values but this advantage is effectively nullified by the prevalence of cruisers with radar. It doesn't matter how well hidden you are. Once you try to contest a cap, some Worcester, Minotaur, Des Moines, Moskva, etc., etc., etc. will be waiting to spot, and annihilate you with their radar. (And that's only mentioning tier 10. Belfast please) On top of that, The IJN destroyers do not have the firepower in their guns to make use of their concealment advantage against enemy destroyers. Then there is Xatu with his gunboat Yuugumo that puts some Cleveland players to shame. So compiling these issues, the lackluster gun firepower compared to other nations, reliance on an unreliable tool to deal damage, handling that feels inferior to other nations and concealment that doesn't really matter anymore, it's easy to see why one might get burned by playing the IJN tech tree lines. It just feels like they could be playing something better at that tier. Now to move on to why wargaming should make the IJN lines more fun to play. (Especially in Asia) It is likely that most players in Asia (And a significant number from the rest of the world as well) will start out with the IJN tech tree. If they start playing with a line that feels inherently inferior to every other line in the game, they will get burned, and they will tab out of the game. I myself know many friends who have played WoWs only to quit, having started, then burning out on the IJN line. This effect trickles down, as these burned players then share their experiences with their friends, turning them off from WoWs. I stayed because halfway down the tech tree, I took a break from the IJN line to play the German line. And it turned out to be so much more fun and engaging to play. But had I stayed stubbornly on the IJN line, I would likely have burned out and left as well. (I now own a sizable fleet. And I'm happy where I stand) Wargaming should make the IJN line more fun to play. How would be another question which I do not have the answer to yet, but making the IJN line at least fun to play (NOT Overpowered), would help to draw in and retain new players which decide to start with the IJN line. These new players who stay longer could then potentially become paying players, buying doubloons for premium camo and premium ships, earning Wargaming more money. (And isn't that what business is all about?) This is my case to make the IJN more fun to play. I'm not asking for a direct buff. That may not solve the problem. Radar is definitely out of the question given the current state of the game and lowering citadels is not the way to go either. Asia is very much a growing market for gaming, with a lot of potential for revenue. America may be louder online, but the rest of the world happens to have more actual money to spend. One would spend money on a game, but only if it was fun. And because most of us have little time, we go off our first impressions. And if our first impression happens to be poor, it is unlikely that we'll come back. This has been a bit of a rant. Now I know a lot of people will be inclined to disagree. That I understand and accept. But the ultimate point I'm trying to make is that Wargaming should make the IJN lines more fun to grind and play. And not just the top tier ships. This may cost them their egos, but will definitely pay back the debt with interest. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Eggy_Bro
  9. I see that in World of warships Blitz, there are a feature that allow players to switch between main guns and secondary guns. But why this feature are not implemented to the PC version of the game? Yes there are commander skill for it. But i think it's a good idea to implement it.
  10. WinnerChickenDinner

    Destroyer magazines

    Could you maybe turn the detonation chance on the destroyers? Its like one shot from any ship and your just detonated. Yes i know the magazine upgrade is there for a reason but making destroyers have the highest chance of detonation is not really fun.
  11. There should be a big changes for arpeggio ships in WoWS . All arpeggio battleships: Faster gun rotation from 60sec to 35sec with commander skills. Also more powerful AA guns and secondary guns. Fire chance reduced to 20%. ARP Takao: increase the damage of all artillery and AA. ARP Myoko: increase the damage of torpedoes. ARP Nachi: hydroacoustic search radious increase to 10 km. ARP Haguro: defensive AA fire replaced with speed boost and better manouverability. ARP Ashigara: reload time of all artillery decreased to 5% while the consumeable decreased to 10%. All of those characteristics are not applied with commander skills except for gun rotation. Those characteristics are based in the actual arpeggio series. From now on, Arpeggio ships are able to mount secondary hull Why i suggest this? Because Arpeggio ships are nothing but stock ships with useless camouflages. Aside from that, their gunfire sound should be replaced by laser gun sound. Also, their shells should be replaced with lasers. Their camouflages and models looks bad and should be improves too.Please don't ignore this feedback. It's crucial for the game.
  12. Hi, After several days' playing tier 10 battle, I think high tier british battle ship need a little bit adjust. When I played Yamato, british bbs are just very annoying, because they just shot you with HE, cause massive damage and leave several fire on you. and when I try to fight back. they just became invisible. so my suggest is increase the time that british bbs take to recover original detect range. like increase it from 20s to 40s. Then other bbs can have chance to shot back while keeping the original design for british. they can still support team in close range but they need to think before fire.
  13. Commander_GALEN

