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Found 16 results

  1. BlackLancer2014

    Submarine Map Missions

    Hi WG, You're probably having a hard time selling subs to the players because you're giving them a modern hunter/killer warship dressed as a WW2 era vessel. You can please either the sub player or his opponent but never both. So instead of trying to find the right balance of sub-launched torpedo capabilities, why not just tone them down so subs feel more like the real WW2 era warship and instead give them specific missions to fulfill depending on the map that they spawn in. Fulfilling these missions successfully will give their team an edge such as an immediate points bonus to them and/or deduction to the enemy's points. An example of such a mission could be that they should pick up a VIP/supplies by going to an objective marker near a certain island and deliver this passenger/cargo to another objective marker near another island somewhere on the other side of the map. Another flavor could be something like while remaining undetected and spotting an enemy carrier, the enemy's points gain from captured objective markers is halved. Aside from these missions, subs can also pick up certain passive abilities by capturing randomly generated objectives (Arms Race). But instead of the usual buffs, they pick up offensive support skills that enables them to mark a single enemy ship within a certain minimum distance. Once marked and staying within the minimum required distance, all friendly ships firing at this marked enemy ship gain a small dispersion bonus or increased fire chance. Finally, submarines should have their own special spawning area that is slightly more forward than for surface ships so they can get into ideal positions faster. In case you haven't noticed, current submarine torpedoes move like the Mark 48 which became operational in 1972 instead of the Mark 14 which was the standard during and after WW2. This is what makes subs not fun to play and play against.
  2. BlackLancer2014

    More Submarine Nerfs

    Here are more nerfing suggestions in case the latest nerfs still prove to be inadequate to balance subs: 1. Limited torpedo ammunition. If subs in the game can shoot off 6 torps per minute (or less) that means in 15 minutes of action time, they carry at least 90 torpedoes in their holds which is waaay more than even modern subs carry. If you limit the amount of torpedoes subs can fire, then players will be less likely to just keep spamming them out. Just look at the side-by-side size comparison between a destroyer and a sub. Can a sub really carry the same amount of torpedoes? 2. When a sub does run out of torpedoes, give them a permanent 20% speed boost and 10% damage reduction from incoming fire while on the surface and spotted so they can still opt to ram the enemy. 3. Not really a nerf but more of an incentive to stay surfaced, how about giving them a repair party consumable that only works while they are surfaced and acts 20% slower than usual. It stops working and they lose the potential repair points if they submerge before the repairs are completed.
  3. BlackLancer2014

    More Submarine Thoughts

    Subs don't work as they are now period and never will. Why? because even pre-Korean war submarines were never intended to engage warships let alone other submarines. If subs use the same meta as warships, then that means they become modern era combatants and will always outperform all the surface ships in the game which are supposed to be WW1 to 1950's era. To keep subs in the game, I suggest making their meta different. Rely less on damaging/sinking enemy ships directly. Earn more xp through spotting and capturing objectives. Give them their own meta through unique abilities like being able to contest and capture (at a significantly slower rate) objectives while below periscope depth. Spawn them at more forward positions at the beginning of the battle to allow them to provide intel quicker to the rest of the team. Give more base xp for spotting while not being spotted. Take away homing torpedoes. Replace them instead with ones that always cause flooding, longer ranged, as hard to spot deep water ones and always eventually rise to surface level even if launched below periscope depth. Give them a special engine boost consumable that can be used only at surface/periscope depth and bestows a benefit similar to the ramming flag while it is active. And lastly, if all the surviving team members on one or both sides are submarines and there are more than two minutes left in the game, immediately reset the remaining time to just two minutes.
  4. Here I tried to the best of my knowledge to minimize the incoming damage. I don't understand how to deal with a submarine while it's spotted in the open within range but it can Devstrike me Bow in while I can't do a single point of damage to it. I was playing a Des Moines, the Sub was detected the whole time but it didn't matter because he was under water the whole time within 5km. 20211002_220331_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  5. ForsakenPandaQ

