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Found 20 results

  1. G'day Folks, The first review of a new line... Emerald... This review ended up longer than I would like but I struggled to cut any more... Should be decent to watch and hopefully can help anyone get a little bit better with Emerald... Let me know down below what you think - be brutal, I can take it... Personally I want to like Emerald, she has a lot going for her but she has probably the biggest citadel (at least in height) in the game, and that makes it hard to be good outside sitting in smoke and farming... Any YouTube and Reddit love is appreciated as always, and feel free to join my discord, Darklab... https://discord.gg/AApEFZquK9
  2. G'day Folks, Final episode of the line... BLUF on T10 Goliath, as usual noob/skillz ratings at the end... If I could get some love on reddit that'd be amazing! (Link below video) Like comment at YouTube/as you like. Did you guys end up deciding what the next set of BLUFs would be? Enjoy!
  3. G'day Folks, Latest BLUF is good and raring to go, this time on T9 RN CA - Drake! Hope you guys enjoy it! As usual, please throw me some likes/comments on YT and reddit. All feedback welcome - feel free to roast me!
  4. G'day Folks, So here we are, BLUF for Albemarle... @Project45_Opytny, @dejiko_nyo. Video includes a build, including comments on other options and as with the more recent additions there's noob-o-meter and skill-o-meter rating as well. Shout-out to @Rub1c0n, who features in chat at around 07:26. For those with reddit, please see the reddit link and comment/upvote - see if we can crack the salt-wall. Thoughts?
  5. G'day folks... I have another video up, this time it's a review on Surrey... Pretty good ship, I've also popped an easter egg in there for Commonwealth theorycrafters... Nothing overly different to what I've posted on it before, only this time you could almost use it as a 'leak' Enjoy... Reddit - because I'm yet to break through the salt-shield...
  6. Sup folks, Got another episode of BLUF, this time with Devonshire... Strangely enough no foul language was needed for this one. If you guys have time, leave a like/comment in YouTube and Reddit, I really appreciate it. Hope you guys enjoy it - o7 Oh and if you couldn't tell, I quite like Devonshire, even bottom tier, or perhaps that's just because Hawkins was so painful? And if you guys could show some love on reddit, that'd be great;
  7. Ok completely shameless humblebrag here... Spiteful Warspite by @Bex_o7 honestly you folks should like and subscribe to him, his commentary is always awesome (very strongly suggest you check out his MN DD series, very good information on the French Destroyers). You will learn stuff from watching as he often remarks on good/bad plays, angling, aim, etc. Had a ripper of a game in a Warspite, it was finally good enough to be featured (I send him a few from time to time). Anyways, here's the link, enjoy folks...
  8. A bit of a disclaimer: the estimated HP, based on the ships’ standard/full displacement, for the ships aren’t 100% accurate (no longer seems to be accurate). WarGaming may use different sources for the ships’ displacements. It’s a formula(s) I stole from someone I know and I do not have the permission to give them to anyone else. My other ship line proposals: All new ships Tier IV: Hawkins-class Tier V: York-class VI: London-subclass (County-class) Norfolk-subclass (County-class) VII: Kent-subclass (County-class) Surrey-class VIII, IX and X: details will be down below The ships: HAWKINS-CLASS TIER 4 YORK-CLASS TIER 5 LONDON-SUBCLASS (COUNTY-CLASS) TIER 6 NORFOLK-CLASS (COUNTY-CLASS) TIER 6 SURREY-CLASS TIER 7 KENT-CLASS (COUNTY-CLASS) TIER 7 CA SKETCH 1/1940 – 12,5k TON TIER 8 CA SKETCH 1/1940 – 15,5k TON TIER 9 CA DESIGN C 1/1941 TIER 9 CA DESIGN iii 3/1941 TIER 9 CA SKETCH 2/1940, 8-INCH TIER 10 CA SKETCH 2/1940, 9,2-INCH TIER 10 CA SKETCH 9/1939, 9,2-INCH TIER 11 I removed the Premiums because they are both out of place and they are so hard to tier.
  9. IJN_Katori

    Queen Elizabeth or Warspite?