    Bismarck Camo Visual suggestion

    Wargaming, in update 0.6.6 you include and update the Bismarck visual exterior (better ropes appearance) My suggestion: by the way you forgot to update the camouflage (ropes appearance) of Bismarck the last conquest Can you fix this in the upcoming update? thanks!
  14. Loshirai14

    IJN Tier 4 Premium Suggestion

    Tier IV - IJN Oyodo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_%C5%8Cyodo Has 6x155mm guns on two triple-gun turrets, no torpedoes and powerful AA. Oyodo can be made as a AA focused Cruiser in-game with the AA consumable and a catapult fighter. those seal clubbing tier 4 and 5 CV's are gonna avoid you specially with a top speed of 34kn. She can have an optional upgrade of 4x203mm on two twin-gun turrets. here's some images of IJN Oyodo
  15. IMHO, I think CVs need a much more through revamp than just 'editing the CV interface'. Let me get started on US CVs. What I think, one of the main problem with them is that, they lack squadrons to detect '(light them up!) DDs. Yes, WG try to make it so that different nations have different straits, and indeed with much fewer squadrons they are easier to control. However especially with high tiers it became much harder for US CVs to provide the same amount of support for their teammates than IJN CVs. The support here means both air superiority and situational awareness-light up DDs. You can see from stats, high tier US CVs have quite a decent damage on average, but why is the winrate so low? Good question. This is the same thing with Invisi-firing Zaos (also applies to other ships but i am only using zao as an example), yes, they burned enemy BB, always got 100k damage per game, however, they did not do what a cruiser should do. They did not contribute to AA defense by grouping with others. They did not try to catch DD or to keep DD away from BBs. They did not fight other CA and thus letting enemy CA burn their own BB down. Such is the case in the 013 Lexington, yes, it depends greatly on player skill, yes. It can do a lot of damage. But it is highly situational ship. Whenever you get a decent Shokaku player, it is a GG. Besides, you did do a lot of damage through DoT. But did you help the rest of the team? Having to avoid enemy fighters means they cant really provide reconnaissance for teammates. And then their is the problem of trying to catch DDs. Yes, with two Torp squadrons, they are a bit OP, however, nerfing one Torp squadron means they cant kill DDs anymore. One squadron maybe effective in the case of say, Akizuki with cruiser like rudders and will have a hardly time avoiding torps, but for other Stalin DDs and Freedom fighters alike you can't really hit them with torps unless they have really not being paying attention (or maybe being noob which is unlikely in high tiers) This is not the case with IJN CVs, they have two torpedo squadrons and with some skill, can kill DDs with cross torping reliably. And also, because they have many squadrons, they will be able to detect DDs-potential threats much easier than their US counter parts. But again, this is NOT to say IJN CVs are OP, yes, they have a much higher winrate. But consider the following: 1. Both high tier IJN and US CVs are trash. 2. IJN CV is less trash than US CVs. 3. Thus IJN CV has better Winrate And do I need to stress how useless Dive bomber squadrons are against DDs. I have not seen only once, that a 013 uses all three squadrons on one DD while not getting hit once. And now this brings me to my second point-buff dive bombers. IRL, torp bombers are very effective against battleships (or torpedoes are effective in general), as seen in the sinking of repluse of PoW, and the sinking of Yamato and Musashi. Dive bombers, when used against BBs is mainly to soften up the AA (in the case of yamato), or (in the case of Bombing the Kure harbour) Against stationary targets with older generation BBs such as the Haruna and ISE (do some near misses and get flooding damage). dive bombers are also effective if it has a large charge, but they are much deadly against ships with lighter armour-cruisers, destroyers, CVs. Even near misses are deadly against DDs and cruisers. (attack on wake