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Found 2 results

  1. LordTyphoon

    Port ideas

    Would Wargaming by any chance ever make a new port concept where instead of viewing each ship individually, you can park selected ships of your overall fleet on a map, and then the camera pans to the ship, whichever it is, when you selected it in the carousel? Would be cool to have a Pearl Habour port and line up all my battleships there. But the devs are probably fixing other important stuff (please balance CV airwings properly!) Any other good ideas for Ports? Everybody pls throw in your two cents. Also, if features for weather (sunny, rainy) time of the day (e.g night, day, sunset) in port could also be added to the existing ports, that would also be nice. Right now I think the St. Petersburg port is the most beautiful.
  2. Just some more pics from my visit to Pearl Harbour last week. The photos are from the USS Arizona Memorial. At the moment there are only about 5 survivors left. They are all offered the opportunity when they pass to be given a full military funeral and be buried within the Arizona with their fallen ship mates. I was honoured to have met one of them and shook his hand on Memorial Day in Honolulu. The wall lists all the sailors and marines lost when the Arizona was sunk. On the wall are 23 sets of brothers, and one father and son. A smaller memorial wall not in the picture lists all the survivors that have chosen to return to their ship once they passed. The picture showing the oil on the surface is the tears of the USS Arizona. There was approximately 500,000 gallons of oil on board and it continues to leak. It is believed that the Arizona will continue to shed tears until all its crew have passed away.