    Some suggestions on submarines

    This time I want to talk systematically about submarines. And following is personal opinions. Submarines open up new possibilities for this game. I also look forward to the coming of the submarines. But I think there is still some problems with the submarines. The first problem is about sonar pings. Enemy ships will be warned and told the exactly place of sonar ping when they is locked by sonar. I think a little change can be made in this aspect. I will give the following suggestions: Enemy ships won’t be warned when they is pinged by sonar first time. But will be warned when the same place is pinged by sonar for twice or all place is pinged by sonar more than three times totally. When you pinged by sonar twice at the same place, damage control party can’t remove that. Why I suggest that? Because, when It's easy for the enemy ships to know where the ping is. It means enemies is easy to know the general direction of submarines. Next, it's easy for the enemy to avoid damage from the submarines by changing their orientation. And the submarines are poor on mobility, which means they may can’t take action on movement in this map and make high damage to enemy ships in this game. You'll find that more players get familiar with submarines, more easier for players aim at submarines. Second is about the guidance system of torpedo. I think we can make this system more smarter. Then, I'm going to point out where it need more smarter: Every time, torpedo will be guided to the ping-place. If the ping-place is changed, torpedo will be guided to the new ping-place. Sometimes it will disrupt the attacks of the torpedos. Actually, we can just divide the ships into two to four parts. DD for two parts. Cruiser for three parts. BB & CV for four parts. Which part you pinged, torpedos will be guided to the middle point of this part. But if you want to make more damage. You still need to ping same place for twice. 2. Torpedoes need to plan its route more rational. For example, There is a mountain on the left, and no mountain on the right. But sometimes the torpedos will choose the route which will be hit on the mountain. Interesting! Finally, talk about German submarine. I don't think they're strong enough now. Short trop range. Don’t have torpedo at the stern. These two key factors determine that it is not strong. The main functions is not as good as other countries, no matter how special features it have.
  6. trader_mickk

