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Found 14 results

  1. ArtickWarspite

    Don't know what to make of this

    Had a game last night (which we lost) where we had an allied Tirpitz on our team (Tier 6-8 game) He lasted about 6 minutes. He ended up getting focused fired and that was that. With about 1000hp left his final desperate act was to torpedo me who was about 1.5km away from him. Please keep in mind he was facing the reds and had absolutely no reason to dump his torps behind him.. My Warspite ate 2 fish and was on the back foot for the rest of the game. He was the lowest scorer and his name was just a whole lot of random numbers. Curious, I looked him up and after joining a couple of weeks ago had played about 60 games -mostly T1 & 3 and had clearly just got a brand new Tirpitz. Whilst mildly annoyed at his attempt to team kill me, I kind of want to offer to div up and help him out, but am I wasting my time? Is this bot behavior or just someone who has more money than sense?
  2. AntifoulAwl

    Deleted thread for bin.

    Ignore and delete
  3. Hey_Potato

    Time for Potatoes (UTC +8)

    Based on experience, excluding weekends, I usually find that certain time of the day you get a lot of potatoes. For the most potatoes its usually around 2pm - 5pm, 6pm - 7.30pm and 1am - 3am. Personally for me, I find that 1am - 3am got the most potatoes and I am just curious where do all these potatoes come from. I am sure majority of them do come from certain countries.
  4. MarshalYngYoda

