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Found 4 results

  1. IJN_Katori

    Operations PvE Salt Thread

    Still getting screwed by Player-like unicum Enemies with a Gneisenau and an Izumo? or even a wave of Endless enemies on an Ambush mission? Then go rant here in this thread~ +1 for those who rant
  2. First, SAIPAN ARE OP Second, SAIPAN HAVE TIER 9 PLANE, make AA ship in tier 6~8 useless Third, SAIPAN GOT A LOT OF BUFF... AMMO+50%, and NOW can escape dogfight FREELY last but not LEAST, INSANE TB, INSANE FIGHTER.... OBVIOUSLY OP!!! Source : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/76938-kaga-tier-7-japanese-premium-cv/ now what Kaga have 1. USELESS TIER 6 PLANE >> NYAM NYAM for AA, especially againts tier 9 2. USELESS LOADOUT a) AS : 3/5/0 >> Stupid 2 TB on each Squadron, GET REKT IN SECOND, weak fighter but many, harder to control b) Strike : 0/2/4 >> NO FIGHTER? IS THIS USN CV??? 3. Secondary a) 200mm (10x1) : AP, Reload : 15 sec, Damage : 4500 b) 127mm (8x2) : HE, Reload : sec, Damage : 2100, burn chance 8% BUT WHY ITS RANGE IS ONLY 4,5KM??? there is no stupid cruiser try to ram Kaga! and DD? 200mm AP is going to overpen :V Kaga wont compete againts Saipan, so this is my IDEA 1. Kaga 200mm secondary AP should HAVE 10KM RANGE!! with commander skill it can be 12KM and more with upgrade! 14KM!! 2. Kaga 127mm secondary HE should have 6KM! GET REKT DD!!! 3. KAGA Fighter plane should HAVE tier 8 SPEED, but tier 6 HP.... for TB and DB is T7 4. for Loadout AS : 5/3/0 > 3 plane on each squadron, Sky Ruler!!! Strike : 1/1/5 > 2 plane on DB, 5 fighter, 9 TB!!! Kamikaze! 5. rudder shift 10 Sec, for maximum YOLO 6. can equip 8 flag!
  3. cyxnide

    Thoughts on SwordColle

    So... Touken Ranbu, Similar to KanColle except its not about warships dressed as kawaii girls, but swords as boys... is getting an anime adaptation animated by UFOTABLE . Thoughts? Y U NO DO KANCOLLE UFOTABLE [screams internally]
  4. Sanity drops. Thats all I got for playing whole night :') As a stat [Redacted], my heart broke ;_; Instant lost interest to play after seeing this *presses alt+f4* Now I know why WG would give us free exps, ITS ALL FOR SKIPPING NEWBIE TIER AND SHIT SHIPS. Get good in ur luck R3negade. disclaimer : I get top 1 ~ top 3 on almost every matches in the pic. Profanity. Post edited. User warned ~Syanda