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Found 5 results

  1. TakemoriKohoto

    CV Seal Clubbing

    So as a new CV i struggle to play the game with the alt key have been removed. They said it gonna remove seal clubbing in lower but actually no it even worse, now player with captain that have 10 to 19 skill go to this tier and just devastated the whole enemy team, 10 -15 skill captain is hard to spot but a if you spot Zuiho with a fighter squadron with 5 you know you f**ked and the alt key . So i just have a battle were there is a Ryujo great I think great he might protect me, but no he just useless, he use all of his fighter and get strafe by the enemy 10 out of 10 best battle just because he doesnt know the alt key exist. So do how do i live with the seal clubbing is everywhere in the CV
  2. So, one of the reasons for removing manual drop was to prevent seal clubbing? Auto drop is OP. You just group your bombers with a little bit of gap between them and you create a perfect wall of torpedoes. My first game in Hosho and overall second cv game. Nope WG, still very much seal clubbing at low tiers. I am happy tho, got the only achievement I didn't have, a Liquidator.
  3. legionary2099

    So much for seal clubbing

    Who said CV cant carry and uncompetitive ? But seriously , waiting for a tier 9 cv is like waiting for rain in Antartica , where are fellow CV fanatics ?
  4. icy_phoenix

    I feel dirty today :3

    This happened, the screen can't show all, it is only showing the 2/3rd of the battle. Only 1 loss. Wins even with 2-3 afk players, potato CV, camper BB, coward gunboat allies Sorry to all the poor seals tonight.
  5. Based on this thread, i kinda wonder what best ship to play on lowest tier.... and the new game mechanic make you will face a fellow experienced captain instead of new player right? Also, could you specific why you choose that ship? the pro and cons maybe?