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Found 11 results

  1. For those who haven't been following the recent Intel security debacle, here is a short, summarised summary: Intel screwed up with security on all CPUs it made in the past 20 years, due to a base architecture flaw. Security patch was released for affected CPUs, which fixes the security flaw. Security patch massively downgrades performance. Security patch affects all syscalls. nVidia GPUs heavily rely on syscalls because they don't have their own integrated pipeline to do this, while Radeon has it since GCN 1.1 and up. Basically all nVidia GPUs will have performance downgrade alongside with Intel CPUs if they're used together on patched systems. There will be no performance downgrade only if nVidia GPUs are paired with Ryzen CPUs. Performance downgrade is anywhere from 30% to 61%, based on benchmarks on systems with the security vulnerability patch. Yes. Really. Intel just now cancelled future gen of CPUs. Brian Krzhanich sold a lot of stock and ran away before Intel's shares started falling hard. Since World of Warships heavily relies on CPU calculations, there is almost a guaranteed framerate drop for anyone using an Intel CPU once you've installed the security vulnerability patch, and even more so for anyone using a Intel CPU + nVidia GPU combo due to the syscall issue, including myself. If you choose to not install the security vulnerability patch, you are putting yourself at risk, as the vulnerability allows level 0 access through the CPU. This means that hackers can directly write to your BIOS.
  2. S4pp3R

    Monitor issue

    So I've raised a ticket, no response yet, however I wanted to open it to the floor. After a restart yesterday my Warships and PTS, despite booting the launcher on Monitor 1, now boot in monitor 2. I have tried everything, and only one monitor is appearing in settings. Windows is fine, nvidia is fine, other games are fine. Have tried config file deletion, switching windowed modes, etc. Whenever I got any form of full-screen (including maximising) the game switches screens. To be honest this is game-breaking for me as I have one 'bigger' and one 'smaller' and I do a lot of stuff while gaming (ie discord, youtube, music, etc). Any ideas folks?
  3. What graphics card would be necessary to run WoWs on max graphics settings? Would the NVIDIA GTX970M be enough? (Likely to be running with 16GB of RAM, i7-6700 CPU, 256 GB SSD, if that information helps).
  4. RE: http://www.geforce.com/2016-free-to-play-bundle According to Nvidia, if you buy an Nvidia GTX950 now from one of their participating retailers, you're supposed to be able to redeem $50 worth of WoWS in-game stuff, including 2000 dubloons. Are there any details out on exactly what the rest of the $50 is going into? With the latest 16nm technology cards out in the market it seems like the right time to catch up on mid-range 1080p cards.
  5. I'm posting this on the behalf of anyone else who might run into this problem. Description: It Basically as the problem states, I can normally exit the game with no effect on my computer. But there are sometimes when I exit the game you get the usual black screen but it stays a bit and then puts a grey screen. That happens really quickly then I get my desktop again and but all the programs and files I had open with my game are gone - like I had shut down and restarted. Current Status: I've had this for about 1 week I'd say from now (25th July 2016), I have updated my graphics card with a clean install and the problem hasn't occurred yet. What happens afterwards is that your graphics card will no longer function properly, even though the screen is rendering in my native resolution (1080p). So you need to restart the graphics card (restarting the computer, disabling graphics card/the service for the graphics card - I just restart computer then check if is working though 'Device Manager' - if its not then restart again or disable/enable the graphics card in device manager, it should be functioning again. I've only had this problem only with world of warships so far and that why I am posting here. Issue: 'As described above'Screenshots: None, see descriptionShip: -Map: -Occurrences: On Occasion. Reopen the game 2nd or 3rd time, or even for the first time.Tested: Have a couple of Google Chrome Tabs up, some Office programs, and Text Editors or Spotify and run the game.Severity: Since it occurs when I close the game it has minimal effect the actual gameplay, but is really annoying to occur at random.Details: 'As described above' ​System: Windows 10, Intel i5-4760, NVIDIA GTX 970, 8GB RAM o7
  6. There seems an Issue with WoW and Latest NVIDIA Driver, causing low FPS even on very low setting. All NVIDIA driver past the ver 358.91 (the driver cause no issue in WoW) onwards. cause the same problem. The latest driver I tried were ver 368.39 (the newest on NVIDIA website) have the same problem. there is a case when NVIDIA Driver(ver 364.519) is causing issue on all games, but I dont think its on NVIDIA side alone Since the only games that seems to be affected the newer Driver is just WoW. there might a compability Issue, that might worth checked
  7. war4sure

