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Found 10 results

  1. Dear developers, By this topic I would like to address findings of the new reworked CV version. To make it easier to understand, I might bring some comparison with previous conventional system. The purpose is to bring insight of what is going on and bringing you more creative ideas. 1. Devastating power is too high. This talks about DPM (damage per minute). The new reworked CV has DPM more than two times as much compared to the conventional system. Please allow me to explain the steps on how the damage are performed and compare it with the conventional system. New reworked system: -Squadron take off (instant - no take off time). -Fly to target. -Drop bomb/torp/rocket -Squadron fly back to ship (press F) -The view is back to the ship, press a squadron number, take off (instant) -Repeat process. Highlight: The new squadron had already off the ship to deliver another damage to target while the previous squadron had just drop the torpedoes and flying back (the player even no need to wait and see if the torpedo hits). It means: half of the time required between each strike. Conventional system: -Squadron getting ready (required time is various depends on squadron type, upgrade, and captain perks). -Squadron take off (require 10 - 12 secs before the whole squadron airborne). -Fly to target -Drop bomb/torp -Squadron fly back to the ship -Squadron landing (10 - 12 secs) -Squadron re-arming (10-40 secs depend on squadron size and type) --Squadron take off again (require 10 - 12 secs before the whole squadron airborne). -repeat process. Highlights: Every process in the conventional system takes time, and every process must be done completely before proceed to next step. The DPM is also much lower due to high plane to plane interaction (opponent fighter can intercept at anytime they have chance). A Captain must observe a situation very well before decide an approach to deliver a strike. Recommendation: Please implement some restriction to balance the power. Such like: -All torp planes must be back to the ship before the next torp squadron launch. -Take off takes time to get the whole squadron on air, like in the conventional system. 2. Fire and flood chances are too high. Torp dropped, target flooded (seen from the damage counter), opponent use the damage control party, fly around to wait for the duration expires, drop torp for a second time. Good bye and fair seas. The same way for bomb. When I use Yamato, no shell ever kill me besides fire and flood. No ship ever killed by shells unless they are bots, detonated, or abundantly citadeled in a salvo. Recommendation: Significantly reduce the fire chance of bombs and flood chance of torpedoes. The other way is to increase immune period for fire/flood after an aerial strike. Just for by air strike, not other regular ships. 3. Helpless CV/Instant sniping. At first, it may looks balanced when players start to adapt and learning on how the things work. After an experienced player mastered the art of torpedo salvo................. At battle start, we CV player knows exactly where is opponent CV location by just reflecting our CV position on our square to the location of the opponent CV on the mirroring square at the opposite edge. Fly directly to the helpless target CV. Nothing is special. The squadron may slightly maneuvering and change courses to avoid AA ships. Once the target reached, drop torpedo is as easy as hitting straight sailing ships at training room. Fly around to wait for opponent damage control party expired (if opponent decide to press F, back to the ship view, and use the item). A CV in the new reworked system must be accompanied by at least 1 cruiser with good AA at all time, otherwise she will be the first ship sinks. Recommendation: Enable the whole squadrons to take off, although only 1 squadron can be played like in the current system. Please enable take off/landing time. The other squadrons work as plane to plane interaction which perform dog fight automatically when approached. They only fly around the CV like all spotting aircrafts do, despite it is a fighter squadron, torp squadron, or bombers. (Torp and bomb squadrons according to the history also have guns and rear gunner. They also able to perform dog fight although not as excel as fighters). When a squadron is ordered to back for re-arm, it is only empty planes that going to land, the rest should be flying around the CV. The same thing when a fully armed squadron ordered to fly home. They will just fly around the CV instead of landing. By this way, AA cruisers will have their wind when approaching a CV to shot down all squadrons flying around it. When a ship attacks a CV, the whole flying squadrons will approach to storm the ship automatically. This is my review so far. Critics and suggestions are always welcome.
