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Found 2 results

  1. Recently I got my dream ship Iowa class BB, so I went checking how should I play my beloved on WOWS Wiki. All of a sudden, I saw the historical image of a Iowa firing her big guns !!!!!!! http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/File:1280px-Uss_iowa_bb-61_pr.jpg Oh my goodness look at the shocking waves, they are gigantic !!!!!!! Comparatively in game her shocking waves are pathetically little. So please WG makes those waves much bigger, I really need to experience that feeling !!!!!!! Boom Boom Boom !!!!!!!!
  2. CromwellCruiser

    Battleship Firing

    Wow, I really am on the roll today. Throwing this out for discussion....as far as I know this hasn't been a much discussed topic--do point me in the right direction, if I'm wrong, of course! Is it better to fire a full broadside in Battleships, or single salvoes? In my experience (limited), a full broadside seems to have a tighter 'group'. But someone did point out (somewhere else on the forum) that firing a preliminary salvo to test the aim is something to do too. Which option is best, in your opinion? Or is the recommendation different for different ships?