    Who would you like to choose, Queen of Tea, or the Queen of the Royal Navy? (Queen Elizabeth)
  10. Hello Captains, Been eagerly waiting for the RN Battleships... Was wondering when will we get the RN BB? Cause my premium(30 days) are running. :( P.S. L> for SG/MY players to div with. :P Regards, arcticavengerz
  11. Much like the title says, what is the RN cruiser's AP shells' fire chance? I mean, there were games where I was shot at/shooting at enemies and suddenly they get on fire. And just for the record, the shells fired were from the main guns and the firing distance was above the secondary batteries' range i.e. 8-14 kms or what I think is the ship's sweet spot so it could not be due to the secondaries kicking in. Thanks.
  12. After WG added RN cruisers, every patch they are doing is getting more and more BS. RN ships' paper specs were meh, so WG decided to give some "special skils" to RN ships. Yeah smokes and high elevation angles. This changed high tier battles a lot(It was BS, and it became more BS). Some white particles comes forever from smokes and behind rocks. Then WG announced "There are too many BBs", which is true. But that doesn't actually incidate that BBs are overpowered. People just love BBs(Few people starts this game because they love destroyer). Result? After game is started, people goes west and east. Then everyone sees 4~5 smokes per side, watching invisi fires coming. What you can do is hiding behind rocks, unless you have platoon with radar support. After hard grind to T10, what you find is smoke festival and rock-fetished ships instead of heavy ships exchanging salvo. Lucky ships(Team has radar, or well-positioned fighter planes) deal damage for free, Unlucky ones hide behind something. I'm not telling "Buff BB(or CA, DD?)". Just make game mechanics more fun. Meet the expectation of users who started this game. I've seen some people started this game because they want to see Iowa. But what they see after getting Iowa are 'getting burned by invisi-fires' and 'hide behind rocks till enemy smoke is gone(but new one starts immediately because there are 2~3 DDs + smoke CAs per battlefield)
  13. blauflamme22

    French over RN ships

    I'm by no means complaining, I'm happy to see new ships and I'll definitely give the french line a try, but I would genuinely like to know why a French cruiser line has been introduced before a Royal Navy DD, BB or even CV line, considering that at the era this game is set the Royal Navy was the most powerful in the world and the standard that all others ascribed too. I'm just curious as to how the decision making precess works.
  14. New_Horizontal

    Historical Captains

    ​We all have seen Steven Seagal became obtainable captain in WoWs already. ​Why not introduce real captain in history of naval warfare as an obtainable captain via set of mission or something else? ​This would be nice to see them in action again. I understand this will be controversial about legitimacy in touching these name. Let's pour some idea about some of most famous captains of each navy. Which one we want to see them in action? Why these captain should/shouldn't be touched and reason behind it. I can't fill all of them, these are some of them that I could recall about. So you can tell me to add it up if you wish I hope WG may consider this as a viable options to game contents. Cheers
  15. So, just for fun, I knocked up this quick list of what a potential Royal Navy Destroyer line might look like in WOWs. Seen a few comments about how they were pretty weak so it seemed like an interesting challenge to try and make them work in game. It is true that RN destroyers were much more focused on anti-submarine, rather than surface or anti-air warfare, and they did have a whole string of designs mid-late war that were very much about getting as many usable escorts out to sea as quickly as possible that don't translate well in game and would be very under-powered at higher tiers, but even after you take them out I think you can still do a full 2-10 line almost without any paper ships at all (a little stat fudging is required). I'm imagining these as pretty much a standard line, without any attempts to introduce new game-play or national flavour, but even so they come out quite unique, especially with single launch torpedoes. Soft stats esp. the torpedo type, shell type, aa, and HP can obviously be adjusted for balance. Here are the suggestions - Tier 2 - HMS Laforey (1913 L Class) Pretty standard for a tier 2 DD with 3*1 102mm guns and 2*2 533mm torpedo tubes. Her weakness is the low top speed of 29 knots. Tier 3 - HMS Radstock (1916 R Class) Basically the same as Tier 2, but rectifies the weakness with a top speed of 36 knots. Potential premiums in HMS Skate (RN - served in and survived both world wars), and HMS Radiant (Pan Asia, transferred to the Royal Siamese Navy as Phra Ruang and apparently still floating today). Tier 4 - HMS Voyager (1916 W Class) The peak of British WW1 Destroyer design, 4*1 superfiring 102mm guns, 2*3 530mm torpedo tubes and 34 knots top speed - solid all round ships for the tier. Tier 5 - HMS Ambuscade (1924 post war prototype) Yarrow designed DD with 4*1 120mm guns and 2*3 530mm torpedo tubes capable of 37 knots. Tier 6 - HMS Shakespear (1916 Thornycroft type destroyer leader) Stepping out of chronological order but the ship displacement and capabilities fit well here. Same torpedoes tubes as the previous tier but 1 extra gun. Also capable of 36-38 knots. Would be quite weak AA wise, but a semi-fictional WW2 upgrade could address that. Tier 7 - HMS Afridi (1936 Tribal Class) Having the 4*2 120mm guns would probably not balance well in game so would suggest the WW2 armament of 3*2 120mm guns (with a secondary battery of 1*2 100mm dual purpose guns), and 1*4 533mm torpedo tubes. 36 knot speed, very strong gunboat for the tier but weaknesses would probably be the relatively poor concealment and torpedo armament. HMCS Haidi the obvious premium here. Tier 8 - HMS Jervis (1938 J Class) Also has the 3*2 120mm guns of the Tribal but with 2*5 533mm torpedo tubes and improved aa, all on a smaller (and therefore stealthier) hull than the Tribal. Wouldn't be quite as good a gunboat as the T7 but an all round better DD. Tier 9 - HMS Lance (1939 L Class) Not actually the lead ship of this class but the first ship of the class shares the same name as T2. Additionally, HMS Lance seems to be the first ship in this class with my suggested main armament of 4*2 102mm dual purpose guns (Same ones used on the Black Swan and Edinburgh), once number of barrels and rof are taken into account this is still an upgrade over the T8 firepower. The ship also features 36 knots speed and 2*4 530mm torpedo tubes. Tier 10 - HMS Ypres (1943 extended Battle Class) This is where things get very paper-shippy. RN does not seem to have a good T10 candidate because the normal Battle class would be undergunned in game, while the post war Daring class has a critical weakness of 30 knots maximum speed. However, it seems that there was an extended battle class ship design planned that would feature an extra double turret. This extended class was never constructed and IRL HMS Ypres was converted into the Daring class HMS Delight (commissioned 1953) but for the purposes of game balance I would mix together the Battle and Daring classes to create an extended Battle Class that would fit at T10. That means 3*2 113mm DP guns (these were better at both AA and surface warfare than either the 102mm or 120mm guns, capable of 16 rounds per minute) in powered turrets and 2*5 533mm torpedo tubes with a top speed of 37 knots. HMAS Vampire as an actual Daring class suggested for a Commonwealth T8 premium - the excellent firepower offset by a painfully slow top speed of 30 knots.
  16. Hello! Was wondering what kind of commander builds are suitable for RN CL . Regards, arcticavengerz
  17. Belulfast has radar,smoke,sonar except for trops. seriously.That premium can smoke and radar up then steamroll on the dd.Only consumable that Belulfast missing is the health boost of atago. Please provide them as well.I thought WOWS is free to play,Looks like Premium ship are going OP when compared to the normal ones. Lol,imagine T5 and T6 dd playing against this ship.Come on WG at least give Pensacola some reduced concealment.15.6 km is a nightmare. Rant over. Sauce:Twitch and you tube
  18. Belfast is a beautiful and appealing museum warship for collectors to keep. It would be my great pleasure enjoying her in-game. Multi-propose Light cruisers(CL) are the solution for high tier DD-heavy meta and it is welcome to introduce her as a milestone of ship type balance, just before the release of RN CL line. As a SEA server player, I hope SEA team can get her on premium store before or at the same time other servers does, just like the way Leningrad did. Thank you for making such legendary ship in this game!
  19. MeloMelonSoda

