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Found 13 results

  1. Now i like to see myself as average. But i just cant bust into rank 9. i got 3 out of 4 stars but then slid all the way back to rank 12 or 11. What everyones rank ceiling that they have found?
  2. It has been announced that the upcoming Ranked Battles will only use tier 7s (except for the Super League, it's a different matter entirely). While that is a good thing (you don't have to switch from tier 6 to 8 when Rank 15 is achieved), tier 7 is well-known for having powerful, if not OP, premium ships like the Saipan, Belfast, Leningrad, etc. Which brings me to ask this, for those who can't buy premium ships, are there any tier 7 non-premium ships good enough to bring to this season of Ranked Battles? Or might as well skip it?
  3. windsorsmith

    Ranked battles with tier 7?

    Hi. I'm pretty new to warships, and haven't played ranked battles yet. I'm currently stuck with tier 4 ships (have been playing lots of different lines) but I want to play ranked battles. If I buy a tier 7 ship from the store, will I be able to play ranked battles from rank 23? I have unlocked level 11 which gives me access to ranked battles, but I don't have a high tier ship yet. Thanks
  4. EvilJade

    Ranked Battles Chapayev

    We have a major problem with ranked battle with the Chapayev as it's a game breaker. It's radar with the range of 11.7 km that works thro island is killing the game. It can hide completely behind an island wait for the area to change color by capping then start the radar. DD dies by enemy fire. Wait 3 minutes then repeat. So they can block 1 cap zone for 10 minutes of a 20 minutes match. If I get too many battles being affect by this I will just give rank battles a miss. Am I the only one feeling this. It's a pity because I enjoy ranked battle way more than any other battles but it's taking the skill away. This is worse than having unmatched CV numbers. At least you had a chance. They need to nerd radar it some way!
  5. Is there a schedule for Ranked Battles? (To help with an informative decision on the ships we sell/keep) When one Ranked Season finishes we should know the start of the next Season. For a person with limited port slots and living in the low to mid bracket of income, port slots are not cheap. (I spent all my money on the NA Server. Communication and chat is clearer, less of a language barrier (for me)) There are questions. What tier ships should be included in ranked seasons? T8 seems popular. For a person with limited port slots it is difficult to decide what tier ships to keep. If I have money I will spend, but until the funds arrive WG need to keep me/us satisfied, keep our interest to keep us playing and paying. Myself, I think T8 is too big a difference in the upgrades. With that input aside. I will finish with the most important question. What is the Top Tier the next Ranked Battles will include?
  6. Having just discovered ranked battles, i have also discovered how much i suck at it and the game in general. I used to play wows a fair bit but in the last 4 months its only been about 20 games. I want to like battleships and expected that using my range and big guns that my role would be sit back and pound the enemy. However whenever i do this i get smacked around in chat and called a camper. Now should i try and close in with the main group and give up my massive range advantage? Or should i hang back and fire at max range? My win rate is low and i know that my suckage is high. To try and better myself i watch Mighty Jingles etc and other replays for ideas. my average tier is tier 5 and 6. Oh and while i am here, the role of destroyers? forward screen or flanking threat to their BBs etc? i like to flank and attack their CV and BB with them. Any advice?
  7. I came across a post by Jasdaw from Subreddits, I thought that it would be worth to post here, with a little bit of editing, so Ranked Battles' newbies or noobs like me could be benefited. Ranked battles require a different mindset than random battles. Below are some of thoughts on how to mentally prepare for enjoying and succeeding in the ranked season. Primary Goal: Focus on scoring more points than the other team, not sinking the other team as priority. Once you learn this, you will be surprised how few people actually get it. Team score is more important than personal score. Never forget that every tick of zone ownership adds points to the team score. (+9 this season) Ships in enemy controlled zones limits their point gain. Ship kills are fun, but not the goal. They are just a another method for scoring points. Sniping is rarely an effective early/mid match tactic. Instead, it simply reduces your teams' effectiveness on the main source of points, the objective zones. A BB with full health at the end of the match was probably carried by his team; you have many more of them than the rest of your team...use them. Know your target priority based on ship size. In general, target the smallest ship you can reliably hit. DDs are game winners in ranked because they can capture zones quickly and easily with their speed and stealth. If you are a BB or CA/CL firing at battleships in the early game you are most likely contributing to a loss. There will be plenty of time in the end game to finish off full health battleships, so avoid it until then. That torpedo spread that might kill you is also trying to force you to turn away and leave the objective. If you lose two or three matches in a row, take a break and let your mind relax. Ranked battles are fast, intense, and can have dramatic sways of points in the mid/endgame. Blaming your team in chat is often a terrible distraction, even if both the arguers are already sunk. Try to avoid being that guy. . If you are 1 or 2 salvos away from dying, focus on staying alive to keep the score up. Don't sit broadside in smoke screens. Good DD captains will launch torp spreads at enemy smoke in an attempt to fish for a kill/chase you off point. As an addition to this, launch torp spreads at enemy smoke, to fish for a DD kill and/or force them off point. More food for thought: In addition to hiding a pesky DD, smokescreens are also an element of battlefield control. They act like a wall to scare cautious captains away from an area and as a baited trap for overly aggressive captains to charge into. Correctly recognizing which it is, while in the right ship can lead to rewarding action.
  8. i have removed my camouflage, and checked forums etc, and youtube, there seems to be no info. The ranked battles will let me join in my fuso [WHICH I WILL NEVER BE DOING] but it will not let me join in my nagato. there also seems to be an area in the game client where it talks about higher tier battles [gold level?] i would much rather play int he amagi. any help would be appreciated
  9. So was looking at the flag area, for some reason although I'm rank 11 I don't have that flag for reaching rank 14 in 2nd season of ranked battles. Granted due to last season performance I started at 12 or 13, would this be a factor? Wondering if anyone else has had this issue?
  10. S4pp3R

    Ranked Battles rank

    So since getting to rank 19, que times have been massive. Not saying this needs a fix or anything, just wanted to know if anyone else is having a problem? I'm almost rank 16 and que times are massive!
  11. So thought I'd start a Ranked Battles carry thread, Only because I had one of my best Myoko battles to date (see attached) and frankly, it was hectic!!! Held of an enemy Atlanta and 2 DDs (close range). Without those 3 kills we would have lost due to enemy team have 2 caps and being ahead ~100-200 points. Citadelled the poor Atlanta really hard... Please post carries, I want to see some of the epic stuff everyones done... [non-prem account] 7v7 allows a lot of solo-carry power, so hop to it!
  12. S4pp3R

    Best Ranked ship?

    So what is the best Ranked Battles ship? I think Myoko but I'm biased...
  13. So ummmmmmmm, did I miss something or are Ranked Battles sposed to have 2 BB per side (thought that was locked, no wait-balance etc)