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Found 17 results

  1. I unlocked DesMoines last night. Pretty much the last ship on my bucket list to grind for. So, ok, I know that DesMoines builds have been argued over since the beginning of the game, but to review and give it a modern spin: What are the viable options these days? (I'm assuming that whatever goes here also goes for Tulsa, which is a 6-gun DesMoines at T9 (thus "mini-Memes")) As I see it, the big decision is slot 6. Range module, RoF module (but slower turret), or dodging ability (UU module for DesMoines only)? Slot five is normally concealment, but rudder shift is potentially on the table, slot 4 is engine mod or possibly AA, slot 2 us usually the Radar upgrade unless you really want to go all in on anti-air-defense. I can see very little variation in captain skills, its really just standard cruiser skillset the only choice is in the order you pick them. Fast turrets, priority target, AR, concealment, then SI, then probably gun feeder an the top grade gunner skill for 18 points, the last 3 are a bit of a toss up: 5% more AP damage or 4500 more hp. hmmm.. so I guess what I'm asking is: UU yes/no? Obviously I haven't played DesMoines yet (I do have the UU already though, as the RB points had built up even though I never reset any lines) but I'm really enjoying Tulsa. It's hard to explain why exactly, it's just a really nice-feeling ship somehow. I tried RoF mod, but switched to range and found it considerably more comfortable. Also tried rudder shift initially, but switched to concealment, and it seems to me concealment works better.
  2. Currently running [PT] [EM] [V] [AFT] with Secondary battery mod 2 equipped. Warspite has enough secondary armaments to make AFT viable, but not enough to make the choice a no brainer. [CE] and aiming system mod 1 seem to me equally viable, perhaps more. The standard BB 10 pointer [PT] [EM] [SI] [CE] seems to me a reasonable default. Either way the order to take the three point skills seems to be fairly open. I rationalized vigilance as follows: I'm going secondaries, so I want to get within 7 km of DDs. Even if I don't, the armor is optimal at medium-short engagement distances. Conclusion: Warpite is a DD/torp magnet. Low torp protection but narrow turning circle means the ship is supposed to dodge not soak. Vigilance helps a BB to dodge more than on smaller ships, since more time is needed. Not taking SI is mitigated by running premium heal consumable. For later, I'm considering expert loader, JoT, SI of course, and perhaps BFT... Perhaps someone can comment on how well the secondary build works. I can confirm it's fun. I'm not sure if it's especially effective.
  3. New boat. I had just logged on to outfit her this morning when @Ordrazz interrupted me with a div invite. Today is (was supposed to be) my "off" day for WoWS, I was just up to buy modules and spec out the captain. So... as I've been on the 203's since forever and have never tried IFHE before, I'm running the kiteing build: 155, IFHE, + steering gears mods 1,2,3. Thoughts/hints before I go out and embarrass myself? (Take your time, I'll be putting around in Coop for a bit first before helping your team lose in Random. )
  4. If you've ever glanced at the USN BB line you already know that Wyoming, New York, New Mexico, and Colorado share several common traits: good armor, good guns, fast rudder shift (after upgrades), and very slow top speed. If you've played the ships, you already know that they alternate up the line between "shotgun" (Wyoming, New Mex.) and "rifle" (New York, Colorado): the shotgun ships have lots of guns, but with a smaller caliber and higher dispersion, the rifle boats fewer barrels, but with a larger caliber, higher accuracy, and greater range. While you might have the impression that New Mexico should play like an upgraded Wyoming, in my experience this did not work out well. In this post I will try to muddle through why this is, and what might instead be the right way to approach New Mexico. My thoughts on this is a Work In Progress. Insight no. 1. The ship may not be so different, but the T5-8 games New Mexico will see are very different from the T3-5 battles faced by Wyoming. Consider that both ships have nearly the same gun range. On the small maps Wyoming typically sees, and being able to outrange most most-tier cruisers, the "hang back and just shoot" playstyle approach shared by New York and Colorado is workable. Not so for New Mexico. Just about every ship you face outside of DDs can shoot at you before you can shoot at them. Many cruisers can easily burn you to a crisp before you can even return fire. "hang back and just shoot" does not work. Insight no. 2. If you examine the details closely you'll see that New Mexico has significantly better AA than any of the other three battleships, better than Colorado even. Colorado has very strong short range AA, but N. Mex. has far better ranged AA. So unlike the others in the family where you are basically building for survival and gun range by default, running a full AA build with New Mexico has some merit ... if, and this is a big if, CV games are common enough to make it viable. Insight no. 3. Despite claims I've read that N. Mex has the highest velocity 14" guns in game (is this still true?) the long reload and high dispersion are cause for significant grief. No, they are not really much worse than Wyoming, it's just that the consequences of failing to hit the target is more severe in mid tier games. Much less likely to see a second chance. Those are the "issues" with N. Mex as I see them. I find I'm agonizing over which captain skills to take - AA or survival - and which mods to equip (again AA or range/survival). It's like whichever you equip, you'll need the exact opposite in game: get torped by planes if you run fireproof, get burnt down if you run AA. Currently I've settled all-in for AA, relying on flags and consumables to try and keep fires under control. In a four CV game 15-20 plane kills is doable, and more importantly they'll have a hard time touching you. Still wondering if AA mod or plotting room mod is the way to go though. As for the guns, I find I do well when the enemy comes to me, poorly otherwise.The results are extremely RNG, but I can live with that if the target is pushing our flank. One way or the other I hardly ever get close enough to make use of my secondaries. No fun brawls. Either I'm dead first or the enemy is. I feel I'm definitely not quite "there yet" with getting the best out of New Mexico's guns. If there's a trick I haven't found it yet. The problem in a nutshell boils down to this: New Mexico pairs guns that need close range with a hull that lacks the speed to either engage and disengage freely. Knowing this is the issue and knowing what to do about it are two different things unfortunately. current N. Mex build: main armaments 1, damage control mod 1, AA mod, and rudder shift spotter aircraft, expert marksman, basic firing training, advanced firing training
  5. AntifoulAwl