    New CV player needs halp

    So I recently unlocked the ryujo and finally got the ability to manual drop/strafe. however almost every battle i either get sniped or end up doing less dmg coz i am afraid of getting sniped. Can the experienced CV players give some suggestions..... my win rate on the ryujo is killing me. I know this issue is common to new players but just bear with my cries...... Cheers
  5. I only very recently (July) started playing WoW, and in that time have played a lot (probably too much...), whilst reading up on info here, the other forums, and the wiki. As such, I thought I'd offer my opinion on what the game is like for a relative noob; The jump from Tier 4 to Tier 5 is brutal I appreciate Tier 4 gets preferential match making, and many who have played for a while likely progressed through these tiers without it, but for newcomers the jump to Tier 5 is brutally unforgiving, to the extent I wonder how many players simply give up at this point. The problem isn't just the change in match making (although that is a big part of it), it's that entire dynamic of the game changes. Having played cruisers of all nationalities up to tier 4, I quickly discovered that Tier 5 is a completely different ball game, probably best demonstrated by the jump from the Kuma to the Furutaka, and was subsequently introduced to the island hugging meta that seems to dominate up till the very highest tiers. I gave it a go for a few weeks, but then gave up. Cruisers at this tier simply weren't fun anymore, and I wasn't prepared to adopt a camping mentality and grind out xp to get the high tier cruisers people seem to rate so highly. Instead, the only post Tier 4 cruisers I own only get used in operations now. The same largely goes for destroyers. As I stopped moving up the cruiser line, I subsequently have nfi which cruisers have radar, and only the other day discovered German DD's have hydro. That's information I would have liked to have had earlier....With the camping meta on higher tiers, DD's also become much harder to play, as you rarely receive support whilst contesting a cap, as everyone is desperately hugging islands trying to avoid being liquidated by snipping BB's. Again, this isn't much fun, although I'm still trying to make DD's work at this level. I don't play BB's much, but suspect they make the transition from Tier 4 to 5 much more easily than any other class, which is one factor in the predominance of Battleships in the game, as players of other tiers likely migrate over to them to make the jump to Tier 5 easier. Especially now with the RN BB's out in the wild. At least with BB's you don't have to completely relearn basic game concepts in them like you do with other classes. I suspect many players simply don't understand basic game concepts Not just stuff like torp range (many low tier players seem to have no idea about this), but how important contesting caps is. Since WG reward damage and kill farming so conspicuously, many players seem to focus on that exclusively, and end up fighting their own private wars on one edge of the map, away from the rest of their team that is fighting and dying over the caps. This leads to learned behavior that is carried into higher tiers, where teammates still refuse to support the caps, despite them becoming more important in higher tiers, owing to more drawn out games. Whilst these players get a lot of abuse on here and elsewhere, I suspect many of them simply aren't aware of how caps work, and why they are important. WG does a very bad job of explaining this. I didn't really understand epicenter games for a while either. I read capping used to earn much more experience, but they nerfed it. Dunno their reasons why. But WG needs to make the importance of capping much clearer to players. Lead them by the nose. More carrot, less stick in the way of nerfs to encourage aggressive play is needed. OP ships are OP Horribly OP ships like the Imperator Nikolai and Kamikaze R are terribly unfun to play against. Nuff said. I can tolerate it without throwing my toys out of the pram, but like before I wonder how many newish players but heads with these ships, get utterly wrecked, and give the game up as a result. Again, many new payers are going to have no idea what these ships are (since they are not in the Tech Tree), or what they are capable of, until it is far too late. WG needs to understand that not every new player is going to be reading the forums or wikis religiously. The community is surprisingly good The main reason it took me so long to pick this game up is because I am extremely wary of online games owing to the toxic bull*..* they encourage in in-game chat. Instead I have found almost no examples of the sort of stuff that has blighted other games for me. You guys are alright I appreciate many of my *whinges* are owing to my relative lack of, um, skill, but feel my observations are consistent with what many new players, who try and learn wider game concepts as they go in order to become a better player, experience. WoW starts out extremely fun (but sadly underpopulated) at the lowest tiers, hits its peak (imo) at Tier 4, but then becomes a massive ballaching grind thereafter, without the caveat of at least remaining fun for the newish player to persevere with. This, imo, leads to a closeted community of experts at higher tiers, making the jump even harder for new players to make, and further accelerating the migration to BBs, as at least then you are going to survive more than 10 minutes. It also probably leads to newish players buying high tier premiums in order to gain an 'advantage'. I imagine WG have metrics etc on how many players start the game, and how many drop off at around Tier 5. Based on my experiences, I expect it's a lot. I do like Operations being Tier 6 though. That's a really good move, and an excuse to get out ships I wouldn't really want to play in PvP... Anyways, hopefully this didn't come across as a massive whinge. Wouldn't have played so much if I wasn't having fun. I will definitely go on playing tier 4 (its awesome), and trying to get to grips with higher tier play in my DDs. Only I get the feeling there are important systemic problems within the game at lower tiers, and that jump to tier 5, that are undoubtedly influencing some of the problems players face at higher tiers (camping BBs et al), plus driving away new players. To reiterate, WG needs to explain basic concepts much better to new players, and lead them by the nose to the good play styles it wants them to adopt in higher tiers. TL:DR: Git gud noob
  6. With the introduction of RN BBs the player base has been introduced to battleships that are essentially floating flamethrowers, the like of which hasn't been seen since since the invention and lost of the greek fire by the byzantine empire. Community contributors quickly reported on their abilities to set other ships aflame, and the forum's quickly filled with post of the ships' superiority compare to their counterparts. A week later, the waves of posts have subsided, the win rate for the Conqueror sits at 54% on EU,52% on SEA , and 55% on NA[1]. But is this the cause of the superb HE shells? We'll look at the chance of setting a ship on fire(at least 1 fire) per turret(Assuming all the HE shell hits): Großer Kurfürst with 420mm : (1-(1-0.41)3) = 0.795 Großer Kurfürst with 406mm : (1-(1-0.38)3) = 0.762 Montana with 406mm : (1-(1-0.36)3) = 0.738 Yamato with 460mm : (1-(1-0.35)3) = 0.725 Conqueror with 419mm : (1-(1-0.48)3) = 0.859 Conqueror with 457mm : (1-(1-0.63)2) = 0.863 I've chosen to use a per turret value as we already know the chance per shell, and it is NOT possible to only fire 1 gun on each turret. Noting that dispersion value of each ship would affect the effective chance of setting fire, we can say it's been "balanced" to be roughly similar. Although, in the event that only 1 shell hits, the probability would favour the shell with higher fire chance. Next, we'll look at the chance of setting fire per ship salvo making all the previous assumptions Großer Kurfürst with 420mm : (1-(1-0.41)12) = 0.9982 Großer Kurfürst with 406mm : (1-(1-0.38)12) = 0.9968 Montana with 406mm : (1-(1-0.36)12) = 0.9952 Yamato with 460mm : (1-(1-0.35)9) = 0.9792 Conqueror with 419mm : (1-(1-0.48)12) = 0.9996 Conqueror with 457mm : (1-(1-0.63)8) = 0.9996 From the 2 data sets[2] we can see the RN BB managed a lead of roughly 10% in the chance to set fire per turret, however, per salvo, the difference is almost negligible. So, if the difference is only roughly 10%, why the sudden outcry? I put forward my hypothesis that it is the emergent properties of a whole branch being encouraged to use HE and the influx of players jumping on to this branch in the relatively short span of time, and the confirmation bias of other battleship's captain. From what I can tell, WG hasn't made any changed to the RN BBs in 6.11 as they wait for the statistics to "stabilise". A major point not discussed is the penetration of HE shells and how they affect fire chance. [1]http://wows-numbers.com/ships/ [2]http://wowsft.com/
  7. Aaditya_AJ

