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Found 4 results

  1. WGは現在まで旭日旗削除に至る経緯の詳細を全く説明しておらず一部の管理者によって議論すらフォーラムでまともに出来ない現状は如何なものか? これは議論され正論がきちんと主張されれば韓国人による不当な抗議の実態が明らかになる事を恐れるWGAsiaとWGJに巣くう朝鮮人(韓国人)による言論の統制・封殺であると批判されても致し方ないのではあるまいか? 少なくとも議論すらさせない事は異常である。 国際社会に広く知れ渡ればWGがレイシスト企業であると認知され欧米諸国においてその活動を大幅に規制をされる危険性を十分に認識しているのだろうか? 国際社会において韓国の異常な日本叩きと差別的言動はすでに問題視されておりWGがこれらの行為に加担することは日本と日本人に対する宣戦布告も同然である。 少なくとも国際社会において旭日旗は韓国の主張する戦犯旗だとは認められていない。 韓国国内で問題があるならば韓国サーバーにおいてのみ日本ツリーを実装しなければ良いだけのことである。 ましてや議論すらさせないのは論外である。 早急に現状の改善が必要である。 No more threads about the Rising Sun flag in the game. Decision has been made, and it will not be changed. Further threads on the topic will be sanctioned, escalating up to removal of beta acces. Thread closed. User forum suspended 7 days. /AALG Moderation team, WoWS Asia
  2. Toops! I expected it, but the former topic seems to have been purged in AALG. I make a topic once again. I am sorry for detaining you. Mr.AALG hello! Hi, all! I'm sorry, i am weak in english. I'm Japanese. If it is a topic of the agreement violation, please delete it without reserve. If there was the person who became unpleasant by this topic, I apologize. Now let's return to the main subject. I have noticed that recently. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/17/historical-content-world-of-tanks/?page=1 There is a country disliking this words. Of course there seemed to be disfavor. But we can use this in a game. "As such, we will not remove from our games any historically accurate content that is not prohibited by international or national law." http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/17/historical-content-world-of-tanks/?page=1 There is this standard. If there is this standard, is the disliked "Rising sun" usable? Three Naval Ensign are usable in this! Flags of the good friend. I cannot affix the image of the "Rising sun" in this forum. So I brought a guest. You will think that the meaning of this photograph is reverse. Don't think, feel! what is called , they will maintain the present conditions in a mysterious standard. There is not the country prohibiting the "Rising sun". By the way, it is not prohibition in Republic of Korea. If this topic is violation, Mr.AALG may remove it without reserve. Mr.AALG,Thanks for seeing me even though you're busy! Please give my best regards to ASIA representative. Was his name "Yun Thae Won"? The reason for why the Rising Sun emblem is not used and disallowed on the forums, has been stated. This is a decision made by WG headquarters. No where has it been said it is because it is disallowed in any country. I will repeat what was posted previously : I've emphasized the reason in the quote. Calling me a dictator in the thread title, earns you a seven day Read Only on the forums, for insults to the moderators/Admins/Gamemasters/supportstaff. And here is a newsflash for you : WG decides what goes in to the game, contentwise. No one else. WG owns the game, they develop the game, and they alone decide what they want or dont want to put into their game. If WG decides that they do not want to put something in, because of whatever reason they decides, thats how its going to be. No matter how much you complain, or feel hurt on your national pride, or on your desire for historical accuracy. With that said, WG has said it is fine if people mod the game, to display the content on their own computers, as they see fit. But that doesn't necessarily mean that pictures of said content will be legal to be displayed on the forums - It won't. Also, insulting the staff is not the way to go, if you want to continue to enjoy the game. Including insulting the moderators, who enforce the rules for the staff. Furthermore, just so you know it - I was the one that made the first mod for Alpha players to use, if they wished to have a more historical correct display in game. Finally, further threads on the topic WILL be dealt with more harshly. You have ALL been warned. /AALG Moderation team, WoWS Asia.
  3. Currently, the Japanese Navy in this game, and the Rising Sun flag is the flag of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, is a state that has been removed from the game as Nazi swastika, which is prohibited in many countries by law. But the Rising Sun flag to not illegal, applications different from the Nazi swastika. This is like the German iron cross. Certainly people who bad mood If you look at this Rising Sun Flag will to will have. But as we Japanese, I feel and see the treated pride there Rising Sun Flag as if are like illegal is bad. Although I think also that it important that you heed the consideration or opinion on people who feel worse If you look at the Rising Sun Flag, I think the no of that consideration to the Japanese? Some users may that use the mod. However, it does not change to have been a treat, such as if are like illegal is on the actual game. I have you will be sad it is. We are collecting signatures to the hope that revived the Rising Sun Flag, will cooperate ask if it is good. https://www.change.org/p/wargaming-net-world-of-tanks-let-s-rebirth-the-navy-flag-of-japanese-rising-sun-in-world-of-warships I am usingthegoogletranslation.I'm sorryifwas difficultto read. This topic has been answered by the Developers and the flag will not be added to the game. Disputing developer decisions. User warned Thread closed ~Centurion_NZ
  4. Recently, Wargaming removed the Rising Sun from IJN Vessels within World of Warships because of complaints that claim they were a symbol of Japanese atrocity during the Second World War. Many Japanese people responded to this issue by starting a petition to bring back the flag to the game, arguing that there is no reason to delete a flag that is not illegal for use, but rather is still used by the JMSDF. Any thoughts? I personally think WG should bring back the flag for that very reason: The Rising Sun was used by the Navy way before WWII, and the flag is still in use currently by the JMSDF and therefore should not and cannot be associated with the Nazi Swastika, which is banned in most European countries including Germany. The matter has been discussed and the decision is that the flag will not appear in-game Please do not bring politics into the forums. Thread closed. ~Centurion_NZ