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Found 6 results

  1. Yamato_523

    Need help playing Nagato

    I recently unlocked the Nagato and I am running into a problem. The nagato’s gun is ok its range is 20.5 KM which is good at her tier so I thought “Ah so she is a sniper just like the previous fuso and Kongo” but nope also when I broadside I will get citatled 100% of the time. For reference the fuso’s guns range (when fully unlocked) is 21.8 KM, so then I thought ah so its a brawler also no because here armour is paper thin even with the hull upgrade. So I need help playing this ship. edit:also dispersion sucks (“The shells connecting to a target”)
  2. Rina_Pon

    My top three BBs

    I order of preference, my favorite BBs are Nagato North Carolina (Alabama) Gneisenau (Sharnhorst) with honorable mention to Warspite & Kongo. I have a bunch more, Amagi, Jean Bart, and Iowa, but the above are the ones I reach for 90% of the time, and Nagato most of all. Why Nagato? It's a combination of being "good enough" in all the important BB traits, together with accurate guns, large, heavy and fast shells, put into mid tier MM where lack of enemy gun range and lack of enemy player skill makes for a target-rich environment, and top it off with just enough speed to be able to stay one step ahead of the battle. Nagato can comfortably erase enemy cruisers at medium range, and more significantly, she can also reliably erase same tier and lower enemy BBs when up close. Even in unfavorable matchmaking, you can usually drop back into "battlecruiser" mode, sniping as opportunity permits. North Carolina has a comfortable 6-fore-3-aft gun arrangement, plenty of speed, solid armor. Yeah, the shells hang at long range, but she's still a great all-rounder for her tier. Alabama is better for doing donuts in the cap circle, both play pretty similar otherwise. Gneisenau rounds of up my trio of "big guns on fast hulls" BBs, but trades gunpower for raw speed, so plays much more like a heavy cruiser than the other two. Her more lightly armed sister even moreso. That is in no way a bad thing. I'm looking at the above for common threads, and it's pretty clear that for me positioning >> everything else when it comes to BBs. Being able to get to where you need to be, and well away from where you don't... but it's also gun accuracy, being able to hit what you aim for exactly and farm those sweet-sweet dev strikes. Edit: No, I don't have any T10s and have no plan to acquire same, I don't have Massachusetts either, but I do have Bismark, secondaries, while fun, don't quite cut it for me in terms of reward.
  3. S4pp3R

    Help with the Nagato

    G'day folks, Been slowly pushing up the IJN BB line, have reached the Nagato. I've pretty much smashed all of them so far, scoring above my account averages (mostly IJN CAs) but I've hit a bit of a roadblock. My Nagato skills are non existent. I'm not hitting enough and my usual 'sit at 16-17km then move in for the finish' playstyle doesn't seem to be working. Question to the floor, how do you manage to play the Nagato effectively? Should I be pushing in more, as I've had success with the Fuso, or should I snipe more ala Kongo? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I know she's a good ship and I'm not getting the most from her. NB yes uptiered games are a pain but I never found that an issue in the Fuso TYIA
  4. legionary2099

    Is this normal ?

    Just got a match where a Nagato go straight but tilt 30 degree to the right , and i was like what the hell , shoot some shells into it from NC , hit upper hull instead of red line ( was aiming at waterline , shell comein 45 degree - or thats what my eye tell me ). Heck , just is this possible , i thought ship only tilt till end of turning , but this time he tilt all the way during a straight run

    Nagato umm not worth it at all

    So umm I just got the Nagato this morning and I have been doing my research on it because I was looking forward to moving up 1 level, However I understand that stock ships have many drawbacks Nagato having many such as... (35 second reload time, painfully slow traversing turrets, 20.5 km range and 22 knots maximum speed) Now because its a stock ship I get that you know and if those were the specifications for just the stock Nagato then I would have no problem with that but its the range on the main guns I did a little digging in game and found that even with a maxed out Nagato the range stays the same why? Are you meaning to tell me that the tier 6 ship Fuso at maxed ability has more range than a ship of higher tier with bigger guns? seems a bit out of place to me in real life Nagato had a maximum firing range of 38.4 kms and like all the ships to balance the game they reduced the range to fit the maps but this 18 km reduction seems like a bit much and to see that throughout the upgrades it doesn't change at all so whats really worth it a Fuso with more range and more guns but lower caliber or a tier 7 Nagato with bigger caliber less range longer reload time and less guns you do the rest.
  6. So I was playing ranked last night and I was aiming to my stern, starboard side when my second torret decided to start turning even though on maximum rotation angle, into the super structure and to the port side then start turning around to face starboard again. I have heard of similar things happening before but again... It gets annoying because you suddenly lose two guns for like a minute or two while they turn and lose your DPM (didn't affect me that match game was about to end anyways) but it can get more annoying in the future. I do not have screenshot available, I am also not home right now so I can't check for a replay. But if I do have the replay I will post it aswell. Hopefully my description was enough for you devs to understand what happened. Please look into it