    I'm A Noob :(

    So It was a T9 match I was Fletcher on the map loop I was spawned right in front of B so I rushed B(because I heff Island to cover myself) and others went to A and C respectively.. I had capped B then a Tashkent entered the cap I spotted him and was spamming F3 at him(because that's what I learned if you cannot kill something ask help)but no one shoots at him.. then he smoked up and I torp'd him thinking he is gonna stay there but he left(I missed) then this one guy started saying that I was a noob(which I know I was)... I was trying my whole to win the game.. then he died and started throwing insults at me(never mind people like to talk trash).. In the end it was a loss.. Now I cannot decide that If I want to play the DDs or not because I'm such a Noob and cannot win the games :(
  8. ellofiend

    Detection in cyclones

    So was just pondering about detections after watching a certain 8 kill fuso game on YT. In a cyclone, if your fire your guns does the detection go up or does the cyclone overcome it? Also, could you discuss other things related to cyclone detection rules? Thanks, elmo
  9. FFS why in the world do people think it's a good idea to take a PENNED SHIT COLA into rank? i just had 2 of them on my team and we lost, then i had the same Pensacola on my team for 2 matches, and we lost those too, and the most infuriating thing was that bastard managed to keep all his stars because he sat in our DD's smoke and spammed BBs on the other team all day long please do not prove yourselves to be stupid skrubbish noobs by showing up in rank with a penned shit cola, the only thing it's good at is giving DSs to BBs and taking up a useful spot on the team
  10. Kanna_The_Goldammo_Eater


    Hello guys. You'll not known me in this game. But I'm well known in World of Tanks As the "Chatban Legend" Before I making this thread, 1 hour ago, I just got 13th chatban in World of Tanks by typing the word HENTAI to explain that what "H" it is I'm ready to get chatbanned in this game. Normally, I'm chatter and funny person, But I'm dead serious when playing a game. The first time I got chatbanned in WoWs is when I swear about autopilot that drives my RJ to the island. So, Yeah, Feel free to chatban me. Thanks for reading. Disputing moderator/GM/Wargaming decisions. Thread Locked. User Warned. ~ADM_dude
  11. Ahoy sailors, Get excited, I've started my own YouTube channel. Who, or what is the Corn Cartel? No reason at all really, I just like the sound of it. Technically that's a lie, there is a story behind it but you'll have a subscribe to find out ;) About my channel; pretty simple really, just some fun WOWS replays, appalling banter, some banging tunes, and hopefully a few tips on how to win on the high seas. I'm not a unicum, I'm not some super creative video production genius; I just love my boats and big tunes. Get around it. Anyway. thanks for checking out my channel, hope you all like it.
  12. Brizone

    How do you git gud in WoWS?

