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Found 3 results

  1. I bet this topic is debatable, but I want know the true source of this made-up german cruiser, Tier IX Roon. Apparently, the russian community suggests that this ships is based on the P-class panzerschiffe(http://goo.gl/1IT7hT), while there are only few references of P-class to this ship. First of all, as I mentioned, P-Class was a "panzerschiffe" which are armed with at least 11" as main armament. Plus, the overall design of Roon is similar to light cruiser Nurnberg rather than P-class. The layout of main armaments(one turret at bow, two turrets at stern), shape of superstructure and funnel is pretty much identical to Nurnberg. And the developers put some reference of other WW2 ships, including P-class, to this fictional ship. They took the 8" as main armaments from Admiral Hipper and upgraded them from twin to triple, took the side secondary armaments from Deutschland, and took the idea from P-class that placing twin 5.9" turret right behind the front main armament. Overall, this ship is a heavy cruiser version of Nurnberg with adding references from various german cruisers. Currently, there's no clear explanation about it in the game client. If the developers made a fictional ship based on the projected ship, I suggest to put some explanations about it in the game. What's your opinion about this one? Is Roon based on P-class panzerschiffe, or other ship? If there's a official statement from Wargaming about this topic, it will be appreciated. P.S.: Tier X is obviously based on Admiral Hipper class. There's no doubt about it.
  2. Every year the trend would be the same when lunar new year approaching. Never level up a stock ship. For the past 3 days all the MM is either your team get wasted or you waste the enemy team with point gaps like 75 : 1000 My free premium time left only about 8 hours so I thought of leveling up my Roon but the outcome
  3. ReNation

    Waltz of Steel Maiden

    so here comes my 3rd vid hope u enjoy it and thanks for watching