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Found 2 results

  1. After Kronstadt went off sale, we soviet navy fans cannot buy a tier9 soviet large cruiser for farming credits anymore. I suggest that you can release the second ship in Kronstadt Class, the Sevastopol, as a new premium ship. You can set the basic data the same as the Kronstadt, but change the distribution to be similar to the soviet battleships. To fit in with this change, you can take away the spotting aircraft consumables. Instead, you put some more aa guns as compensates. Thank you very much if u can consider my ideas.
  2. Hello guys, By now you will have already read the patch notes of client version 5.1.4 before reading this and the interesting part of it was the news that Wargaming will be adding a Tier 8 Soviet Premium cruiser, which although still a mystery for now has got my attention as the Soviets in WW2 had no comparable Heavy Cruisers that were built. While they did have the Kirov class light cruiser, to me it represents a tier 5 or tier 6 ship because of its armament and armour and although the Soviets did have post war gunned Cruisers, all sported a rather Cleveland level armament of 9-12 6inch Guns. So what is this cruiser, a 6inch gunned post-war cruiser or a new imaginative paper ships concept?? Any thoughts Gentlemen??