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Found 3 results

  1. FFS why in the world do people think it's a good idea to take a PENNED SHIT COLA into rank? i just had 2 of them on my team and we lost, then i had the same Pensacola on my team for 2 matches, and we lost those too, and the most infuriating thing was that bastard managed to keep all his stars because he sat in our DD's smoke and spammed BBs on the other team all day long please do not prove yourselves to be stupid skrubbish noobs by showing up in rank with a penned shit cola, the only thing it's good at is giving DSs to BBs and taking up a useful spot on the team
  2. Hi, With the upcoming economy changes, I decided to do some simple maths to determine the actual benefits of it. Changes can be found here. As you can see from these results, you are getting taxed higher if you fall below a threshold of damage taken. Allow me to explain these results. Repair 0.5.11(E) Is the repair cost without maintenance tax. Repair/% 0.5.11 (F) is the cost in credit per percentage % lost. Placebo Maintenance 0.5.12 (I) is the cost in credits for repair without the maintenance of 0.5.11. Repair/% 0.5.12 (J) is the cost in credits per percentage HP lost without the maintenance of 0.5.11. (Repair)+maint per % 0.5.12 (K) is the cost in credits per percentage HP lost with the maintenance of 0.5.11 (Basically maintenance cost of 0.5.12).(THRESHOLD) Break Even HP (L) is the HP lost required to surmount the maintenance and repair cost of 0.5.11.(THRESHOLD) Break Even comparison (M) is the percentage of HP required to be lost to surmount the maint and repair cost of 0.5.11. Credits/% 0.5.11 (N) is the credits lost if you hit the threshold of the new tax compared to 0.5.11. (L*F) Effective Damage in Credits (O) is basically the cost in credits if it was compared to 0.5.12 (N+C) So what does this tell us? Basically as of 0.5.12, the game is taxing you in a way that it assumes you hit a threshold of damage taken. This threshold is L (In numerical HP of ship) and M (% of HP of ship). This means that every single game as of 0.5.12 will assume you take 28k damage in your Hakuryuu or 44.4% or 15k damage in your Shimakaze or 83.3%. Seeing the big picture here now? PROS The pros of this change is that if you take damage over the threshold limit, it won’t cost anything more. This benefits players or classes who have a more aggressive style and does not punish them. Note that this doesn’t affect every class or group of players. This means that DDs, who should and does take damage as they’re in the front lines should suffer less and BBs who take the majority of the fire don’t need to worry as much as the repair costs if they happen to sink. It also promotes a better and (fun and engaging) play style which IMO is a lot better for the gameplay.CONS There are a lot of negatives in this. WG is assuming you take a theoretical threshold amount of damage. It insignificantly promotes players to suicide into the enemy team like a kamikaze. A whole list of co-op problems and finally a class by class breakdown: -DDs DDs predominately take damage as they are the first group to lead the battle into caps. They take damage from enemy DDs and CA/CLs. Now let’s hypothetically say 66% of players die (average in stats of TX DDs is about 37% survive). This new economy will greatly benefit these 66% of players. The remaining 33% however, if they do not take past the threshold will ultimately suffer a loss of credits compared to 0.5.11’s economy. -CAs/CLs CAs have an average survival rate of 51.75% (average stats of TX CAs). Now high tier CAs can repair damage, reducing the cost of their repairs. CAs are “supposed” to help escort DDs and BBs but as anyone knows, being right out in the open means you will almost die instantly from BBs or torpedos from DDs. This means some CAs are better off playing it safer (dying contributes way less to your team than being alive on 1% HP) by staying behind cover. The breakeven is around 80% for cruisers so that means that any CAs of the 51.75% that do not take more than 80% damage are punished. -BBs A huge improvement for BBs as they constantly take damage from every other class. However BBs at TX have a 52.6% survival. They are more geared to finishing the battle on less HP because let’s face it, if you were at 80% HP in a CA, you would most likely be dead. Not only this but BBs can repair a lot more HP than cruisers and don’t suffer from massive bursts of damage (1 citadel or torp does only around 10% compared to cruisers which suffer from ~25%). -CVs The biggest victims in this update. CVs normally don’t take damage from any sources unless a DD sneaks up, you’re in a bad position (which means you’re dead) or when an enemy CV attacks you. Apart from this, most of the time you’re at 100% HP. However, despite having the lowest threshold, CVs are now taxed for having 45% hypothetical damage applied to them every single game. Despite the fact that and I quote “This feature (and other individual characteristics of ships and types) was taken into account in the calculation of maintenance and in the proportions of a reward for the battle.” Conclusion How does this affect the player base? Ruling out the gameplay styles, players with less skill generally die more while the better players will survive and take less damage (good CV players should only take damage once per 10 games due to CVCides). This means that ultimately, better players are punished and will earn less credits compared to 0.5.11. Yes, I know about the addition of spotting and potential damage. However if the compensation of potential damage and spotting does not outweigh the threshold gained then again, better players are punished. Not to mention the fact that spotting for CV heavily relies on MM (if there are DDs or not) and spotting for DD heavily replies on your team (DD spots another DD but CA and BB decides to burn the poor Yamato). Potential damage for CAs and DDs are also hazardous when faced against their respective weakness class. DDs require every single HP and a CA or BB can easily halve that in one salvo while a BB can outright delete a CA.There is also the contradiction of surface to surface ship detection. What this means is that a when a DD detects another DD and that DD fires, that DD is detected by nearby allies or when a DD detects another CA and that CA fires, making the CA detectable by not just the DD but by the other CAs and BBs etc. Also, I highly doubt spotting for my team in say a Hakuryu will compensate me 80k credits (maybe 35k for Shokaku but unlikely) especially with the new exp changes to CVs in my other thread. I think WG’s direction with the economy is good but the execution is extremely poor. CVs and better players suffer a whole lot more from this economical change (like the rich getting taxed more).
  3. anjuls

    No sound

    Issue: No Sound from login to lobby Screenshots: Ship: AnyMap: AnyOccurrences: AlwaysTested: Still occuringSeverity: Playble buy annoying.Details: Fresh install. No sound. Tried moving volume bar as show above.