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Found 4 results

  1. Tune in tonight from 7:30PM AEDT for the quarter finals stream of The King of the Tasman invitational tournament. The first best of three sees [NAU] face off with [AN-DO] and then at 9:00PM [ASALT] duke it out with [1AN-E] with the winners progressing to the semi final stage. Twitch channel: If you’re an Australian or New Zealand based clan interested in participating in future seasons, go to: https://discord.gg/ywRMR7j With a total prize pool of 45K in steel and over 100K in doubloons you’d be a fool not to enter!
  2. Dear Wargaming, I'd like to suggest HMNZS Achilles as a premium ship. Since it was a Leander class and there is already such a ship in the game I don't think it would be too difficult to make, but it could be done with some interesting differences to change the gameplay. For example if it was modelled in its post 1943 refit configuration it would not have the X turret and instead have several QF 2 pom poms for an enhanced AA protection, also seeing as there is the adrenaline rush skill that supposes the crew would step up in dire situation, you could perhaps slighty reduce the reload time of the remaining 6 inch guns to compensate for the loss of one turret and put it down to having an efficient crew. Since it Started the war as part of the Royal Navy's New Zealand Division, you could actually still put it in the British tech tree so that it could be used for commander retraining etc. The rest of its options could be similar to Perth in the ability to fire HE shells, and deploy aircraft, it could also perhaps be able to equipe defensive AA fire in light of its enhanced AA suit. A collectors flag, either the New Zealand Jack as flown in WWII or the RNZN ensign from much later in the 60's would also be a nice addition to any premium sales package as this could also be flown from Leander (which served with the RNZN for most of the war). Being as Last year was the 75th Anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy, and with the recent promotion of the Graf Spee on WoW (Achilles adversary in the Battle of the river plate) and with the current promotion of HMS Belfast and HMAS Perth, now would be a very appropriate time to add the Achilles. Further Information on Achilles including both the pre and post 1943 refit armaments can be found under the following link; http://navymuseum.co.nz/hmshmnzs-achilles-leander-class-cruiser/
  3. Hey Guys & Girls, As much as I enjoy World Of Warships I have noticed there is either a Ship Paint or Flag for special occasions, Being a current Serving member of the Australian Defence Force, I'm very passionate about Australia's Battle History and i would like to express our Very Special Day on the 25th of April to all of the WOW Community with either a Paint Scheme for the Ships or a Flag that all Australian & New Zealand Players can show with Pride while they Engage in these Wonderfull Battles. The Moment WOW Advertised the HMAS PERTH I Jumped at the chance to get that ship and what a Machine it is. I Imagine how nice it would be to Fly a Flag that Represented ANZAC Day and or a Paint that Showed Beautifull Art like the New Years Paint. I ask you all if you would like to help me get this into the WOW gameplay for the Special day of the 25th in April and show Our Commonwealths Pride. Some Designs will be needed for both Flags and Pain if you all would like to take a crack and Hopefully the WOW Dev's will accept it and Place it into the Gameplay I hope this will happen as i never see Allot of Commonwealth History shown on games. Regards, Nolan
  4. DeepDark_Fantasy

    slow/laggy server?

    I dont know bout your internet connection with wow, I live in New Zealand with optical fiber (100mbps), however in game the average ping is around 210. It's just frustrating with so much excitement after pre-purchase your ships only see them constantly teleporting in battles if not disconnected just before a kill... maybe an oceanic/australia server is needed? maybe a separate server for a separate continent make sense? or maybe smooth gameplay is just too much to ask...