    A few tips for dealing with Subs

    I made a webpage with this on and was going to post a link, but this is easier for most people I guess. Hope it helps, even a little bit. Trader Mickks Simple World of Warships SUB hunting tips Note: These tips are subject to change at short notice and may turn out to be wrong! Tips!** Using Anti Submarine Weapons (ASW) Anti Sub weapons can hit a Sub at any time, surfaced or not. Deploy them along the projected path of the Sub. If you have a number of Destroyers in the area, you can work with them to 'soak' (?) the area with depth charges. This should result in either a dead or heavily damaged submarine. A tip for Depth charge launchers pay attention to where the launchers are they can give ya a good idea about what your depth charge pattern looks like. Cruisers like the Minotaur have a square pattern over the stern, Friesland and Groening launch em over the bow. Some of the UK DD launch em over the stern and they land small distance away from the ship.*# Subs can only be hit by surface ships using 'normal' weapons (eg, guns) when; 1. They are on the surface. (Duh) 2. At 'Periscope Depth'. If you can see a RED shadow, you can hit them with your guns. At this time I do not know if ship launched torpedos can hit a Sub when it is submerged. At this point in time I would say no, even if you can target it. 3. When firing on Subs, HE is best. 4. (new) You can target Subs with your 2ndaries even when you can't hit them. Once your 2ndaries start firing, you will be able to hit it with your mains! The best defence is.... to get in close and stay there. To my limited knowledge, it seems that the torpedos used by Subs have an 'arming range' where they will NOT explode if they hit your ship. I don't know if they still do some sort of damage if not armed. Wait for the SECOND PING before shutting down the torpedo homing signal, but be very quick to do it. Submarines are just as fast submerged as they are on the surface. **The tips given here are based on the limited experiences of a World Of Warships player after the first week or so after the introduction of Submarines to the game. *# Tip from Mr_Macarther
  7. Hi Wow Developers, Just sharing some comments to consider if you wish to improve the submarine battle game play. Overall, the experience I've had since laying lands on my first few battles on the rental submarines has fallen far below my expectations. Having played older variants of submarine simulators such as Silent Hunters, Dangerous Waters etc., I must say that WoW has undermined the potency of submarines, and I'm sure that has caused much disappointment to many of us who were looking forward to the submarine battles. I've hence penned down some comments, bearing in mind that they are not intended to make WoW another submarine simulator, rather, I'm hoping below suggestions could help provide a better realism into the game by uplifting the great potentials of what submarines could do in real naval battle games. 1. Improve Submarine Stealth Stealth is the most important element of submerged submarines. How a submerged submarine maintains it stealth depends very much on (1) the speed at which it is running, (2) its operating depth (sonar detection varies by depth due to various bathymetric profiles in seas), and (3) self noise (e.g. from propulsion, machineries, activities etc.). Consider including such parameters into the game mechanics to make detection of submarines by ships' active sonars more challenging. For example, submarines would remain harder to detect at > 50m in general. In contrast, the 'depth' element in current game environment seemed to be underplayed, except to activate a consumable to evade to greater depth of 80m to avoid greater damage from depth charges. Ships' active sonars should generally have half the range compared to passive sonars due to the need for active pings to be bounced off an object to return to their transceiver. Furthermore, consider having the option for submarines to choose between active or passive sonars for target detection, as this would allow players to balance between real target acquisitions (active) vs remaining covert (passive). In reality, most submarines only operate on passive sonars to remain stealth. Should players choose to remain on passive sonars, they could rely on periscope for real target acquisitions (though at much shorter visual range due to low height of eye as compared to surfaced ships). For example, targets spotted by periscope or detected by active sonar would appear as 'true' (or red/blue) contacts on map, while those detected by passive sonar would appear as 'indicative' (or grey) contacts with a slower refresh rate. Operating on passive sonars would hence force submarines to remain on periscope depth for most of the time to visually confirm targets or attack (see point 3 below), unless they are evading to greater depths from depth charges. Submarine-to-submarine detection are not realistic in current game play, as they could easily detect each other as far as a few KMs away. In reality, submarines could only detect other submarines at very close ranges due to their silent nature as compared to surfaced ships. 