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Found 8 results

  1. てっきり今回のアプデで1艦長につき4つの艦の適正が登録できるのかと思っていました。 ですが、そんなことはなく1艦長に設定できる艦の適正は1種類なため、4艦種分のページがあるといえど設定できるのはプレ艦だけなんですね。 元はといえばただの勘違いなのでしょうがないのですが、せっかく刷新したのに残念だなぁと思いトピックを立てました。 みなさんは1艦長に4艦種それぞれ1隻分ずつの適正が設定出来たら嬉しくないですか? ご意見をお聞かせください。
  2. anonym_2EFpjvgfY2gu

    Captain Skill Points Redistribution Reversing

    In the example picture below, I would like to move the three captain skill points from 'superintendent' to 'torpedo armament expertise'. I would like to right-click on 'superintendent' and for 75 dubloons/30,000 xp, have the 3 captain skill points revert to undistributed (as the 3rd line is already populated). Then use the freed up 3 points to apply 'torpedo armament expertise'. If the 3rd line were not populated. For 175 dubloons/70,000 xp, I could undistribute 'concealment' (4 points) and 'superintendent' (3 pints). Then I could redistribute the 7 captain skill points to 'torpedo armament expertise' (3p)and 'concealment' (4p). I have no experience as a game developer and I'm not familiar with the amount of work required to modify gaming code, but I thought it might be beneficial to do away with the occasional 'redistribute captain skill points for zero dubloons' in favor of a 'reversal' or 'count back' of captain skill point distribution, for players and revenue. As skill level increases, players can adapt the captain skill points to suit, ironing out mistakes and fine tuning as they go. The problem with the Public Test is that not all ships are available for testing.
  3. Hello Admiral, people always in doubt and confuse when try to fill the commander skill. They need the expert, the master and the specialist to recommend it. See the example, download the psd (photoshop file) or TIFF (for non Photoshop user, and move the green as recommended skill point to fill. PSD - TIFF 1. Edit the "FOR :" with ship type, tier or specific ship name. (Cruiser any Tier; Yamato only) 2. Allocation the Green box are recommendation skill. The Green box have number as the order to picking skill. Progressing to Level 20 (19 skill points) is a long way, people need recommendation which is earlier and which are later. 3. Use Red Box only for warning. Either for skill that useless or not helping at all to a certain ship types. 4. Explain your choice as specific skill mean specific gameplay. This is just an example.
  4. I may not the top player, but I believe I'm one of the old time player that start playing since game early launch. one word form noster video that kick my thought 'WG didn't trust they own design' and my own thought is 'WG break it's own design' okay, torpedo are the most dangerous weapon in game and WG give the player a 'tool' to counter it, first tool is skill 'vigilance' second tool is 'hydro acoustic search' and third tool is an upgrade called 'target acquisition' 'target acquisition' are at last slot, so by no means it was 'design' for high tier ship to counter dangerous torpedo at high tier (i.g. kagero & shimakaze's original long range torpedo) each skill, each upgrade need to have it own usefulness and able to compete with other skill in same slot. but these day... let me ask, who use 'target acquisition' upgrade? no one, if one use, other will say instantly that they pick wrong one. why, because current game state, 'concealment' is EVERYTHING which it shouldn't be that way in original game design I believe that WG intend that a big ship like a BB should not concern about stealth, but 'have to' worry about torpedo. worry enough to pick 'target acquisition' instead of 'concealment' and combine with 'vigilance' so that able to counter a torpedo threat. that's why original kagero and shimakaze torpedo are so dangerous, they 'intend' to make big ship be wary. they want player to have a 'tough choice' about which should I pick... if I prefer stealth, I'll risk eating torpedo.. if I prefer safe form torpedo, I lose stealth perk. this is how it should be! this is how 'target acquisition' able to compete with 'concealment' but many many player still choose stealth, and whine about torpedo without realize that WG already give them a 'tool' to counter torpedo but they just don't use it instead of 'encourage' player to pick that tool as a counter measure, they 'nerf' torpedo to almost oblivion. and to day... 'concealment upgrade' become 'must pick' for almost every ship in game this is not how it should be ------------------------------------------------------- let's think about it this way... if high tier IJNDD (tier with last slot upgrade) torpedo retain it strength till these day....... what gonna happen? if WG keep encourage the player to pick 'vigilance' and 'target acquisition' to counter torpedo instead of nerfing it.......... what gonna happen? if not enough, WG might buff 'vigilance' and 'target acquisition' to be more effective............. what gonna happen? a number of player that decide to pick 'vigilance' and 'target acquisition' would increase. a fearsome 20km torpedo will reduce to manageable level. number of stealthy ship will reduce AND number is ship that able to stealth fire with ease because 'concealment upgrade' will also decrease WG may not even need to fix those 'stealth firing' in the first place since 'target acquisition' have it own very usefulness form detect torpedo threat. and when 20km torpedo start to show it less and less effective, player may go for other option, shorter range but faster torpedo. if WG trust they original design... may be, just may be all these mess may not happen game may be more dynamic like it design to be and... that's it, IMO WG has break it own design... ---------------------------------------------------- well, I just voice out (or rather... text out) my thought. thanks for reading if not, than it's okay.
  5. I know that SE adds 400hp for every ship tier , but how exactly does it add , to be specific these are my questions : 1. Does SE add only total health available meaning heal wont heal in excess of it ? 2. Does SE add its hp accordingly to the ship sections ( meaning each section take more hit to get black ) or its absorablity? If not then it only add to the pool and do nothing else? 3. Do SE health pool reserve interact the same way as normal hp ? Anyone knowledegdable is welcome
  6. Kleiss

