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Found 2 results

  1. LordTyphoon

    Discussion: Giulio Cesare

    It's been 5 days since the Julius Caesar has been available for sale on the SEA server. Hows everybody going with it, whether you are fighting in it or fighting against it? I bought the biggest package with the 4k doubloons, commemorative flag, and the 20 +200% xp tokens. I've found the accuracy of the guns to be nothing that special, I get the citadels with AP when I aim well (hi Konigsberg), and no hits if I aim poorly, so no surprises there. The HE is strong indeed - with some experience in shell-switching, when enemies angle you can blaze them reliably. The ship is very fast and manoeuvrable for tier 5, but I have been citadelled a few times when not paying attention to my angles properly, so careful defensive play is key to preserving the relatively smaller health pool. Since detection range is quite good, the Cesare I felt uptiers pretty well - 'burn and hide' is very effective. Overall I've found the playstyle of the Cesare to be quite similar to the KGV. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.
  2. IJN_Katori

    BB-48 West Virginia

    A Colorado class refitted with more AA Guns and the second Battleship (the first was BB-44 California) that receives 5'38 Dual purpose Secondary Equipment, it also equip a Grumman F4F seaplane and an OS2U as a spotter This Battleship was equipped with Radar, allowing to detect ships in cyclones and smokescreens i'm suggesting this as a Premium Tier VII Entered Service : 1942 ( Pearl Harbor) 1945 (Serviced)