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Found 11 results

  1. I did not see where it says you can complete the missions more than once. There is a check mark next to complete missions indicating that mission is finished. Can we repeat missions? If so how do we track its progress?
  2. Napoleon7777

    Project R Finishing Early?

    The last announcement in regards to the Project R mission indicated that it would be finishing at 23:59 UTC. It's not 23:59 and I would've just got enough pearls to receive the ship. What gives?
  3. So since the tier 4 mission has been on 19/20, I've killed like 3 enemies in my Myogi... Anyone else had this issue? NB: Yes I have update the tracker, restarted chrome, etc etc.
  4. So I currently hold 157 pearls, If I spent any of them (say 20 pearls on a treasure chest), will I lose my eligibility to claim Kamikaze at the end of the event? Thanks
  5. dirtyimbecile

    Project R web page

    For some reason the project R web page won't load properly when I am logged in the project R page will only load to a black screen tried to refresh the page but still black. So I can't check my mission progress.
  6. Storm_Rider_Z

    About Project R

    Just wondering if there is a time limit for the Project R? Tried to find the deadline but can't see it nowhere. Also, what time will a whole set of weekly missions be updated once they're finished? Regards, Storm
  7. Sooo anyways, finished my last mission (10 CV wins) and it shows up on the page... AND THEN I refresh and it goes from 10/10 to 5/10 (yesterdays tall methinks) WG - ummmm how is it THIS buggy? Also would you mind fixing it? Point of the post: anyone else have this issue?
  8. Firstly I don't actually care about stats. I just find this interesting So up until the last two nights, my win rate over last 60 days has been 55%+ 30 days was ~58% 7 days was 60% The last two days since the start of the x3, it has MASSIVELY dropped. So yeah, WoWS is pretty much the same as WoT - when there's x3 the scrubs come out to play. Seen more TKs in the last 48 than the rest of the year NB: I haven't been playing that great anyways - so that's a contributing factor... Kickback from forum users - ensue... /rant
  9. Does the event end on 29 Dec or 1.4mil pearls? ie. Are the not-so-serious players going to have a chance to get the 145 pearls after 1.4mil pearls are reached, but before the 29th Decemeber? Clarify plox
  10. Krieg

    Direct Link for Project R

    Hi Team, Could we please get a direct link to the Project R progress page in the Portal? Is it possible to get an in game link or progress monitor as well?