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Found 31 results

  1. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    Black Friday

    The black ships are back I already have Tirpitz, normal though. Yes, i know different people enjoy different ships, but anyway what are you favorite ships of the pack? Good credit grinder, good captain trainer, xp/free xp earner? oh and just to let everyone know, I know the parameters of basically all the ships. Thanks for explaining her gun armament, torpedo armament, etc, its not being rude, its saving your breath would love to hear everyones thoughts
  2. Saito_Himea

    AniManga Chat :E

    Anime/Manga/Light Novel Discussion Thread As always we have rules to follow mmmkayy? 1. No advertising about other games. (You can talk about it but don't advertise it. EX: "Play this game") 2. No posting H or lewd stuff. (You post post ship bow and sterns though.) 3. If you want to post about the latest Episode or Chapter of a certain Anime or Manga, put them in spoiler tags(I mean it and if you posted spoilers I'll hunt you down with hard cold torpedoes). K start posting you filthy BBs.
  3. KaiserPhantasma

    [2019]Best Tier V Ships For Fun

    Hoping to get advice on which tier V ship classes is "good"/downright human rights violation for your enemy as I am hoping to get a good set of tier Vs for each nation.
  4. heyy WG, can u add features that can remove a name of the warships that have collab? like AL yukikaze to be yukikaze only because this is weird when u can hide the camo but u still see that name of the ships with the collab name and this is a little disgusting for some people that see list of the ships on the matchmaking with name collab, because that 2 ships montpelier and yukikaze is based on historical and why u must put that ships without adding any option to make that ships name to the historical name?? this game is not owned by manjuu u can't add the historical warships with that collab name, at least u can make a remove feature name for that ships like u make a hidden feature for the collab of the camo, so it will be fine, win win for both of us for the HSF graf spee ok i know they are have different name and set the different ships of graf spee, but the musashi is not, that musashi is not use the HSF and i like that, and for the HSF harekaze it's normally to add HSF ahead of the name because that harekaze is doesn't have historical, but i prefer to add that hidden name feature is for all collaboration ships for ARP??, yeah i hope that ARP also get that hidden collab name feature when they skin is being hidden
  5. Okamitsu

    Varriant ships of their class

    Hi, I have been think about this suggestion to put some variant ship at their class to the branch tech tree so i think we need some of this variant ship name but not at premium purchases for the same armament but if they different okay u can put it on premium ship like mutsu on nagato class, but don't make it premium purchases if their have same armament like ARP series(i hope WG make the normal variant of this kongo class) why i want this variant to the branch tech tree?? the answer is simple we want make the battle is more colorful with almost of the player use the different name ship at the battle and can be easly to notice them at the battle and hey of course some name of the ship on their class maybe is the favorite warships for the player so this is very helpful because some name of the ship maybe looks like cool or so i hope WG notice this and wanna make variant warhsips at their class to the tech tree
  6. KaiserPhantasma

    Next Server Maintenance?

    Good day I just want to ask when is the next planned server maintenance as I want to avail of premium and want to take that juicy additional 1 day
  7. Central_Admiral

    My Art Corner

    Okay, I create this thread to post my personal work. Some people who play WoT may already know me, I just can stay put there and do nothing
  8. hi, i gave wows a try first time last weekend and it have sparked the gamer in me. (my friends told me to try this game) i can only play on weekends cause of work and want to maximize my exp gain to unlock ships of the german and japanese as i like . i realized coop battles was netting me lower credits and exp compared to random battles but i have this problem on random battles. im still noob but how come some torps and destroyers are ''invisible'' unless they are very near me and impossible to dodge. also other players are very skillful as the barrage they aim at me almost send my ship to the depths of the abyss. i feel like outclassed in terms of skills in low tier battles should i just hide near islands and behind slow ships for protection so i can survive longer? also i recently purchased a premium ship called scharnhorst, should i also just stay back and like snipe from afar? thanks for your comments. looking forward to playing with you in the game!
  9. Greetings my fellow admiral....I'm here looking for Malaysian player who active in forum...another country also welcomed to join....
  10. ArtickWarspite

    Things you'd like to see

    Having played this game for a couple of years, the amount of content in the game has increased exponentially with events, daily challenges, ports, new ship lines, premiums, arsenal, game modes etc. But with all these additions, what are the things you would like to see the most that haven't appeared in game yet? (aside from the obvious CV change, RN ship lines & Italians) - I'd love to see a big Jutland event on the anniversary of the battle. Lots of col stuff they could do for that (not to mention premiums they could add). - HMNZS Achilles (Come on WG! You already made Clan Wars extremely difficult for us to take part in so you should at least be trying to appease us with our famous ship!) - Ports of Scapa Flow, San Francisco, Brest, Rosyth & Wilhelmshaven to name a few - HMS Dreadnought. Who cares that it'll be T3? You have a game which is full of Battleships that directly descended from Dreadnought yet it's still missing from the game! - Tokyo Express Scenario & Operation Cerberus - More historical commanders. Whilst we appreciate the hoops that have to be jumped through in order to obtain these, more would be nice :) - More ships from smaller nations - I'm probably a minority on this one, but I'd love to see each nation have a pre dreadnought in at T2. Like the Mikasa, but for every nation as they all had them. Anyway, what else do you want to see appear in game? It would be interesting to see..
  12. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/ver-07_4-patchnotes/ the link were i got it from :) i dont know how get quote code from if anyone help me out i need quote it Content Changes and Additions Sale of Special Ships and Commander Dismissal In response to your numerous requests, we've added an option to dismiss nearly all Commanders and sell all ships available in the Game. If you are no more happy with Commanders helming the Dragon, ARP and HSF fleets, or if you have duplicates, you are now free to dismiss any of them. Unique Commanders Jean-Jacques Honoré or Jack Dunkirk—obtained for completing campaigns, can be "sent ashore", too. However, please note that once these Commanders have been dismissed, you won't be able to get them back to your account any more. So make a wise decision. The only Commander that can’t be dismissed is Yamamoto Isoroku as we want to prevent players from wasting the efforts they made to get him due to a sad mistake. Besides the Commander dismissal option, we've made it possible to sell ARP ships for credits right in the game client. The selling price of ships will be as follows: ARP Kongo, ARP Kirishima, ARP Haruna, ARP Hiei: 1,125,000 credits; ARP Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro, ARP Nachi: 2,625,000 credits; APR Takao: 3,375,000 credits. the commanders 5 mins dismiss is too short what happens if the user didn't even relies they dismissed it by mistake and the conform box is really easy to sell or dismissed right now it has "yes and no" button theirs no fail safe right now what this about the manual padlock (by turning it on it will gray out the sell or dismiss) on commanders and ships to avoid mistakenly selling the ship or dismissal of the commander OR have system for way like world of tanks that you have type in how much before you sell the ship or word ("dismiss" for the commanders) this way i lot of users will not lose the ships special or prem ships or special commanders im not too happy with this so i posted this up this one of my ideas i hope this help :) i know they lot of users hated the anime ships but however there some users love it like me i don't want end up losing them and there's no way get them back!!!!!!!! or special commanders
  13. Where is my Lyon and Richelieu and the 2, 15 point commanders from the Public Test server? Also Public Test #2 Test Start: 22/02/2018 @ 00:30 UTC+8 Test End: 26/02/2018 @ 21:00 UTC+8 It is now 1st of March and yet the ships and commanders have not been given out. Any Reason why we do not have these ships and commanders?
  14. Those of you who follow my occasional posts know I like playing with numbers. Today I found wowstats have published a full list of ships with their stats, so went and tried to come up with a way to rank them in terms of how "OP" they are. "OP" means overpowered, i.e. a ship will score more kills, or do more damage, relative to the other ships she typically sees in battle. The trick is to work out how to balance the weighting between damage dealt and kills, and how to normalize against tier. Of course the relative power of a ship depends on the captain as well as the ship, so of course firstly "reward ships" and secondly regular premium ships are going to score higher as far fewer of them ever set sail in the hands of anything less than good captains. That's fine, you can still compare "like-for-like", or get an idea of how much better premiums tend to do above regular ones. I settled on the formula sqrt(dmg/tier)*frags^2. It first I didn't have the square root, but that favored BBs too much I thought. Overall the ordering doesn't change too much with those kinds of tweaks though. I then scaled the OP rating on a relative, logarithmic scale with the Karlsruhe marking zero point and KamikazaR as a 1.0 - the default reference OP ship in most people's minds. Ta da! To me, the surprising thing was how well it worked. The ship OP rank is pretty much independent of tier, and doesn't seem to favor any particular ship class. The ships you expect to be at the top are, and the ships you expect to be at the bottom are. Yes, it's officially proven: the Karlsruhe is really that bad. The most interesting thing though is the sudden uptick in relative OP over 0.9. The top OP ships are truly monsters. The full list is here, P.S. Old versions of ships like Kiev and Fubuki are removed from the list, and newer ships with less than 100,000 battles reported are also not included since there maybe insufficient data for good statistics. P.P.S. I think the list is generally "fair". The only ships that are not given their OP credit are fighter CVs since I couldn't figure out how to factor in plane kills into the formula. Rina_Pon Ship OP Rank List 180123.txt
  15. Hey all, A suggestion aimed at the Dev's in relation to the Perth I love the darn thing to bits and I play it well, but its lacking and it's starting to really irk me considering some of the newer Premium ships being released are quite competitive right off the shelf.. yes, good readers, you know which ships I'm referring to Since at present, the Perth is the only Aussie cruiser available, perhaps its time to make it a little bit better and more competitive in relation to other cruisers of the same tier/line rather then letting it remain as a "collectors" ship (or only for the most hardcore captain). I understand that the smoke generator is pretty decent, but remember, its a selfish bubble; it's diametre is quite small unless a certain skill is taken to make it a bit more "team friendly", so the Perth needs something to help it be a bit more of a team player and not a ship that simply takes up a port slot As such, my suggestions are these: 1) Increase the range of the rifles from 12.6km to something like 15km; despite the fact that the mark 23 rifles Perth and her sisters were equipped with actually had a range of about 23km (interestingly, in WoWs, the Perth is using mark 21 rifles... I can't seem to find any references to the modified Leanders (or even the Leander's for that matter) using mark 21 rifles but I'll let that slide for now), so she at least fills a fire support role for brawlers 2) Allow one of the consumables slots (perhaps the hydroacoustic slot as at present it's rubbish for what the Perth's current strengths are; medium range fire support) the ability to chose between repair party or whichever is currently in that slot, similar to other RN cruisers. My reasoning is this: the Perth (being a modified Leander light cruiser) had two stacks due to having two engine spaces occupied by 2x admiralty boilders and 2x parsons turbines which allowed the Perth (and her sisters) to operate even if one engine room was incapacitated 3) Give the AA guns a slight buff. I'm not suggesting for it to be something dramatic, but rather something that at least enables Perth's AA to shoot down one or two planes while they buzz around Perth's head (basically, so Perth's AA is not a complete joke and she is sunk without any effort on behalf of a CV captain) I think these will probably make the Perth a little more competitive without it being too over the top
  16. Admiral_Commander