island, those IJN DDs are one shot kill for US planes) However, in game, as I have mentioned above, dive bombers are useless against DDs, as hitting them is very, very chance based. Hitting CA is equally useless as half the time they will have AA consumable on. Even when hit, Dive bombers does much less damage than Torps. Well, they do set fires and break a thing or two-if they HIT! So, How are US CVs able to kill DDs-a thing that they are tasked to do? I wonder. In addition, the amount of ridiculous AA ships in high tier is ridiculous. US CA HMS CA. KM CA. Even the zao has decent AA thanks to 100mm L65 guns. There is just too much AA at high tier battles. And No im not saying that AA should be removed completely it is just too much AA is too much. Take in mind that a CVs fighting ability, unlike other ships, decreases as the battle goes. (well seeing as the Des Moines is not over performing I think it should keep its AA.) But then, US DDs with AA setup can shoot CV planes reliably????? (like they are not good ships already) HMS CA doesnt need AA consumable to vaporize planes. And KM CA??????? (How are German ships having good AA, for balance reasons i suppose) [interview with Bismarck Chan] Q: Guten Tag Bismarck-chan A: Morning Admiral Q: You participated in Operation Rheinübung right? A: Yes. Why would you ask that admiral? Q: After that you were attack by Swordfish planes,a pre WWII-bi plane right? A: Ehhhh. Yes? Q: And did you shoot'em down? A (Blushes): Nein. The amount of AA makes it so that CVs main targets in high tier battles is IJN BB, KM BB, and DDs (well the last one is for IJN CVs only as mentioned before hand US CVs cant really kill DDs. And even then they will inevitably lose planes. And then, inevitably people will start saying that: WE NEED AA! IF WE DONT HAVE AA CV WILL BE OP!!!! Is that really the truth? Do you really need that much AA? At tier 4 and 5, there are lot of CVs right? At tier 4 and 5, there are no AA ships right (except Yubari but that is premium and hardly anyone has it) Then why is CV not OP in these tiers? And if we BB and CA players can have good games because matchmaking made it so. Can't CV have good games because MM paired them up with Ships who have bad AA. Heck I am a Yamato driver and I dont mind so. And repair fees..This feature is not helping at all. Rather than Deducting a certain amount of repair fees. I think CV repair fees should be mainly based on how many planes they lost. With the ship repair fee be a minor part. So, in conclusion. my suggestions: 1. Change US CV squadrons to have say, 5 planes per squadron, but give them more squadrons. 2. Make Dive bombers more effective, make near misses a thing, or if that is not possible, greatly increase the accuracy of Dive bombers. Also, make a damage system for dive bombers, the lighter the deck armour is, the more damage dealt. 3. Balance the AA of ships so that overall less AA. 4. Do something about the repair fees. Again, just my two cents.
  16. So yeah, lately I have read some books about Adolf Hitler's life. Its quite interesting I must say. Didnt knew he is into the arts and play during his teenage life. Whew... really shocking man, really shocking. So yeah folks, do suggest me some good books. PS: I am more interested into Axis side, but you can just suggest anything you think that is great. PSS: I am sore confused with Soviet, are they Allied or Axis? Because in the 2nd book that I read, Hitler and Stalin are on Axis, but in the 3rd book, Hitler attacks Soviet? Really confusing, maybe I should re-read them carefully.
  17. Hi guys, Like the title above what do you think if BB got a new consumable. The consumable are for low to mid(3-6,maybe?) tiers BBs only since DDs are godlike at that tier. The consumable will share same slot as the catapult plane slot, for ships that doesn't have catapult plane slot will be given a new slot. (The BBs probably not scared to help the push and maybe less snipe camp.) Something like:- Reduce secondary reload by 10-20% Reduce secondary dispersion by 20-30% Increase secondary range by 10-20% So yeah just want to see you guys opinions about this, not necessarily a perfect idea. Any feedback is appreciated.
  18. Loshirai14

