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Found 3 results

  1. Nurin_

    Navygaming に付いて

    キャプテンの皆さんへ! 皆さんはご存知かもしれませんが、【World of Warships】フォーラムには自由に読めるマガジンがあります、そのマガジンの名は【Navygaming】。そのマガジンはRU-やNA-やEU-のコミュニティーには大人気です。【Navygaming】マガジンが20世紀前半の艦船についての情報と開発者達が書いたスペシャルコンテンツを読むことが出来ることで、このコミュニティの重要になりつつある。 日本海軍はいつも世界の主要な海軍。島国であるのなら強い海軍が非常に重要である。そして海軍の歴史は大切です。【Navygaming】マガジンはその海軍の歴史を学ぶ方法!でも、全員が英語を読めるわけでもない、それで我々は【Navygaming】マガジンの日本語版を発行したいと思います。でですがそのためには我々はマガジンの内容の作成を手伝ってくれるボランティアを探しているのです。 ボランティアになるとこんなことがあります *興味深いとフレンドリーな環境! *特別に【WoWs】の最近ニュースを最初に知る権利 *世界中の仲間と通じるチャンス! ボランティアの募集条件 *18歳以上。 *強い責任感と勤勉さ。 *自分と自分のスキルの成長を求める。 *【World of Warships】とその主題(海軍史)に興味を持ている。 ボランティアになりたい方はここに投稿するか、それともNurin_やZamuchryshkin (English Only) にメッセージを送ってください。投稿する際には、どの役職がしたいのか、週に何時間【Navygaming】マガジンのために時間を使えるか、なぜ貴方がその役にふさわしい人であるかを書いてください。 求める役のリスト: *Historical Content Writer *Naval History Counselor *Translator *Regional Community Specialist 何か問題があるならここに訊いてください。それとも英語のGeneral DiscussionとFAQがある。 ヌリンノート: 私はヌリン、【Navygaming】日本側のCommunity Specialist(仮)。この投稿は初めて私の日本語を実に使ったので、何か間違っていることや変なことがあれば私に言ってください。長い付き合いを期待しています。
  2. Zamuchryshkin_Asia

    Navygaming: General Discussion

    Navygaming Magazine. FAQ for readers and candidates to volunteers == Part 1. General Information == Question: What is Navygaming? Answer: First of all, Navygaming is a naval history magazine which covers the period of the first half of 20th century. Each issue is centred on a definite warship which is already ingame. There are a lot various articles where you can find all the information on the ship, and one of these articles is always written by a Lesta Studio (WG SPb) developer. Such an article not only contains a lot of interesting things about the game, but it's also illustrated with new gaming screenshots, some of which are high-detailed. By the way, we also try to publish only colourized photos in the magazines' pages. So, you see, reading our mag is a really unique opportunity both to become familiar with the naval history and learn the latest news of World of Warships. We also try to produce some videos. Like that: Question: Do I need to buy the magazine? Answer: No, you needn't. The magazine is absolutely free. It's free-to-read. So you can easily read it online or download in pdf. Question: Why do the issues tell us about the American and Japanese warships only? Answer: This is closely related with the game. As only American and Japanese warships are ingame at the moment, we publish issues focused on these ships. As soon as a new nation is added, we'll add this nation for topics of our mag. Question: How can I contact the mag's team? Answer: Oh, it's easy! If you have any questions, suggestions and so on, just send them to support@navygaming.net. == Part 2. Information for Candidates to Volunteers == Question: Are volunteers paid for their work? Answer: No. Wiki says: "Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity and is intended to promote goodness or improve human quality of life. In return, this activity can produce a feeling of self-worth and respect. There is no financial gain involved for the individual. Volunteering is also renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun." Navygaming Volunteers are considered to help with working on the magazine for the WoWS Community. Question: Will I have any advantages if I become a volunteer? Answer: No, I won't have any advantages compared with other users. But each volunteer could communicate to his or her peers from all the world, use a special signature, and maybe have a special forum group. Question: I don't want to post an application with my personal information in the thread. What shall I do? Answer: If so, just PM it to Zamuchryshkin. The information of such personal correspondence is confidential, i.e. no one except you and Zamu will know about it. Question: I posted an application. What next? Answer: Cool! As soon as your application is took up, you will be offered to do an entry task which depends on the position you'd chosen. == Part 3. Information about Vacancies == Question: Please explain me what I shall do if I become a Historical Content Writer. Answer: This position is the main one for us. Such a volunteer is to write articles on the topic given (for example, USS Alabama: the Development History) and pick up photos with captions to illustrate the article. Question: Please explain me what I shall do if I become a Naval History Counselor. Answer: This position requires a person who's main interest (maybe even the interest of life) is naval history and warships. A candidate must be well-educated in this area of knowledge, and his tasks are to colsult other volunteers if they need it, to help them with finding sources for articles and photos, and finally to write such articles as Content Writers yourself. Question: Please explain me what I shall do if I become a Regional Community Specialist. Answer: Navygaming is already an international project, and we always glad to expand our internationality. If you are ready to help us with publishing the mag in your native language, you are the very person we need. You may know that Community Specialist tasks are to help us with translating devs' articles and some other things from English into your language, to promote Navygaming in your region, and to gather up a regional team of Content Writers.
  3. Zamuchryshkin_Asia

    "Navygaming", naval history free-to-read magazine

    Sailors and Captains! We are very glad to present you a naval history magazine "Navygaming"! The magazine is absolutely free to read and contatins a lot of interesting information on a currect warship together with articles written by WoWS developers... At the moment just two issues are published. Their topics are the battleship USS North Carolina and aircraft carrier Zuikaku. Just click on the cover, and the magazine chosen will be opened in a new tab. You can both read mags online and download them (click on the links below covers). Downloading Link 1 Downloading Link 2 Well, I hope you'll enjoy reading our magazine. If so, please write your opinion right in this topic. You may also be interested in: Navygaming: General Discussion with FAQ for readers Navygaming Recruitment of Japanese Volunteers (in Japanese) We are also interesting in Chinese Community. If you're interested in volunteering for Navygaming and developing WoWS Community, just contact me.