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Found 1 result

  1. Don't call me double thread, trying to gather all guides of all kinds in this thread If mods will help, please merge advice threads! So, from me, this is a copy from my original one LINK As you know, OBT for WoWS is coming soon. And now, I’m gonna write some guides for u to read during the wait for OBT. Now, I’m going to write about the branch that I’m good at; Cruisers So cruisers, like their names, they are cruisers and not really up to the battleships except u get a 2 or 3 more company of DDs or CL/CA. Anyways, cruisers are a perfect DD killers. Now, the best way to play in a cruiser is to either escort allied CVs (If you like to see your powerful AA going off(USN), and you might even get to kill a destroyer that’s sneaking in, it really helps your team if the CV isn’t a real noob) or you can go as AA escort for the good BB players, or u can go with allied cruisers and try to communicate what you are going to do. Utilize your fast reloading gun to your advantage against BBs, set her on fire. In my opinion, I primarily use HE, to set them ships on fire(against BB and DD), except when you duel with a relatively good cruiser compare to you, them use AP. When u use AP, try to hit Citadels(under main turrets) when use HE, try to set them on fire and knock turrets out Coordinating your attack is important. Try to talk with your teammates and urge them to talk (hard that one). USN Cruisers got special AA ability so, your AA will be better for a few seconds, use it well. High tier cruisers got repair ability like BBs, so don’t forget to use it. That’s all, I think Safe sailing Conkhead_12 P.S. please correct me if I'm wrong, but this's my style Welp: I forget, IJN cruisers got torps too, but mainly for self defense And don't blue line!