2. Cavitation at high speeds Submarines should generally remain stealth and undetected as long as their speeds are kept below a certain speed. For example, submarine should be harder to detect when submerged at 1/4 speed, while they are easier to detect by hostile's passive sonars at 1/2 or more speed. This is however, not the case in current game play where there are submarines charging at full submerged speed undetected.3. Periscope + torpedo attack The periscope is one of, if not, the most important target detection equipment for WW2 submarines. Periscopes are predominantly used for target analysis (e.g. Angle-to-bow assessment, stadiametric ranging etc.) and target classification before pre-positioning submarines to fire their torpedoes - most of which are in fact straight running torpedoes until very much latter in WW2. Somehow, this aspect seemed to be neglected from current game play. Perhaps WoW could consider looking into how the periscope could be tied with torpedo firing at periscope depth as an alternate yet more accurate mode of attacking ships beside the current mode of pinging and homing? As far as I know, homing torpedoes are only developed much later into WW2, and there are potential risks of homing into friendly targets as well. I don't think torpedoes in 1930-1945 are smart enough to home only to hostile targets in the manner WoW set them up. In any case, isn't there a disjoint in logic where only submarines can have homing torpedoes while destroyers and cruisers are having straight running torpedoes in WW2? 4. Snorting In reality, charging of submarine batteries could only be done in 2 ways for most, if not, all of WW2 submarines (even in today's modern diesel-electric submarines); either (1) on surfaced, or (2) during snorting at periscope depth. It is factually NOT CORRECT to have WW2 submarines being able to charge their batteries at any depth while at 1/4 speed. This is because diesel engines need to be running to charge batteries, and there is no way diesel engines could run when submerged without a snort mast (for fresh air intake) - unless those are AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) submarines, which are modern technology. 5. Diving/Surfacing controls Consider having shortcut keys for submarines to reach surface, periscope depth, operating depth etc. instead of manually holding down 'F' and 'C' keys. 6. Parameters in detecting submarines The ability to detect submarines should be based on 2 principles; (1) visually, when they are on surfaced or snorting (e.g. through the wake made by the periscope/snort masts), and (2) noise generated by submerged submarines (e.g. during firing, cavitating or operating active sonar etc). Perhaps the game mechanics could consider having such parameters build in for submarines where detection is concern? While so much has been said to give submarines a better fighting chance, WoW could also consider including ASW aircrafts from carriers looking out for submarines at their periscope depth so as to balance off their stealth advantage those suggested above?
  8. I wrote this to address a lot of concern from players who haven't learnt how to play or adapt to submarines, or haven't played them at all at this stage, and are concerned that subs can't be balanced. Has anyone noticed that some of the "OP" things a submarine can achieve are the same as what BBs and DDs can manage? A broadside BB getting dev struck in one salvo is also something that happens from a single salvo of DD torps or BB shells. A DD can run and hide just like a sub can, albeit faster than a sub, and can race around to the caps far better than any sub could? Stop getting on the hype train and play both sides, and find out how it feels before you jump aboard and toot away without any real self assessment. I took a div with Sub, DD, and BB and the BB and DD had no problem surviving and doing just as well as the subs by using the hacks known as "playing well" "WASD" and "teamwork". If anything the addition of subs IMHO has made the game more focused on teamwork and good play instead of everyone wanting to be their own solo warrior. Some of the more unique plays subs can make can easily be countered if you take the time to learn and adapt. I see too many people rushing directly at a sub going "must depth charge" while not shooting their guns (which do a lot of damage to the weak sub) and then wonder how that sub managed to torp them with it's BOW mounted torpedoes. Also you can quite easily dodge the homing torpedoes if you work on your technique and use left and right movement in combination with diving and rising. Experience it for yourself, show both sides of play and then make an assessment that is based on how it goes rather than objectively finding ways to make subs "OP" just because you don't want them in game. Also, in regards to making DD lives so much harder, have you ever thought that for every spot that a submarine takes up on the team, that's one less slot for a BB or a cruiser that might have radar etc? Because up to three less cruisers or BBs certainly makes DD play a lot easier when you have less surface ships to deal with. Lastly, shame on these youtubers/streamers for showing such a biased and objective viewpoint of subs and selectively picking and choosing points to try and push their agenda/view. If you're reviewing something WG are trying to add or change, do it without your own prejudice and show the whole story rather than just the parts that make your own opinion come to life. In conclusion, submarines IMHO certainly can and are well on the way to being balanced in game, and I really hope to see them in the main game as part of random, ranked and clan battles. Take the time to play all the ship classes yourself and make an educated assessment. If you get killed by a submarine, instead of calling them straight OP, ask questions like: was I out of position? Did I go out by myself with no support? Was I outplayed? How can I learn from this? I hope this finds you all in good health, good luck and good hunting all. Sebdspy
  9. G'day folks, I've done a write up on reddit about Submarines/ASW, posting live link here so we can discuss here as well...
  10. Ranork