    ARP Ships Special Effects

    I was thinking for some ideas that will make the ARP Ships feel unique without giving them buffs. - Klein Field Effect when the "Repair Party" consumable is active. - Klein Field Effect on the first Half of the ship's Health. - Make torpedoes launch upwards then dive into the water when it reaches near the activation range. - Give ARP Nachi's Hydroacoustic search have the same effect as the one on the anime when she activated her long range sonar. I'm sure WG will not implement any of these since it would take a lot of work and they would not give ultra unique ships for free. But if there's any dedicated modders out there, i hope you could try doing these
  19. petercheung128

    my experience on wows

    my experience on wows : maps are too less, making more map i think is easy for software development, since they already made some. There should be a business reason that they don't provide more maps, hope we can have more maps in near future. 7 ships per teams is little bit small, ship running slow than tank, if too less enemy, round will end quick and spend too much time on drive the ship to war zone.
  20. So, I have been asking here and there and reading this and that on how specific captains should be built. I want to take this opportunity to fix some captains skills. I divide my captains in two classes, primary and secondary. Primaries are those that I move to next ship as I unlock the ships. Most of the ships follow same class and nation flavors with only a few exceptions. Secondaries are the captains who come and fill the gaps in previous ships, so basically as I play them the training kinda starts from beginning and ship specific builds are easily possible. So help me figure out the skill builds. USN CA: Currently at Phoenix, won't keep it. Next Keeper will be Cleveland. Primary: BFT, EM Question: Future build? IJN CA: Currently at Aoba. I might keep it as I go along and put some secondary captain in her. Won't keep Myoko as well since we have those ARP Myoko ships. So next Keeper Mogami. Primary: BFT, EM, SI. Question: Do I swap BFT for BoS, and SI for Vigil? USSR CA: Still at Svietlana, I have no idea what will be next keeper, Just playing along. Have Murmansk and Mikhail. Primary: BFT, EM, SI Question: Do I need any correction? Future build? KM CA: Still at Kolberg. I have no idea what will be next keeper, Just playing along. Primary: BoS, EM, SI Question: What do I change? Future build? KM BB: Tirpitz. Have primary BB captain in this, which I will move to KM BBs once they are released. Primary: BFT, EM, Vigil Question: Future build? USN BB: Currently at Colorado. Also kept New Mexico. I will keep them all up to Montana. Primary: BFT, EM, SI, AFT Question: Do I swap SI for Vigil? Extra heal can be managed by Premium heal, but with the games be profitable? New Mex: BFT, EM. Future build? IJN BB: Currently at Amagi. Also kept Mikasa, Ishizuchi (don't really care), ARP Kongos, Fuso, Nagato (primary captain still in Nagato). Same setup and same question about future build. Fuso: BFT, EM, (Should be same as NM, right?) ARP Kongo: BoS, EM, SI (change needed? probably wont waste doubloon points on these toons) USN DD: Still at Wicks, No idea about keepers. Primary: AFT, LS Question: Future build? IJN DD: Still at Wakatake, May be Minekaze is the next keeper. Primary: BoS, LS, SI, AFT (I think this is all screwed up and I will fix it entirely, suggestions?) USSR DD: At Gnevny, I will keep it and may be all the next ones. Primary: BFT, LS, Vigil, AFT I have read a post that showed CE is not really needed for USSR DDs. Is that correct? RM DD: Campbeltown (shitty DD) Primary: BFT, LS. Future build? IJN CV: Hosho (dont play CV, so not really a concern now) Primary: BFT, TAE, TE. Future build? USN CV: none (other than Saipan which I don't play) (not really a concern now). Saipan: BFT. (Future build?) Sorry about the long post. Help help!
  21. Got this idea long ago, but never really considered it until now. TLDR version: make shooting down planes grant exp, and shooting down planes give your team a +2 in score during games. Lately, there have been a lot of complaining about how US ships are ‘underpowered’, well, maybe they are not really underpowered, maybe it’s just the current game rules doesn’t show their full effectiveness. Besides, I think we can all agree that before the nerf, Cheatland is unstoppable. Anyways, get back to the topic, people have always complained about how US battleships and cruisers have bad shell dispersion, bad shell arc etc. Well let’s face it, the reason behind it is that have trouble hitting your enemies = low damage dealt = low experience per match. That is where the problem is, people are complaining because they have lower experience than their Japanese counterparts. Here’s the thing, US ships have superior AA, functions best in groups, and except in a few instances, their ships armor is generally heavier than their Japanese counter parts (again, even in a Nagato I cannot see any ways to get citadel on a Cheatland. However, AA is more of a, you know, ‘passive skill’. What’s more, shooting down planes does not grant experience, and this is where the problem lies. For example, most of you would probably agree that Bogue got a much better advantage over Zuiho. It can overwhelm the Zuiho with ease. However, the average experience Bogue gets is actually lower than that of Zuiho’s. Why? Well cause shooting down planes doesn’t grant experience! While the Zuiho, though its planes will get shoot down very frequently, have two torpedo squadrons and can deal damage a 201 Bogue can never achieve. Another example, People complain about Zao because it can invisible fire, and Des Moines, having a bad shell arc and hard to invisible fire, a lot of US cruiser just end up defending CVs and subsequently low experience. You know, the only thing Zao good at is invisible fire. If this is nerfed (the developers are talking about ‘reworking’ the Zao). It is even more useless than Des Moines because Japanese AA is a joke. Well, here is the thing, I think, if shooting down planes can grant experience, then US ships will have a huge increase in experience, therefore it compensates for their inability to deal decent damage. And Japanese ships will not have to go through all the nerfs (R.I.P Mogami with AFT you will be missed dearly). And the best thing is, everyone benefits from this, cause it’s not like Japanese ships can’t shoot down planes. Another idea I would like to suggest is that shooting down planes should grant +2 in score during domination mode (and any mode which includes points). Right now high tier US CVs have a much lower win rate, not because inability to deal damage, but because less squadron=hard to catch DD=less effective at late part of game in which detection of enemy ships and movement is sometimes key to winning the battle. However, I think this can be fixed to a degree, by having points gained from shooting down planes, US CVs can contribute to the team more as their fighter is superior to the Japanese Ones. And let’s face it man, even in real life Air superiority is a thing, and the survival of planes are just important as ships. Think about Letye Gulf, the IJN lost air superiority in the great turkey shoot, and they don’t have a lot of planes either, the Japanese tried hard to keep up with the plane shortage, they even transported all the planes on Formosa to help the battle. Still, the Northern Decoy squadron have little planes left. Alright, I think this is all I have to say, let me know what you think. P.S: If you like this post please +1 me cuz no one ever bothered to +1 my post
  22. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Fan Art Feature Suggestion

