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Found 1 result

  1. _PanzerKeil_

    A point about Smoke Screens

    I'm playing destroyers and noticed something "somewhat off" about the smokescreens in game. So I decided to google pics. Pic 1. The caption reads from the page, "escorts making smoke off Samar" Pic 2. "Destroyers of Taffy 3 making smoke under fire." As we can see, the smoke screens are coming off from the smoke stacks of the ships and trailing them. However, in game, it seems that smoke screens work by "cloaking" the ship when you pop them. Here's another illustration: However this is only based on my observations of the smoke screen mechanic in game. For example I was on a game last night, and this enemy DD was capping our base, as I got close to him perpendicularly to his broadside, he popped his smoke and he disappeared. If the smokescreen works by "trailing" the ship from the smoke stack, he shouldn't "disappear" because half of ship would still be visible, or if based on the WWII pics above, be fully visible at all. Only when he retreats to his own smoke or when he maneuvers inside the smoke should his ship disappear. After I noticed that seemingly odd mechanic of the smoke screen, I tried doing it against BBs and CLs. I would drive straight to them, then pop my smoke as I come close to my detection range of 6.7km on the DD Nicholas. I would be able to get closer without being detected, close enough for a full salvo of fishes to hit enemy ships reliably. Iirc, they would start firing at me around 4km, seemingly "just detected" instead of the 6.7 km based on Nicholas's concealment rating. Based on the examples I mentioned above, the smoke seem to work as a "cloaking device" for your DD than a trail of smoke coming from your ship. P.S. These are just observations of a casual player.