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Found 7 results

  1. how can win cv especially using bb in rank battle? cv just hide behind island and keep sending plane
  2. 到R1已經快一個禮拜了 每天不同時段進去佇列 永遠都是只有我一個 是不是因為獎勵還不夠吸引人所以都沒人要打呢?? 希望官方之後可以開放首要聯盟排盟戰可以人機對戰。。。
  3. FFS why in the world do people think it's a good idea to take a PENNED SHIT COLA into rank? i just had 2 of them on my team and we lost, then i had the same Pensacola on my team for 2 matches, and we lost those too, and the most infuriating thing was that bastard managed to keep all his stars because he sat in our DD's smoke and spammed BBs on the other team all day long please do not prove yourselves to be stupid skrubbish noobs by showing up in rank with a penned shit cola, the only thing it's good at is giving DSs to BBs and taking up a useful spot on the team
  4. S4pp3R

    Ranked Battles rank

    So since getting to rank 19, que times have been massive. Not saying this needs a fix or anything, just wanted to know if anyone else is having a problem? I'm almost rank 16 and que times are massive!
  5. Koinaka


    直到賽季結束一月是指說賽季維持一個月還是到2015/12/31 ?
  6. CromwellCruiser

    Rank Systems

    Hey guys Sorry to bother you all. But I've got a question I'm dying to ask: How did WG ensure equivalency between the UK rank system and the US/Japanese Rank System? Because if you look at the Royal Navy's officer ranks, they lack the rank equivalent to the army's 2nd Lieutenant....which is filled in the US by the rank of Ensign and in the IJN by the rank of Sho-I. The Royal Navy's Ranks go, to my knowledge: Midshipman<Sub-Lieutenant<Lieutenant<Lieutenant Commander<Commander<Captain While to my knowledge the US Navy's ranks are: Midshipman<Ensign<Lieutenant (Junior Grade)<Lieutenant<Lieutenant Commander<Commander<Captain Did WG resolve this? I'm a little slow on the uptake so if this is a non-question then feel free to tell me so. P.S. does anyone know where the files for the combat ribbons, e.g. shots hit or hits to citadel, kept? I've found the files for the badges and rank (service record) but not the ribbons--would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.