  2. i am unicum! NO DOUBT! if you just statbasher or curious if i am legit unicum player...., i will give a proof that i am unicum. you see that? i got 2 WIN STREAK! this is biggest proof that i am unicum DD player! _______________ KRI Gadjah Mada Honestly, i like this pict so much LEL, its finally someone need to review this awesome DD, it wasnt some detailed review. I am just share some insight about this ship from another perspective. for them that interested in this ship and still grinding, KEEP GOING! its very nice and noob friendly! its super versatile againt all kind of ship and can do any task that other DD lack.... If you look objectively, Gadjah Mada is WELL BALANCED and not OP. Flamu say it was Gearing at T7 and everyone said its all around better than Blyskawica. in fact, it have serious fatal weakness. but i must agree Gadjah Mada will bring balance to premium meta, Sims and Blyskawica is simply a bit OP for premium DD. with the Gadjah Mada it can become another viable option for them who want another free choice because cannt afford it. but i am suggest you keep spend money to support WG LOL, everyone need money to feed their family..... Gadjah Mada is not Gun Boat...... Gadjah Mada is not Torpedo Boat...... ITS SMOKE BOAT!!!.................. .................................................... (+) The Main Gun this is the main reason why Gadjah Mada is called OP, there is 6 main gun, good traverse and firing arc, good range and arc, and it can hit any opponent easily. The most awesome thing is the fire chance plus 5 sec reload speed. this ship can operate like lolanta! the shell arc is low at less than 8km but the shell arc is become high againts opponent farther than that..... this making shoot DD at less than 8km very easy. the most funny is Gadjah Mada main gun is FARTHER than Lolanta. if Lolanta try to shoot from behind island, you can also hit lolanta that hide behind island. the another thing is, with smoke and high burn chance.... ONLY STUPID BB captain (Bismarck Excluded) dare to push againt Gadjah Mada! the shell is infused with RUSSIAN vodka! too bad there is no stalinium added here to cause EZ detonation. like khabarovsk, Gadjah Mada can easily deal fire! that is why, this ship gun is more close to khabarovsk than gearing! firing behind island when detected..... pop smoke (+) Concealment the concealment is almost higher than most of DD ship! i dont need to talk about this hehehehe..... the another feature of Gadjah Mada is unlimited smoke works.... you can almost smoked the entire match! (+) Gadjah Mada vs Radar Ship (Belfast Excluded) no doubt, Gadjah Mada can lelsheet on any ship with radar. with unlimited smoke works, lelwater torp and Lolanta main gun...... you need to activate spood beest >> leave smoke in the cap >> get away..... dont hide inside the smoke :V lure atlanta to use radar earlier..... after radar gone? SMOOOKE AGAINT! we got unlimited smoke works!!! waste of smoke? WE GOT MOAR SMOKE!!!! Atlanta radar is on cooldown lel...... unlimited KS works (0) Rudder fast rudder but shitty turning radius, make you wonder why dodging shell is harder againts any ship. dont expect to do any torpedo beat, event if you get rudder -20% upgrade. THE TURNING RADIUS OH MAI GAD!!! NEVER EVER GOT STUCK IN ISLAND! its hard to get out from there... (-) Snail yes.... its snail!!! 36knot speed?? you better use premium spood beest consummable on Gadjah Mada. combined with premium smoke too.... its cost a lot..... (-) Lelwater Torpedo the firing arc, the torpedo dispersion, speed and long reload is just crap! the good thing this torpedo almost deal flood whenever hit and harder to detect even by CV. you dont need to mount Juliet Whiskey flag, this torpedo deal flood easily! i dont mind about firing arc, but THE DISPERSION IS SO WIDE! againts full broadside BB, it can only hit 2 from 5..... againts WASD BB? only hit 1! it was true the torp is hard to detec.... but the dispersion is so wide! even if you see a video people torping is usually only 2/5 torp hit, because its so wide..... -_- ultimate anti BB weapon? what a joke! its hard to hit more than 2/5! and the reload is LOOOOOONG...... and the torpedo is also snail :V (-) IJN DD and KM DD will be your Nemesis IJN DD have torpedo that can oneshot you! KM DD got hydro. the Hydro is very effective againts Pan Asia DD, its duration is long and can detect you! anyway, its still not as annoying as Belfast.... the radar itself is not a big deal, but the high concealment and smoke plus hydro is the real deal! Conclusion : almost all aspect of this ship is good except the pesky LELWATER torpedo -_- the other drawback is, this SHIP NEED PREMIUM SMOKE AND SPEED BOOST! BURN YOUR CREDIT!
  3. Nishizumi_AnkoSP

    World of Warships Blitz 0.9.0 Updates Review

    Opinions on after 0.9.0 Build In version updates: General review of 0.9.0 Build in versions, the updates of 0.9.0 is not quite what we all expected due to some bugs from previous 0 8.1 remain intact where the Platoon bug still there, SFX Issues still delayed, UI still load slow in harbour and now there a new bug which is whenever there latency issues once you reconnect the both team indicated what type ships icons will disappear and display 14 enemy CV icon where show 1 is alive and the rest of it is sunk. However there still some bugs such as Name and ship icon disappear in the battle and Smoke issues on destroyer's too. However they did fixed some main important infrastructure which is the Global chat. The global chat is working fine compared to previous where the global chat keep having issues on the timing reported. Languages is up also where Captain's are allwoed to change into different languages and when you changed it the game Info's and voice plus character sound will change too. Personally I will recommend Japanese because it make you like battle in a real naval warfare and also it hype you more into the gameplay. However the main part of this updates was the Krigesmarines Light Cruiser / Heavy Cruiser (CL / CA) Line coming out. Which was reallyva positive to lots of Captain's mainly thanks tol the fast rate of fire of it main turrets and also it's sonar skills to detect enemy torpedo withins it range. Also there was a buff on the battleships accuracy by decreasing the dispersions the shells and a nerf on Aircraft Carrier in its Bomb damage on enemy ships. Now will overpen a ship and cause little which compared to last time it different as we all know aircraft carrier are a little too overpowered in it tiers and enemy Destroyes will have a hard time to play on it but now it much better for destroyer's Captain's. The 0.9.0 still possess 0.5.0, 0.5.7, 0.6.0, 0.7.0 and 0.7.3, 0.7.4 Co-existing bugs and 0.8.0,0.8.1 bugs too so. Firstly: Co existing bugs from 0.5.0-0.6.0 The current bugs will still be the resupply in teamup when if you teamed up in a battle and you accidentaly minimized or close the game app then you reopen it and you went into a battle, the supplies on there will not be resupplied and you will need to close the game and reopen inorder for the resupply to work fully well. Secondly AI Capability The bots are too overpowered in sometime especially the high tier, as part top3 for your Top Destroyers dmg and Total overall dmg, the bots in high tier are way too overpowered especially their accuracy keep aiming you especially when you are a tier8 IJN DD and which is slow, weak in armour and also torpedo take too long to reload.. Perhaps nerf the bots accuracy down a little and also remove their habit of turning 180 or 360 suddenly in the midsea or near the islands, sometimes i think bots are more overpowered then some froobs players here. As for tier8+IJN DD they could sure get a new skills called Torpedo Reloading I since 0.5.7 the Yuugumo have it and you guys removed at 0.6.0 which i wonder why? When the game is 5min30secs only but torpedo reloading is 45secs which is not even enough to strike all. Thirdly: Internet Latency Issues The current major problem is where some playerbase have bad internet while some have the best internet however the major flaw towards this is the bad latency players could damage or sunk a good latency players due to in his screen his not moving and so on they could abuse that function. I had literally getting bombed during middle of sailing, torpedoed or get sunk when there no ships or plane near my side sometine even sunl at 7km when the ship or planes is 8km. So i wanna suggest bad latency players should be disconnected out from battle Immediately if not this bring unfair to us especially the one who got the good latency playerbase. Fourthly: AFK, Trolling and Fail Platoon players There been a increasement of players intentionally AFK during the battle and we already had seen some of it before so we know who they are and suggest kindly please disconnect them if they do that and give them penalty too for doing that. As for trolling we have players who love to troll at other ship where it block it own ally torpedos or keep pushing them until they miss all and lastly fail platoon where we seen tier4 in tier6 matches and tier5 in tier7 matches with the fail of platoon froobs. Lastly, change the ingame comminications commands especially when come to domination mode where we need base tagging command and also attack / retreat, capturing, follow me, reloading commands same like WoTB have the current commands are kind of useless. Anyway that all from me and hope to see a better updates in the near future. Nishi
  4. Peanutflower

    The Ishizuchi

    The Ishizuchi The Ishizuchi is currently the only premium battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy (except for the Mikasa but that is just a bunch of guns strapped to a ship and you are relegated to the helmsman) and lies at tier four. The Ishizuchi has tough competition at its tier such as Imperator Nicolai II and the Kaiser. At a glance the Ishizuchi looks mediocre compared to its competitors, it has low armour and its guns have bad penetration characteristics. On top of this the turning circle is so big that is performs a tour of all of Japan`s imperial possessions. The guns have a low range and have the typical battleship accuracy (they can`t hit the side of a barn from the inside) but there is a fair few of them, in fact there is enough to completely out-gun the Chinese navy on it`s own. The speed of the ship is very good which means it is able to take the emperor to all of his palaces in a timely manner. The high explosive shell also has a “balanced” fire chance and with the demolition expert the fire chance rises to 35%. Now the Japanese can finally invade Australia and have that barbeque they have always wanted. My opinion on this ship is that it is okay, it`s an okay tier four ship but none of that matters, because it is fun. Firing a high explosive salvo at an enemy battleship and getting three separate fires after he has just burned his damage control consumable is glorious. This ship is a high explosive spammer of a battleship, 10k damage salvoes happen and arsonist is a common occurrence; you will get one fire a salvo if you aim well. Combined with the buffed reload time this makes for one hell of a barbeque. Indeed, the Ishizuchi is soft like the zucchini it is but it bites back (if a zucchini is even capable of hurting a person). If indeed you want to fire your armour piercing shells at cruisers, they do work. Of course the damage isn`t great on your armour piercing shells but you will be tossing a lot of them at your opponents and some of it is going to do damage. The Ishizuchi`s anti-aircraft defence will do this ship about as many favours as it did for the Yamato. You have the grand total of six anti-aircraft guns. With the main battery of the Ishizuchi you might actually kill something; it won`t be a plane. To be honest I would not recommend this ship to any new players, you will sink faster than the Japanese carrier fleet. If you turn at the wrong time you will take damage so, try to time your turns according to enemy salvoes. The citadel is mostly just on the water line but it does have a bit sticking up just between the 1 2 34 5 turrets. At the very least the citadel is away from the centre of the ship away from where most players aim at (I know, I`ve just ruined it by saying it). Overall the Ishizuchi is an okay ship, but it`s fun, as it is a battlecruiser it is possible to train your Japanese BB and CA captains in and not have the single most out of place captain ever, hmm air superiority, useful. Anyway get this ship if you want it, sure, but don`t set your expectations too high.
  5. The Akizuki, with short reload, fast turret transverse and decent range, it almost looks like it is the game changer for IJN DDs, the truly impressive gunboat, but is it? It IS overhyped. (Put all the TLDR things in the spoiler, you might want to read it first) I will assume you have read the things in the spoiler, so lets move on. How to use Akizuki’s guns when firing against BBs and CAs:1. Fire HE until two fires or more are set.2. Fire AP at superstructure.3. As soon as fires have died out, repeat step 1.How to use Akizuki’s guns when firing against DDs:1. If you are 11km-8km away from the enemy (meaning neither of you can hit each other reliably), fire HE or AP, and hope they will hit.2. As soon as you get into 8km (or a distance which both of you can hit each other accurately), use AP only. 3. Different DDs have different armour, Japanese DDs have worser armour than US and Soviets and can be damaged with HE Also things to note: 1. Although the guns claimed to have 1000m/s shell speed, they lose speed very quickly after that, and around 10 km you will get Atlanta Shell trajectory. This is not necessary a bad thing however, as you can fire over islands. 2. Speed is not very good-33 knots mean when you try to hunt down other DDs they can run away from you. However, the overall maneuverability is not bad, as she have good rudder shift. 3. Torpedoes, though less than its competitors (4), are quite decent, the speed is very good, so is the range-10km, you have a very big invisi-torp range. Also you got a Torpedo reload consumable, meaning you can fire 8 at one time. Well, the downside is that both the torpedo reload and the Torp Reload consumable have a fairly long reload time. 4. AA. The akizuki has one of the best AA for DDs, and AA can do good damage to Tier 8 & below planes. So setups, for upgrades: my current setup is this: Second slot: you can use the AA mod, the Akizuki has one beast of AA for a DD, and AA setup is a very viable option Third & Fourth slot: Your call, I chose rudder for both cases. Fifth slot: You might be tempted to get the rudder shift, but MAY I suggest the concealment, not only does it gives you an upper edge in DD fights, you also have more invisi-firing range. Captain skills: Tier 1: BFT for quicker reload, or BoS to play it safe, your call. Tier 2: Torpedo reload is not worth it as it is not a torpedo oriented ship, Last stand gives much more benefit, as you will often find yourself in a gunfight, Tier 3: Hard choice, but superintendent is really worth it as you have three consumable slots: Engine Boost, Smoke and Torp Reload Tier 4: As you wont be using HE much, DONT get Demo expert, AFT gives more invisi-firing range and More AA to troll CVs. You can get SE, but I personally opted for a more offensive skill. Tier 5: CE, a must, boosts invis-firing range and for giving you an upperhand in gunfights.
  6. JustforlolzFYI_ASIA