    It will be great if wows have the fanart tab in wows portal. I've seen many great works from social medias about ships and also I knew some poeple (including me) wants their arts to be posted in wows portal. Fair seas my talented commanders!
  23. GrandeRossa

    Kill Assist System

    Honestly, I'm getting tired of having my targets stolen. Like, melting an enemy ships' HP due to citadel hits then suddenly while you're reloading another ship will steal the kill. I hope the devs will develop a Kill Assist System, and the experience and coins you receive is based oh how much damage you dealt on the ship. It may sound greedy to rant because someone stole your kill but its kinda unfair because you totally did your best to kill a ship for xp then another team mate stole those precious xp because your guns are still reloading and receiving nothing in return for the effort. DEVS PLEASE READ THIS FOR THE SAKE OF FAIRNESS
  24. Dear WG team, I was talking to my friend who has a tier X ship,and he whined about how expensive the repair bills are. So,an idea suddenly came into my mind. "Why not we have a insurance system where it'll repair your ships for free?" So here's how it works : The insurance packages are premium items (e.g. Premium Account). There will be 3 packages available for the player to purchase using doubloons or RL Currency : Insurance Package 1 (costs 300 doubloons) - You get your free repair service for 1 day. Insurance Package 2 (costs 750 doubloons) - You get your free repair service for 7 days. Insurance Package 3 (costs 1500 doubloons) - You get your free repair service for 15 days. After the packages expired,the player will have to pay for their repair bills again. To make it easier for the players to buy the packages in-game,there should be a button to access this feature "Purchase Insurance Packages" in the profile drop down menu on the top left of the port screen. This ends my suggestion report,I hope you guys look into it. Regards, xDave1337x
  25. RandomPankakes

    Voice Acting (Vocals) & Script

    I have noticed while playing this game that the Voice Acting, notably the Vocals; seem to be too 'mechanical', as if you were listening to an android or some such which I feel to be far too futuristic for the setting and mood of this game. Try using a static-y radio effect to the vocals or use a speaking tube (probably not as the higher tier ships would be using in-ship radio comms) or get a sound recording of some one inside a boat house for a more natural sound. The vocals are just for mood and ambiance, however the script is what niggles me, for example; when setting way points (plotting a chart) you get to hear, "Auto Pilot Engaged Sir!" or something to that effect. Please correct this, as sophisticated piloting computers have not been invented in those times, and it is some thing you would hear on a jet plane or at NASA. Try scripting some thing like; "Charted Course, Plotted And Laid in Sir!" or "Navigational Course Plotted And Ready Sir" or some thing to that effect. Also referring course markers as way-points is a little annoying, but for the average player I can understand the use of the term for the ease of reference. Just a couple of little silly things that I believe would bring out a stronger naval feel about the game. Thanks to any and all who took the time to read this as I hope it may help the game in the future.