    Cleve Capt

    Okay guys, I can't decide on 4th skill for Clevelands' commander. What have you found to be successful or atrocious? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. Just a tweak to skills. -Skills have 4 Tiers -To Advance to the next Tier, 3 skill points should be distributed on the current Tier. I.E - To get from Tier I to Tier II, 3 skills should be allocated to any skills in Tier I. To Get from Tier II to Tier III, 3 Skill points should be allocated to any skills in Tier II. -Skills effectiveness increases the more points allocated to it, up till 3 points. Examples - Tier I Torpedo Crew Training - -3% to torpedo reload, -5% to arming time of TB -3% to torpedo reload, -5% to arming time of TB (stacks with previous bonuses) -4% to torpedo reload, -5% to arming time of TB (stacks with previous bonuses) Tier II Damage Control Training - -5% to repair time for flooding, fire, disabled modules -5% to repair time for flooding, fire, disabled modules (stacks with previous bonuses) -5% to repair time for flooding, fire, disabled modules (stacks with previous bonuses) Skilled Lookouts +5% to target acquisition for ships, torpedo, +0.5 km smoke acquisition +5% to target acquisition for ships, torpedo, +0.25 km smoke acquisition (stacks with previous bonuses) +5% to target acquisition for ships, torpedo, +0.25 km smoke acquisition (stacks with previous bonuses) Torpedo Acceleration - +2 knots to torpedo speed, -5% to torpedo range +2 knots to torpedo speed, -5% to torpedo range (stacks with previous bonuses/penalties) +2 knots to torpedo speed, -5% to torpedo range (stacks with previous bonuses/penalties) Tier III Gunnery Training - Small Caliber Gunnery Training - +10% range to guns of 139mm and below, -5% to reload, +5% AA Medium Caliber Gunnery Training- +5% to range of guns between 140mm to 203mm, -5% to reload (stacks with previous tier) Large Caliber Gunnery Training - -5% to gun dispersion of guns above 203mm, -5% to reload (stacks with previous tier) Aces - Fighter Ace - Fighter Squad always retains 1 fighter plane. Fighter Squads unaffected by morale loss. Bomber Ace - Dive Bomber Squad always retains 1 Dive Bomber plane. Dive Bombers unaffected by morale loss. Torpedo Ace - Torpedo Bomber Squad always retains 1 Torpedo Bomber plane. Tier IV - Commander Mastery Skills Coordinated Fire (Main) -5% to main gun dispersion for all allied ships within 5 km -5% to main gun dispersion for all allied ships within 7 km (bonus stacks but the range is set to 7km) -5% to main gun dispersion for all allied ships within 10 km (bonus stacks but the range is set to 10km) Repair and Rearm -20% to Repair Party effectiveness, +10% to consumable cool down, -5% to consumable cool down to allied ships within 5 km when repair party is used, allied ships affected by repair -15% to Repair Party effectiveness, +5% to consumable cool down, -5% to consumable cool down to allied ships within 7 km when repair party is used, allied ships affected by repair -5% to Repair Party effectiveness, +0% to consumable cool down, -5% to consumable cool down to allied ships within 10 km when repair party is used, allied ships affected by repair
  7. AntifoulAwl