    World of Warships with JustforlolzFYI

    Hey There! JustforlolzFYI here- YouTuber, blogger, streamer, gamer, father, husband...but mostly just a regular guy with a kick for anything with big guns. I write the Wartime Blog (wartime-blog.com) and you also might have already bumped into my videos on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/JustforlolzFYI) about various tank and ship games My videos are mostly fail/LOL compilations, reviews and guides, so if you are looking for some lighthearted but informative videos, come and check it out! See you around
  7. iChaseGaming

    Texas Review - No Fly Zone

    Here's a review of the Texas
  8. It was already released in the Chinese (mainland) server. Don't ask me why it is already out, the Chinese server sell anything (yeah they sell ALL the premium ships (Arkansas yubari iwaki , anything u can think of) Have 7 planes, but can only release one at a time. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Time for some basic review It's like your average Japanese cruiser, play style is similar to Myoko/Atago. I dont bother to post the stats cuz 1st of all its in chinese , 2nd u guys can use the extended tech tree mod to see that, besides I'm running on my 3G so I dont have much data. turning is kinda slow so is the time needed to reach top speed, turret transverse is okay, so basically for setups and captian skills just go what u use for Atago and Myoko. He doesn't feel as good as myoko, maybe its because of less turret? but shell dispersion is small, reload slightly faster than atago 15s, 15.3 km range HE 17% fire chance 3300 DMG, AP 4700 DMG, Also the turret firing angle is not bad at all despite been all situated at front. (actually i cant help but feel that its better than atago's) The catapult fighter is good. ( well u can only release one at a time not sure if WG will ever buff it more. AA is slightly better than atago. top speed 35.5 same as atago) each side 6 torps which is slightly inferior to other IJN cruisers, 10 km 62 knots, type 90 mod 1 Detection range 12.2 km citadel armour is 100-175mm so kinda good, can deflect 36.5cm guns on kongo and fuso ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall Not worth it for a Tier 7 premium CA, less turret than myoko and slightly better AA( but japanese AA is not good anyway, if u really want AA ship get atlanta). (The catapult fighter , unless reworked and can launch several ones at same time, is not anything good) Any questions feel free to ask me I will try to answer
  9. Hey, I just wrote a review for World of Warships which you can find Here Cheers, FTG
  10. Oake_EU

    HMS Warspite Review & Gameplay

    Hi folks As WG EU kindly gave me access to the Warspite for a few days I thought I'd share my experiences of the ship with you. I know a fair bit has already been written and said about how poor the ship is, but its not all bad news. And remember, this is a premium ship and therefore supposed to be not quite as good in some aspects as the regular ones you have to unlock. If it was super, everyone would accuse WG of playing the pay-to-win card ;) In its favour: + it makes good money + it turns very well, almost like a cruiser + it has very hard hitting guns + its good at dodging torpedoes with practice + secondary armament and AA is decent + it looks great! Not so hot: - top speed is nothing exciting - gun range is lacking a little - turret traverse rate is very slow - possible armour issues on the citadel So its probably not going to appeal to everyone, depending on what you are looking for. Know what you are getting for your money, and think of it as more of a heavy cruiser than a battleship, and you won't be too disappointed. More details, examples and gameplay in the video below.