    A Fanart

    So I create this because Im bored drawing Tanks, but its turn out to be complicated than I imagine. Making this take 4 Hours. This just require some shadowing and it will be perfect.
  17. FFS why in the world do people think it's a good idea to take a PENNED SHIT COLA into rank? i just had 2 of them on my team and we lost, then i had the same Pensacola on my team for 2 matches, and we lost those too, and the most infuriating thing was that bastard managed to keep all his stars because he sat in our DD's smoke and spammed BBs on the other team all day long please do not prove yourselves to be stupid skrubbish noobs by showing up in rank with a penned shit cola, the only thing it's good at is giving DSs to BBs and taking up a useful spot on the team
  18. It's been a long time since I've played my main account, due to personal reasons. I'm back because some may know of the current state of AW. (I don't want to be reminded) Yea. Now world of warships runs far better with my crap laptop (med settings with 30fps :O) Frames don't help me learn to aim does it? Well anyone got quick tips on some ships? I mostly play US cruisers/Russian dds. Battleships aren't really my thing. Nor is German/British lines (too hard for me to play)
  19. I'm in a confusion... Like most of you know.... I've been grinding lot of ships at the same time and it kinda payed off... Now I unlocked New Orleans, Edinburgh and Izumo... If I leave Izumo... I can buy New Orleans and Edinburgh at the same time... Thing Is I want to get Yamato as quick as possible but Izumo's concealment bothers me most then IJN BB's Stock hulls have slower AP shell which IMO doesn't get you citadel penetrations and no AA at all because IJN... with the mods I can get me concealment mod but I don't know how much it lessens it's concealment(It'd be helpful if stats are provided)... New Orleans this is the ship I'm looking forward to and I want to get it because I liked grinding pensacola has been a good ship for me... How much AA does it get when fully upgraded and how are the shells are they same as Pensacola's...? Edinburgh looks different from other RN CLs looks huge with lot of citadel area... Feels hard enough by looking at it... So If I can get any info on them would be helpful.... I don't have PTS files were corrupted .. So I cannot test them out on PTS... Thanks in advanced....
  20. legionary2099