    Sub Test Iteration 3

    Well firstly WG let me list the thinks I like in the latest sub test: 1. Graphics and modelling of sub and underwater terrain and Hydro acoustic ping, 2. Removal of Oxygen being replaced with Batteries. What I do not like: 1. Submarines outclass every other type of ship, 2. The Submarine cannot surface and remains impossible to hit at periscope depth, 3. They keep DD's spotted at all times even in smoke, 4. They travel faster underwater than on the surface, 5. As a surface ship if you are lucky and have HE you have very little to aim at when they are at periscope depth, 6. If you are a Heavy Cruiser or BB you cannot counter a sub, 7. British cruisers and Italian cruiser will become even worse with only access to AP and SAP that cannot hit let alone damage a sub, 8. The ping lock on to any ship is easy and the homing torpedoes that bypass torpedo protection and citadel the unfortunate target is doomed, 9. Battery lasts too long and recharges too fast, 10. Torpedoes do way too much damage, 11. DD's have enough to contend with already dodging CV's the sub's just make them unplayable, 12. Combine subs with CV's and every ship will clump together and just camp, 13. The surface ship has no indication that 1 or both pings have locked onto them so torpedo avoidance is difficult, 14. Once a sub maintains a ping the torpedoes can turn very quickly and unbelievably fast and are almost unavoidable In summary the SUB's will break the game if they are introduced as is, more so than CV's ever did.
  11. Good morning/afternoon, Since WG had the generosity to allow me into the submarine beta test, I've decided to make the most and provide some feedback. Firstly, I'd like to say I am extremely impressed with how WG has been implementing submarines and making great balance changes. I feel that the entire submarine experience - for all ship classes - is a massive value add to the game. Secondly, onto feedback about specifics of submarine gameplay at the moment: 1. Sub torpedoes: In the second iteration, the base damage of torpedoes was increased and the double ping damage was decreased. This to me was a good move. It allows submarines to use torpedoes as anyone else would without having to expose themselves and ping their location in order to do worthwhile damage. On the other hand it also is not too powerful against ships where you can just pop up and fire before submerging with little exposure time. If set up right however, and the torpedoes and double pinged, it still doesn't do OP damage, but a healthy punishing amount for anyone not paying attention to the mini-map for pings and whether they are isolated and in danger or not. I feel like the amount of homing the torpedoes get at the moment is good enough to punish cruisers and battleships, but not enough to always ensure a hit no matter how the target is maneuvering. Against DDs, homing torpedoes and especially difficult to hit against a clever player that is looking for them. I'm happy with this state of affairs. I think good counter gameplay by other classes should be rewarded, and not that a double ping means assured high damage against the ship you pinged. DDs SHOULD in my opinion be hard to hit if they're playing smart as they need the ability to get close and depth charge submarines. If subs are able to land a hit every time they activate homing then DDs won't be able to counter them very well no matter the level of play. In regards to against submarines, I really like that they will now chase a submarine once double pinged. Again, torpedoing another submarine should not be easy, but it is doable, and it makes for fantastic gameplay trying to do so - especially when you have rear torpedo tubes for the sub chasing you XD. 2. Depth charges: The change to manual use in the second iteration has been a godsend to gameplay IMO. The satisfaction for a depth charge kill is now in the players hands, and the fact that you need to use them carefully to get the kill before you run out and have to reload means that a destroyer hunting a submarine isn't an assured kill, and the submarine has a chance of survival compared to the first iteration. I feel like the radius of damage could be reduced, but the damage could be increased a tad. I have depth charged right on top of a submarine starting to dive from periscope depth only to not get a kill because he was able to get to the consumable depth after my first wave of depth charges and before my second wave of depth charges hit. I feel that at that sort of close range situation depth charges should net a kill from such careless play by a submarine - especially after I had to stick my neck out in front of enemies and dodge al the subs torps to get that close. I don't believe this is unreasonable, I see it being equivalent to a BB dev strike against a close broadside cruiser, or a dev strike from a DD against a BB from close kamikaze range torpedoing. At the same time though, if you decrease the range the depth charges damage it also means the DD has to be accurate and can't just sail, "that'll be close enough" distance away to net damage, floods and fires. 