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Found 4 results

  1. lengxv6

    Scrub Iron Flotilla (SIF)

    Welcome to the new landing pad for videos, sit back, relax and enjoy..... Don't forget to hit the subscribe button, hit the bell to get notifications of new videos!!
  2. Brizone

    How do you git gud in WoWS?

    Hello guys, I believe this is my first time starting a topic in WoWS forum.. So lets just jump straight into the question: How to improve my game in WoWS? Right now I'm doing really badly every game no matter what the ship (I won't play carrier, mainly coz i didn't like being burdened with great responsibility and of course, top-down clicking game is not really my cup of tea). On average i scored about 700 exp and deal about 20-30k damage every game. My winrate is an abysmal 46%. I tried so hard but every game I almost always face decently skilled opponents and ends up losing the firefight, get wrecked by CVs, torped by DDs, and any other things that would lead me to be killed and losing the game. I do well in World of Tanks (imo), my winrate is a stable 56% and 1000+ damage per game which is not so bad, and I want to improve my skills in this game as well. It's not like I cannot shoot or steer the ship, but even though I (think I) know the basic mechanics like concealment, angling, over pen, target selection, etc, it's very hard to deal lotsa damage and help the team in any good way. My stats are so bad I almost stopped caring about them and just enjoy my awfulness, but my pride (lol) refuses to do so. So please are there any pro players out there who are willing to help me git gud (platoon ingame), or at least give me a meaningful explanation on this topic? Thanks in advance..
  3. lengxv6

    PT WoWS 0.5.6

    So, lots of players have been asking about some of the up coming changes, and in particular, the changes to the Furataka. Here is a vid I made showing the changes, as well as showing the new Minimap changes. Hope you like it
  4. So this guy decides at spawn to launch 4 torps then test his galleons ramming skills.