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Found 2 results

  1. I reading this, it got me thinking, with this WoWs Developers Team will be given a lot of freedom to improve (or destroy) the game. But I have a question for you guys. What is WG's action (in the future) would make you upset with WoWs? As for myself, currently I have none. The ability to play this game for free itself a huuuggeeee... plus. Well, I dont mind with anything, because firstly I am suck at everything in my life. Secondly, I dont have life to begin with. I seen some people saying they will quit WoWs if WG introduce "Premium Rounds". What's yours? Or do you have? Or you will play it until the hells freezes over? PS: Thanks to everyone who pays a craptonne for premium sheeps,time,money so that I can play it for free. Love ya!
  2. Firstly, I wanna talk about MM from different Classes are suffering..... How it effects the player base.... CVs :- I think it is time for CVs to have +/-1 MM because they are having to face lot of advantages in some cases and as well as disadvantages.... I don't wanna speak about Loadouts and all because I'm not a CV player but I've played them and seen how they have been played to some extent..... We all know that compared to population of other 3 Classes CV Population is extremely low.... Maybe because CVs are limited to 2 in T4,T5,T6 and from T8 are limited to 1 per side.... And I consider this is balanced.... Now why I want +/-1 MM for CVs is that they find it very hard to counter ships which are +2 tier from them... and the ships which are -2 tier from them are being abused... by closing the gap you can give CV better chance to improve and other ships to have an understanding over how to over come CVs...... For example (CVs having to face +2 ships) lot of CV players agree to this If you are in a Independence or Ryujo facing NCs or Amagi they are hard to even get close to... and sometimes they are the only lowest tier in the match.... which makes them feel useless.... For example (CVs having to face -2 ships) Well CV players find it extremely easy to DS any ship they want which is really not good for the gameplay sakes.... BBs :- This class in particularly solely depends mostly depends upon RNG other than player's skill.... And most of the players consider has enjoyed lot of privileges... which it has been but is struggling in mid tiers... and Mid tiers is the place where players get a grip on how to play or how to do stuff... But most of the matches being +2 makes players to think T7 ships are overpowered and where as T7 ships completely over power T5 ships... Every line has it's speciality but by making them play against far more advanced ships is covering all the advantages it has and making a player think they are useless..... And Almost all of the players might agree due to the current MM only Konig is playable ship... And mid tier players like me are being effected by the playstyle adapted by the players in those tiers... They adapt to passive style and make a foundation for their own loss..... Competitive players straight up blame the WG for making such bad MM and eventually leaving the game... CAs :- This Class is most enjoyable class than any class in the game... But is being overwhelmed by the MM... at times MM gives a team all the T5 ships and as their counter it gives T6 ships to enemy team and in some cases goes bizarre and puts up T5 vs T7... Being less armored itself leaves player with fear in his mind and making MM like this makes player Yolo and by that putting his own team at disadvantage... In reality MM has done the mistake and player has to bare the disappointment... And by this players don't even want to move up the tiers anymore... it is just hard to even earn any xp or credits... DDs :- This Class has different problem compared to other classes... It is the most suffered class by MM... because DDs are classified into gunboats and torpedo boats and USN DDs being in the mid... MM at times in domination puts all the gunboats on one side and torpedo boats on other side... Which means Gunboats have better probability of winning the cap vs Torpedo boats... and at times MM puts only one DD on one team and no DD on the other team, on the Domination mode... I don't think this can be changed but it leaves a huge impact on the outcome of the match itself... Conclusion :- This game particularly depends upon MM to survive... and MM itself being faulty is a huge disadvantage to the gameplay... And due to MM lot of players are leaving the game(In the small amounts ofc) but if this goes on someday there will be no player base in T5-T6 to make a match... I'm talking about new incoming players wanting to continue with T5 and T6 grinds or move over to the next game. (Mainly about Increasing the current player base) This is my Opinion... Feel free to agree or disagree... Edit :- This was today's MM why cannot we make the MM like this???