    British Fleet - Campbeltown

    Is now in Premium Shop !!! With 20 "Sierra Mike" Package !! Burn Money BURN !!!! Link: http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/premium-shop-20160419/
  20. So with the Monday Blues, I thought I'd share my ideas of what candidate ships the upcoming British cruiser line may have: Tier 1: No idea, any random gunboat will do Tier 2: Active class / Town Class (includes HMAS Sydney)(either a 4" shell spammer like the Dresden or a typical 6" light cruiser like Chikuma/Albany) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active-class_cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Town-class_cruiser_(1910) Tier 3:Monmouth Class (typical armoured cruiser, another St Louis type) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monmouth-class_cruiser Tier 4: Emerald Class (Like a better Karlsruhe) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emerald-class_cruiser Tier 5: Leander Class (Australians and New Zealanders rejoice!) - Graf Spee better run https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leander-class_cruiser_(1931) Tier 6: York Class (Rival to the Aoba and a smaller version of the County class with 6x8" guns) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/York-class_cruiser Tier 7:County Class Heavy Cruisers (the only Heavy 8" gun cruisers of the RN in WW2, armor too light for tier 8, kinda like Pepsicola but with torps) or Dido Class AA cruisers (kinda like Atlanta, maybe a premium?) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dido-class_cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/County-class_cruiser Tier 8: Crown Colony Class? A suitable rival to the Soviet Mikail Kutuzov with 12x6" guns - HMS Belfast as a tier 8 Premium https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Colony-class_cruiser Tier 9: A Paper Cruiser design? - Apparently there was a design in the old British naval history books (from a book called "From Nelson to Vanguard") that had 9x8" guns and displaced 15,000 - 18,000 tons, the later design having 6" belt armor Tier 10: Another Paper Cruiser? - I also heard there were some paper 9.2" gun Cruisers for the RN (from the same book) that never took off the drawing board...A worthy rival to the Moskva? http://warships1discussionboards.yuku.com/topic/22572#.Vu8DXvl97IU Given the lack of heavy cruiser designs for the RN, I assume the Royal Navy will kind be like the Russians in having a 6" gunned "light cruisers" going up to tier 8 as well, while the ships of the lower tiers would be rivals with the German cruisers.