    Hello guys, I believe this is my first time starting a topic in WoWS forum.. So lets just jump straight into the question: How to improve my game in WoWS? Right now I'm doing really badly every game no matter what the ship (I won't play carrier, mainly coz i didn't like being burdened with great responsibility and of course, top-down clicking game is not really my cup of tea). On average i scored about 700 exp and deal about 20-30k damage every game. My winrate is an abysmal 46%. I tried so hard but every game I almost always face decently skilled opponents and ends up losing the firefight, get wrecked by CVs, torped by DDs, and any other things that would lead me to be killed and losing the game. I do well in World of Tanks (imo), my winrate is a stable 56% and 1000+ damage per game which is not so bad, and I want to improve my skills in this game as well. It's not like I cannot shoot or steer the ship, but even though I (think I) know the basic mechanics like concealment, angling, over pen, target selection, etc, it's very hard to deal lotsa damage and help the team in any good way. My stats are so bad I almost stopped caring about them and just enjoy my awfulness, but my pride (lol) refuses to do so. So please are there any pro players out there who are willing to help me git gud (platoon ingame), or at least give me a meaningful explanation on this topic? Thanks in advance..
  13. I dont know how this game is about, yes, this game talks about team co-operations. Unfortunately it only works in division while you are playing with your talented friends.( at least you wont get noobed by your division), but if you team up with random players, lol All the time you teamed up with noobs you frustrated, well i did something and put myself to No. 1 in the result list. I thinks all of you guys must have experienced that. Back to the point, I lured one of my friends in reality to play WOWs. Lack of ships, my friend is so hungry for the arp mission, but no time to finish the mission. As a result, I used his account, trying to accomplish stage 4 " cv damages 50000" with tier 6 dd mutsuki (lack of ships: my friend highest tier is this ship, excluding premium ship tirpitz) The arena has separated teams into two, so we start our domination game. With less than 6 minutes , one of 6-member team was totally ruined and breached, enemies' dd is so happy to flank our two CVs without risk. I am just a torp dd, and no one is going to take point, so i did it. I am so sick with noobs, I mourning the whole dead team ( that 6 dead noobs) and charge for suicidal attack,hopfully i can deal several thousands to CVs. Sure i failed. I am the only contributor of capping points, those players fail to hold the point, selling CVs out(p.s. our team using attacking hull against sky-control hull) , betraying left-behinds, it is ridiculous that noobers have rights to vote. Yes, the No.1 contributor get 5 report , because we allow noober to noob us. Well. (I am think ways to apologize to my friend why i get 5 report vote, Umm. maybe I noob the noobers and make your suffer, sorry)
  14. A simple guide born out of the frustration to most CV captains I've seen and being a beginner one myself' maybe some sharing may improve gameplay. (I hope ... ) Step 1. DON'T HIDE IN THE CORNER ! Simply because EVERYBODY knows you're there. They may not see you yet, but it narrows down where they need to look and send the bombers. Also hiding behind an island may block level line of sight, but since planes ignore terrain its only a matter of time until you are spotted. Step 2. Learn the AUTOPILOT Having established that staying in a corner isn't a great idea, this means you should get moving. But steering a ship and coordinating planes will take alot of multi-tasking and hotkey effort. So to lighten the load ... Use ship-autopilot ! Setup a course following your teammates with waypoints, slow or fast it just means a) you are not in the same spot than before hence it may take enemies longer to find you or get closer to you. b) you are closer to teammates who can help or escort you c) you are closer for returning planes and hence shortening attack times. d) at least you are moving than starting at zero speed. It helps to minimise torpedo and bomb hits, Step 3. Battle awareness. Because you can launch planes, and they move faster than ships ... means you have additional duty to find where the enemy is, If you know where the enemy is before they know where you are, as a CV you can avoid them better. As any other ship, with the information provided to then setup your attack formation better. This is especially important in the early phase of battle because if enemy DDs are found and destroyed early ... the battle can shift in your team's favour fast. (Not foolproof advice, but the key is giving your team the knowledge to react properly) Step 4. The attack. Attacking is what a CV can do well, but its down here instead of being the top piece of advice. Why? Because if you can preserve yourself well, then its easier to concentrate on the attack part. When attacking, try to aim for 'loners' (preferably BBs and CVs) for the simple reason that its much easier to eliminate enemies who cannot protect themselves well. You have your protection secure then attack, they don't have their protection secure they become prey to you. Another thing about attacking is that its a process in itself ... i) move planes through the best gaps in defense ii) estimate plane to target approach iii) setup attack ahead of approach point iv) try to ensure planes can come back alive That's enough for the moment ... I'm not too experienced a CV captain, however I do hope that its something to start improving the play quality of anyone starting CV. For vid reference ... you can watch some guides from generous early players (included below)