    New skill tree makes me shiver

    Use took a look at public test on new 0.6.0 skill tree by iChase and it makes me shiver. I dont know how to survive in a carrier now that both Advanced firing training and manual AA being both at tier 4 and the die hard AA extremist can even turn a Zao into something untouchable by Carriers. I know guys that play surface ships hate carriers , but this is too much. Ships that pick both and get double catapult FT are essentially immune to air raids. Now i have to rack up my brain on just how to not let my planes die in attacking yolo ship and the thought of gettting an Essex out for a change makes my heart ache. I do not know it this intentional and supported by AA extremists or not , but with the old skill tree many tier IX+ ships are already deadly to aircrafts , now i dont even know who can i attack without suffering terrible losses. If this patch comethrough , i think that high tier carriers are really really dead cause even though high tier carriers are rare everybody run AA setup for that 1 in 10 matches that have carriers in them. Posting here makes me feels better , well i have to make do with plan on how to play carrier if PT hit live
  21. Here it is: 1.During WWII, the Japanese navy had submersible aircraft carriers. These carriers were able to carry three aircrafts underwater to their destinations, resurface, launch their planes and quickly dive again before they were discovered which is the I-400-class submarine. 2.One US aircraft carrier has a more powerful air force than 70% of all countries. 3.French named one of their aircraft carriers after Ferdinand Foch, who interestingly said, “Airplanes are interesting toys, but of no military value”. 4. Brazil once tried to sell an aircraft carrier on eBay http://www.kungfo0.org/theweb/ebay/carrier.html 5.It costs $7 million per day to operate the newest class of US Aircraft Carriers, the Gerald R. Ford Class 6.The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier can operate for 20 years without refueling. 7.During WWII, the US Navy had two freshwater aircraft carriers on the Great Lakes to train its pilots it called the USS Sable (IX-81). 8.All the poop generated on the US Navy’s newest aircraft carrier will be vaporized by plasma. 9.Besides the USA only 1 other nation has ever built a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, France and its called Charles de Gaulle . 10.China’s First Aircraft Carrier was a decommissioned Ukrainian Aircraft Carrier that was sold to a Chinese businessman to be a “Floating Casino” in 1998 its called Liaoning. Here are the First 10! If you guys do enjoy it I will try to find 10 more I hope!!! For some reason I wish to explain the about the Aircraft Carrier and put a picture for it unfortunately WG would not allow for some reason says that the link is not allow for the Administration I don't know why writing facts to WG is a wrong thing lol
  22. Why wows Asia has so less premium ships in the premium shop website? I mean like there are only 1 tier 8 premium ship(Atago) while in EU region, there are like tons of ships, I really wanna buy Dunkerque and Scharnhorst. infact i was saving money to buy during this festive season, and i am unable to.
  23. First of All I wanna Thank WG for Putting up Discounts on Ships from Every Tree..... Which Enabled me to spend some(Huge amount) of credits which I earned by grinding..... Really the guy who came up with Discounts idea needs to be applauded.... Because peasants like me(Ofc in game and I don't really wanna spend real money) cannot actually afford ships above T7.... Lot of you players were really asking me to play in T8 and above thing is I don't really wanna lose credits... I just wanna be in a grind were I update my port time to time..... This season of discounts.... I bought these..... 1. Hosho 2. Langley(Don't get scared I won't ruin lower tiers with my poor CV skills they're just for co-op) 3. Skipped Emerald and got Leander(Thanks to WG because I got 50k free xp from SC) 4. Shchors Upgraded it(again thanks to WG because of 50k I got) 5. Pensacola 6. Nurnberg(Well I need to get Yorck so yeah I'll be grinding this detonation magnet) 7. Caledon (Sold It to get Danae in the initial grind) 8. Konig (Sold it to get Gneisenau in the initial grind) 9. Furutaka (Sold it long back because of me being noob) 10. Kirov (had to sell it for Benson) 11. Konigsberg (Just because German AP FTW) 12. Well Kiev (yeah I know I sold it before because I was frustated)... 13. Bayern (Yup me being an Idiot and selling ships when i got frustrated) This could happen because WG's discount system.... THANK YOU WG....... And What have you bought in this discount season???? I really wanna know..... Thanks again WG I bought Nicolas
  24. Harpoon01

    HE overpowers AP?

    The Recent Patch now reward the Tanking through Angling and near miss evasion but now i don't see any thing rewarding of being shot by HE - Immune to angling - Can Cause fire when get hit anywhere by any HE shell in any size - No Overpen - Fire alone could destroy a battleship that get spammed by DD and Cruiser even in 1 vs 1 in the same tier - Favored by Poor accuracy skill player (when they afraid of non penetration) - Damage Saturation mechanic is not effective when it only count HE shell hit, and not fire so you might die just by get spammed - German BB up to Bismarck generally suffer from HE Spamming Cruiser at MAX range (above 15 km) - Even Battleship use HE quite much now - Fire alone could take up to 30% hp if not extinguished early - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, who put gasoline at my ship's deck?! i also want to complain about IJN Shell Normalization or something, that makes me unable to penetrate angling Hatsuharu with my Atago's AP (9 hit all bounce at 4 km range)

    Klein Field perk for ARP ships