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Found 4 results

  1. New Mechanic: Smoke-firing Penalty !! WARNING: We speculate that this new mechanic will work as follows. However, unveiling the actual effect requires further investigation. Now, smoke-firing will not be as pleasant as it used to be. Ships fire inside (or around) smoke screen will accelerate the dissipation of smoke. For example: Gearing's 1-click firing will reduce 0.24 (0.12×2) sec. lifetime of all smoke cloud in a radius of 630 meters. Larger caliber guns have better effect on smoke dissipating. The biggest 460mm has the basic smoke-dissipation penalty of 5.91 seconds. That is, each 1-click shot will cause 17.73 sec of smoke dissipation and one salvo will almost blow away an entire smoke screen! let's see, RIP RNCLs, RIP ketuzov, RIP belfast, RIP USN DDs, RIP smoke fishing, RIP using smoke in rank, RIP teamwork, RIP any remaining intrest i have in the game. this change is ridiculous
  2. Retia

    Good Guy AFKer?

    Luck protects fools, small children and starships with the name Enterprise... also afkers?
  3. The current high tier IJN DDs, the Fubuki, and especially the Kagerou, are already pretty bad in the current meta. They do not need more nerfs. As evidence, here is the terrible winrate that they've got for the past week from asia.warships.today. Kagerou is the worst ship tier-for-tier in the entire line. It is also worth noting that they are worse than their tier equivalents, the Benson and Fletcher/Udaloi in almost every way. Please be merciful.
  4. Hey guys, Just to share this amazing game i had a few days ago in my Amagi. Total damage 155k, 3 devastating strikes, 9 citadels. Best part was wrecking a 60k health Iowa with 5 citadels and 3 pen shots. RNGesus was smiling at me. Enjoy and feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel.