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Found 2 results

  1. RisaFujiyama

    It Have Been A Long Journey

    Disclaimer: This is not a rant thread. Good day to all captain. Thanks for reading this thread first of all. Now I will proceed to the point. Just few days ago I finally got my trophy ship the CA Myoukou. Coincidentally, I got Myoukou the day she scuttled on June 8th. I guess her spirit wants to get revenge, its also the day I accidentally rammed an allied DD. I guess she is still angry for being scuttled. Which another coincident I also got hit by torpedoes at the starboard at that day at around of end of the battle which coincidentally matched with her IRL service timeline . Also another coincident that ship currently resting with I-501 AND I-502 at my country. That is way too much coincident-ception... Anyway, that ship is a beast compared to Furutaka/Aoba-class CA. "Damn those treaty limits!" can be heard in the meeting room. It have been a long journey which both fun and painful depends on the sortie day. During those journey I have seen so many skilled and derp players during the battles. I have seen some forum members doing so well. How can I achieve those levels, what do I need to sacrifice to get those awesome play? I seriously want it too. Me? I am just a smol skrubs. I failed way too much, but at least I not a total noobs,right? Maybe. But seriously tho, I am sorry if I have div-up and failed your expectation. I just want to pad my stats. HeroOfWind teach me that. lulz. I guess I will be no longer able to div-up with anyone now, whew... Anyway, I also once failed div with my mates in my 15 points captain Umikaze to T6/10 MM. Umikaze is OP no matter what MM crap give you. I dont think I have ever lose in failed div Umikaze, job well done I guess? Even a Gearing scared of Umikaze(I even almost send him to the davy jones locker), Emperor power is blessed you with OP concealment. Now I will get lots of hates from salty people. Time to hide in my cave. UMIKAZE IS LOVE, UMIKAZE IS LYFE! Okay-okay enough with that. I really like cruiser because how fast they can fire and the amount of the shells you can throw at enemy and those fire which will make everyone panicked. As for destroyer, they are the scariest thing in the game, hide yourself and then dishing massive damage is seriously makes everyone worried. Thankfully I can punish them too. As for battleship and carrier... I got nothing because I dont have the skills needed. What I hate the most is that I cant turn away from BB without getting citadel or wipeout completely, I have use QWES hax but its still not enough. I even count the reload time, but they seems able to read my movement and I hate myself for not being able to outplay them. But as for outplay DD, I think I did an okay job, maybe? As for chat, at low tier its so quiet. You can even hear a cricket singing man. At mid and high tier, there are some helpful chatty and not so helpful chatty players. I am in between because I cant type fast, I just replied what I can to help and focus on the battle more. But if you say "poi!" and you get replied I will bet it will be gud. xD And lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to you guys who helped to improve my gameplay. When the first time I joined this forums my WR is 45%, now its 52% I hope it stays that way. Before I forgot, dont tunnel vision because you might rammed your allied 16HP DD to death and get penalized 20K credits. We still wins anyway or maybe he deliberately cut my way and makes me rammed him to cover the repair cost. I even almost get Kraken on my maiden voyage on the stock Myoukou. You sir geez. "Hit hard, hit fast, hit often." RisaFujiyama.
  2. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    New Member Statuses

    so basically this is who we are right now? WG staff to ship girls? and in their wg office? haha Moderators to Banned? so looks like this? and for the the ST coordinator to info leaker... fair seas there commander. and Super Tester to Ship Girl Worshipper? and for Alpha tester to Old Guys (well literally they're the oldest players in this game haha) and for us Beta tester change into torpedo bait (well got to agree for we've been torpedo baits of kitakami since beta ) and for member to Landlubbers... wait what? and that's how i understand the new statuses haha and btw im not a torpedo bait, im just a normal shireikan who love ship's sterns and bows hahaha sorry for the long post and may the power of april fools come to you! on your stations!!!