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Found 4 results

  1. 30cmtruedamage

    Went pink >_<

    Greetings comrades , So By mistake I torpeodo ed a friendly bb , Actually I had set an automatic torp drop on this enemy bb but Idk my friendly bb was too close to him so one of my torpeodoz rekt this frndly bb , I went pink . The [content removed] I do now ? Thanks Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  2. Minimum_Chips

    Sink the Pinks

    Players that end up as Team Killers should be forced to play battles where everyone else is a Pinko as well. While it would be fair to say that most Pinko's were penalised because they were a bit loose with their torps, there are other players that deliberately fire at their own team members. I think some justice for those of us that have been on the receiving end of these fun killers, would appreciate it if Team Killer players were selected for battles that only comprised of other Team Killer status players. The Pinko's can rejoin the normal world once their Team Killer status has been lifted. Alternatively, if you get damaged by a Pinko, you should be able to sink them without penalty. :-) That might put a cork in their guns for a while.
  3. Geoff_Thomson

    Pink Chicken

    As I DO NOT Agree to this , I will not be Playing until i am no longer PINK !! I will be YOUR PINK CHICKEN !! Topic moved from Gatherings section. Take note of where you are posting. ~dead_man_walking
  4. So how do you know? I accidentally torps and killed friendlies DD on Random Battle using Tenryu because there are enemy cruiser at my port side. I wasnt aware there is DD chasing the cruiser too. I was fined a lot. But did I get pink status? If I get it how I would know? I played few matches today and killed some enemies, but I still scared if I got the pink thingy and got permanent ban. It makes me demotivated and throw off my focus during battles. OTL PS: Still feeling guilty.