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Found 2 results

  1. Yep, As every player and there dog seems to be playing the low tier Royal Navy CL's it's got repetitive real fast. So I figured for a change, so here's my first game in my new ship. lol.... It's like driving around in an armoured car. Lol... TheEnsign
  2. Hi guys Is this the most coolest Battleship at tier 3 or what! Maybe it's just because people are all playing with a level playing field with 5-10 on every bodies team every game but for me already having a 34k average damage for a BB at tier 3 is crazy and way better than both the Wyoming and Kawachi. Those Secondaries sure help, throw in my Kolberg captain so I've BOS, BFT, Faster turret Traverse & superintendent. Superintendent seems to be a must for her as in the 8 games so far I've run out of charges in her 5 times, but have yet to be killed in her! My suggestion is to go for the hull (better secondaries/turning), then engine (she's a slug otherwise), then guns, as I found I can live without the range. You also have to switch ammo types a lot and that dispersion is just the same as every other tier 3 BB...... insert sarcastic "yeah" I'm a little surprised not to see many dd's or St Louis's in the game as they can run riot! I've watched them completely destroy my teams flanks but she seems a lot more fire resistant than any other BB I've played at this tier which has saved me a few times. All in all a great tier 3 Battleship, well done WG.