    4th skill RU DDs

    Hiya. *sound of Bosun's call* I'm back from a few months' shore leave to find a new skill system. So many Commanders to reskill and lots of skills to choose from. Which brings me to this: The 4th skill on RU DDs... Which one have players found to be better? My Minsk has a 17 pointer, so I can go two skills on the 4th level. But there's 3 that I'm keen on - AFT, concealment and IFHE. Whatever way I go, the Gremy will be making use of this commander. I used this page as a guide. How have you guys gone about this, and with what results? Thanks in advance.
  8. #side note# i played ARP ships (which is same to Kongo characteristic) and found out that the update gave significant impact on BB play style. currently at T5 BB's line and I'm not planing to go deeper through the BB line. #question# What is the "best or better" modules and commander skills are recommended for Kongo after 0.6.0 updates?
  9. Just got my cruiser smashed by a CV using every torpedo speed increase and distance decrease skill buff. I dont know how anything but a very fast DD is going to be able to avoid this OP (ridiculous) buff Hey DEVs There is NO distance penalty for torpedo planes having to drop closer to the ship - Just means unavoidable deaths which is not good game play Yu fools already messed up cruisers now you have overbalanced CV's remove the shorter distance torpedo debuff from PLANES - [content removed] Insults towards Mod/GM/Admin ~Twisted0ne
  10. legionary2099

    New skill tree makes me shiver

    Use took a look at public test on new 0.6.0 skill tree by iChase and it makes me shiver. I dont know how to survive in a carrier now that both Advanced firing training and manual AA being both at tier 4 and the die hard AA extremist can even turn a Zao into something untouchable by Carriers. I know guys that play surface ships hate carriers , but this is too much. Ships that pick both and get double catapult FT are essentially immune to air raids. Now i have to rack up my brain on just how to not let my planes die in attacking yolo ship and the thought of gettting an Essex out for a change makes my heart ache. I do not know it this intentional and supported by AA extremists or not , but with the old skill tree many tier IX+ ships are already deadly to aircrafts , now i dont even know who can i attack without suffering terrible losses. If this patch comethrough , i think that high tier carriers are really really dead cause even though high tier carriers are rare everybody run AA setup for that 1 in 10 matches that have carriers in them. Posting here makes me feels better , well i have to make do with plan on how to play carrier if PT hit live
  11. karrablaster123

    ARP Takao skills

    I am leaning towards: BoS, Last Stand/TAE, SuperIntendent, DE, CE. Is this good?
  12. Captain retraining becomes way too difficult at 18+ skill points. Captain retraining experience seems to be related to the amount of experience required for the next level of the captain skill. To get from 18 skill points to 19 skill points it takes 10 million experience. Captain retraining at that level then takes 5 million experience. Even if I halve it with the 200k Academy Training it will still take 2.5 million experience. This amount is simply too much just to retrain the captain. Why? Because to train a new captain up from scratch to 18 points would take something like 1.4 million experience. Thus, you really can't retrain 18 skill point captains without spending doubloons as getting a new captain levelled up will be FASTER. What do you guys think? Video as proof:
  13. Post .5.3 poll What do you guys think? I'm running the 12km ones but they don't seem to have a very noticeable success rate over the stock 10km ones... I got last stand, and am planning on torpedo expertise since i dont really need to use my smoke often.
  14. Commander_Dusty

    Skills Reset, Reviews Anyone?

    So with the new patch out and the skills resets, I'm just not sure on the merits and drawbacks of the new skills added or the old skills that were reshuffled or changed. Has anyone done a skills review or found a link to one yet like the first pre patch one here: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/8795-onboard-reviews-the-crew-skills-repost-from-wotlabs/
  15. Mr_Good_Citizen

    reduction in consumables?

    Im certain I used to have 3 consumables with the superintendent skill. Now I only have 2. Have I missed something, or am I going senile? Edit- no, i'm not senile, it shows up in battle. A bug in the port screen?
  16. Commander_Dusty

    Captains skill dilemma

    After reading DeathSkyz post on the Captains skills I've got to the dilemma of the 4th tier skill for my USN DD captain Is it more worth it to pick Last stand or Advanced Firing Training? Last Stand: Pros: USN DD's like all DD's have fragile modules and will periodically experience rudder or engine knockouts, and that is not good when you need to get out of a sticky situation fast, also when going for torpedo runs that last thing you want is a damaged engine or rudder after you just repaired it from a lucky secondary shell hit. Plus USN DD's have less camo to fall back on if hit and disabled so being able to run, albeit at reduced ability is better than not being able to at all? Cons: If your engine gets knocked out at close range to the enemy, running at low capacity will not help, you're screwed anyways so waste of 4 points? Advanced Firing Training: Pros: Guns are the USN DD's primary weapon choice, plus they have decent AA for such ships (plus AA bombard ability in next patch) so anything to help the DD's fire at longer ranges and stay hidden/invisible is a plus. Cons: USN DD's have guns which fire rather high arcs and make it difficult to judge the lead on far targets, you may well need a massive lead for anything past +10km which could easily move out of the way before the shells land, so is it worth having a skill that will may have low hit rates? Plus increased AA firing range may not be useful for DD's that need to stay stealthy?
  17. yanyatcheng

    why my ships don't have captains

    do I need to play PvP mod to get my captains? I am playing PvE co op mode for now. and also, how to sell ships?