    leningrad t4

    before the next patch hits. picking up a 2nd tier 4 skill, pyro or survivability? any high captain leningrad people here?
  7. So, I have been asking here and there and reading this and that on how specific captains should be built. I want to take this opportunity to fix some captains skills. I divide my captains in two classes, primary and secondary. Primaries are those that I move to next ship as I unlock the ships. Most of the ships follow same class and nation flavors with only a few exceptions. Secondaries are the captains who come and fill the gaps in previous ships, so basically as I play them the training kinda starts from beginning and ship specific builds are easily possible. So help me figure out the skill builds. USN CA: Currently at Phoenix, won't keep it. Next Keeper will be Cleveland. Primary: BFT, EM Question: Future build? IJN CA: Currently at Aoba. I might keep it as I go along and put some secondary captain in her. Won't keep Myoko as well since we have those ARP Myoko ships. So next Keeper Mogami. Primary: BFT, EM, SI. Question: Do I swap BFT for BoS, and SI for Vigil? USSR CA: Still at Svietlana, I have no idea what will be next keeper, Just playing along. Have Murmansk and Mikhail. Primary: BFT, EM, SI Question: Do I need any correction? Future build? KM CA: Still at Kolberg. I have no idea what will be next keeper, Just playing along. Primary: BoS, EM, SI Question: What do I change? Future build? KM BB: Tirpitz. Have primary BB captain in this, which I will move to KM BBs once they are released. Primary: BFT, EM, Vigil Question: Future build? USN BB: Currently at Colorado. Also kept New Mexico. I will keep them all up to Montana. Primary: BFT, EM, SI, AFT Question: Do I swap SI for Vigil? Extra heal can be managed by Premium heal, but with the games be profitable? New Mex: BFT, EM. Future build? IJN BB: Currently at Amagi. Also kept Mikasa, Ishizuchi (don't really care), ARP Kongos, Fuso, Nagato (primary captain still in Nagato). Same setup and same question about future build. Fuso: BFT, EM, (Should be same as NM, right?) ARP Kongo: BoS, EM, SI (change needed? probably wont waste doubloon points on these toons) USN DD: Still at Wicks, No idea about keepers. Primary: AFT, LS Question: Future build? IJN DD: Still at Wakatake, May be Minekaze is the next keeper. Primary: BoS, LS, SI, AFT (I think this is all screwed up and I will fix it entirely, suggestions?) USSR DD: At Gnevny, I will keep it and may be all the next ones. Primary: BFT, LS, Vigil, AFT I have read a post that showed CE is not really needed for USSR DDs. Is that correct? RM DD: Campbeltown (shitty DD) Primary: BFT, LS. Future build? IJN CV: Hosho (dont play CV, so not really a concern now) Primary: BFT, TAE, TE. Future build? USN CV: none (other than Saipan which I don't play) (not really a concern now). Saipan: BFT. (Future build?) Sorry about the long post. Help help!
  8. Junchan

    Aircraft problem ?

    what is that my aircraft fighter 3 group [4 plane] lose for 1 group [4 plane] enemie aircraft ?? my skill for fighter full and Module " Mitsubishi A6M2 " Upgrades " Air group modification 1 and 2 " . . . Why lose