    Tough Choices

    So,this year I was planning to upgrade my 5 year old potato to make it up to date with the latest games.Part of this includes upgrading from my current Windows 7 to Windows 10,and jumping from GTX 750 to GTX 980 Ti. However,as this site shows(read the comments to see why),the R9 390X can give you more FPS on Windows 10 than than the GTX 980 Ti could do. I do check the prices and while the R9 do cost RM 400 cheaper than the 980 Ti, I have serious trust issues with AMD graphics ever since my last PC before my current one.Does anyone here who's on Windows 10 and actually using a R9 390X confirmed that the GPU really did give you more FPS?
  8. Gihijack

    graphic bug

    nvidia GTX 970 I found this in group they say when they play they found this object flow on this map sometime
  9. Not that long ago, I made this post which reported on the extremely high GPU temperatures that I was getting while playing World of Warships, specifically in regards to the main port screen. At the time, my GPU became as hot as 86 degrees Celsius at the port screen, and 81 degrees Celsius while in battle. Fearing that one day the silicon components of my computer would melt or burn up in flames, I decided that it was about time that I replaced the thermal paste for the CPU and GPU. And so, I purchased a tube of Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste, and began to disassemble my laptop. Disassembly Removal of the keyboard panel, after removing the screws behind the back plate holding it in place. Removal of the LCD screen, giving access to the screws needed to remove the motherboard. Removal of the motherboard from the laptop unit. Motherboard of the ASUS G75VW, with CPU and graphics card heat sinks attached. Note the buildup of dust, over the span of 3 years. Other side of the motherboard, showing where the CPU and graphics card heatsinks attach on to the motherboard, and the location of the screws. The disassembled keyboard panel (left) and LCD screen (right). Miscellaneous parts disassembled from the laptop (optical drive, HDD, SSD, fan covers, etc.)
  10. I'm on windows 10 and by default drivers are downloaded and installed in the background. The recent driver update from Nvidia (353.64) is just bad. Driver keeps on crashing on my system and it does temporarily freeze. It does this every minute (not kidding). I managed to find a temporary fix by enabling vertical syn to "on" and power management mode to "maximum performance". But whenever I open WoW and play it, the driver crashes and so does the game. Anybody has this problem? Any solutions, too? Thread moved to appropriate section. Please pay more attention to where you are posting. ~dead_man_walking
  11. 1. Description The game client uses an excessive amount of GPU resources while displaying the home port screen, to the point where the GPU overheats and reaches extremely high temperatures. In fact, the port screen uses more GPU resources than actual in-game battles; the GPU fan speed and temperatures happen to be markedly lower whilst in-battle compared to at the port screen. Currently it is winter in Australia, however during the summertime this may potentially cause housefires if players leave the game running for long time durations, idle at the home port screen. In addition, I'd presume that players with high-end nVidia cards would have a much more severe circumstance compared to mine, and this is also likely to be the case for people who have much more poorly ventilated machines compared to mine. 2. Reproduction steps Run the game, leave the game sitting idle within the home port screen for long durations of time, record GPU temperatures. 3. Result The following temperature chart shows the changes in GPU temperature whilst in-battle, for comparison purposes. Units are in degrees Celsius. The battle begins immediately after the sharp dip from 60 degrees Celsius (at the time when the game was minimised and the Windows desktop was displayed), and reaches an average temperature of 81 degrees Celsius during the battle. The following temperature chart shows the changes in GPU temperature whilst left idle in the home port screen. Units are in degrees Celsius. The time period spent within the port screen is immediately after the second dip; for comparison purposes, the period directly preceding the dip is the in-battle temperature shown earlier. Whilst at the port screen, the temperature reached a maximum value of 86 degrees Celsius before I ALT+TAB-ed to desktop to take a screenshot of the temperature reading. Had I not done so, the temperature would have continued to rise, given that the upward parabolic curve has yet to fully plateau. 4. Expected result The port screen should not overutilise GPU resources, to the point where the GPU generates more heat at the port screen compared to actual battles. Given that players are often likely to leave the game running idle whilst at the port screen (e.g. looking for food/drinks), the GPU utilisation should be at least the same as a battle, if not less. 5. Technical details While testing the temperatures as described above, the following graphics settings were used: Dxdiag: http://pastebin.com/P2qnR9S0 Addendum: My computer has removable dust filters attached to the fans, and I clean them every two months.