3. Maximum depth consumable: I absolutely love this consumable. Firstly, it gives players who time it right the ability to escape a destroyer and survive a depth charge attack (as long as you're at depth already when activating it so that the depth charges don't get you while you're still submerging), and secondly, I love that it gives the ability to go undetected by other submarines and ships for the time you are at that depth. It allows for a greater depth and skill to the gameplay and gives the submarine a little bit more ability to enable clever plays inherent to the sub class just like every other ship class has it's own particular style. The consumable doesn't feel too easy though - it has to be timed just right or else it'll run out before you evade the enemy sub and get re-detected, or evade the depth charges. 4. Destroyer sonar location when close to enemy submarines: I feel like this mechanic is a little too easy at the moment in so far as the range you start getting highlighted sonar areas is too large. The accuracy and update speed of the sonar is in a good spot I feel; it doesn't update fast enough to allow a destroyer to easily understand where the enemy submarine is or is going. However, I feel that you should need to be closer before you get these sonar areas. As a destroyer player you already get pings on the mini-map to tell you where submarines are and you are generally much faster than them. It also allows submarines a chance to play smarter around DDs without getting instantly detected at range by the DD sonar. 5. Deck gun on submarines: Something I would love to see is a consumable for when surfaced that allows you to use your deck gun. I feel like that would be a good way to balance no deck gun vs constant deck gun, and could represent the effort that gun crews had to make to get out of the submarine and man the gun. It would allow you to finish off that 56HP enemy that you just torpedoed half to death, and give you some way to say screw you to enemy DDs bearing down on your out-of-air submarine just before you die XD. This could be balanced by giving a time penalty for diving when the deck gun is activated (need to get the men back in the submarine!) so that submarines can't just pop up and fire before submerging with no consequence. I would really like to see some purpose given to the nicely modeled deck guns though. 6. Radio location and subs: Since they removed radio location for the second patch the gameplay has greatly improved IMO. Submarines key values lie in stealth and torpedoes, and radio location negates that a great deal. I don't think radio location should ever be able to work against a submerged or periscope depth submarine, however I would be open to trialing the idea that it would work against a surfaced submarine. It would make sense if the skill was: locates the nearest surface vessel. This could still be too punishing against submarine play though and I believe that with DDs sonar they don't need any more help from radio location of any form against subs. 7. Hydro vs submarines: I think that ships with hydro acoustic should be able to use this in some way against submarines, more so than currently only detected them when they are completely surfaced. What I would be interested in seeing is giving ships using hydro the same sonar highlighted area of where a submarine is/was as the destroyers currently get. I feel like this would make it harder to be careless around good cruiser players in a submarine and allow the cruiser a means to predict where the submarine might next surface, so that they can attack it with HE. 8. HE vs surfaced and periscope depth subs: I am very comfortable with how it currently is. I feel the damage done is perfectly reasonable and makes surface ships that aren't DDs a means to effectively combat submarines so that they can't attack with impunity. Overall, I think that covers most of what I wanted to say. I am absolutely loving the gameplay though and I think it will be the best addition to the game for a while. Well done WG! Cheers, Sebdspy
  12. Aussie_Thunder


    Just finished testing War Thunders Submarines Totally brilliant. And what do we get Battleships in Space sorry but stick to realism or you may looses patrons. Submarines are more war like that battleships floating around space. Bring on a Submarine tier
  13. YEAH BABY! COME GET SOME AIR! Seriously. This was the best laugh I've had in a while. Thanks Wargaming for the awesome physics engine. tl;dw: Use extended tech tree mod, try to view Tier 11 Iona Submarine, game randomly pulls a ship from the Japanese tech tree and applies crazy physics. Can your ship 360 no-scope? (tl;dw: Too long didn't watch)
  14. Ramlal_ki_Beti


    Submarines should be included in game indian origin ship should brought in new planes should be included like f-32, B-2 voice chat feature shoud also be added for those who record or livestream there gameplay
  15. We need new types of ships, choose one
  16. 第二次世界大戰時,潛艇係其中之一樣好重要既武器。