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Found 7 results

  1. ソビエト連邦の巡洋艦ブランチがメインの軽巡洋艦とサブの重巡洋艦に変更され、既存艦艇が一部プレミアム艦艇に変更され、新規艦艇が追加される情報公開されましたので、和訳を行いました。 この情報は ST 向けであり、今後変更や撤回がされる場合があります。 https://note.com/torpbeat/n/n86640b738264
  2. Is Moskva's legendary upgrade worth it? I'm almost finished the 3rd stage. Is -11% dispersion noticeable? And how does it stack with Aiming System Mod 1? And also what ships have a "Worth it" legendary upgrade?
  3. I’d like to choose a heavy cruiser line with a dynamic, mobile, kiting playstyle. I’m primarily interested in either the Hindenburg or the Moskva. I am a newbie and I am a long way from tier x, but want to pick the right line for me. I think i’d prefer to go down the russian cruisers towards the moskva because its fast and seems built for long range, but I’ve been reading a lot about bow tanking in that line and am wondering if the Moskva is really better suited to a static playstyle. How dynamic is the Moskva’s playstyle? Is it a static bow-on playstyle or a dynamic kiting playstyle? Would the Hindenburg be a better choice? Or should I go for the Zao? Although for some reason the Zao doesnt appeal to me as much as the hindy or the moskva.
  4. Moskva: + Laser railguns + Good AP and HE with good reload + 50 mm plating to troll most CA HE and BB AP with - Permaspotted by Yamatos - Tall citadel - 1km turning radius - Expensive to run (I already got permacamo for Zao I'm not buying another one) Kronshtadt: + Huge health pool + High caliber railguns + Waterline citadel + More decent concealment + T9 premium, therefore cheaper to run and likelier to turn a profit - Overmatchable plating and citadel roof - Dispersion of a BB - HE is not good enough for the reload - AP has long fuse time that risks overpens on CAs - 750k FXP and I'm only 10th of the way there I'm just looking for a big Russian ship while I wait for the RU BBs. Stalingrad might make this question moot depending on what the alternative non-CW requirements are if any and the final stats on that ship. I am currently at Chapayev for the grind.
  5. I don't have either ships but I've been thinking, Donskoi has 12 180mm guns, and torps while Moskva only have 9 220 or something mm guns so from what I see, Donskoi would be better than Moskva....... I'm just asking about your opinion
  6. DeadlyDeeevil

    Highest Shell Velocity Ships?

    What ships or Ship Lines have the highest velocity shells (Speed). I heard the Soviet Railguns were pretty good in this regard?
  7. detonate_me_daddy

    Moskva OP at tier 10? Your Opinions?

    Right now in Tier 10: Shimakaze got nerfed torps, underpowered Zao nerfed invis fire, still good to play with Lets not talk about CVs. Montana good all rounder except when vs yamato. Hindenburg, not so bad, not so good Des Moines No CV=Poor credit /exp yield Yamato, welp, still good when VS other BBs, but got burned bad. Gearing's fun to play Khabarovsk is???????What does this ship even do? Annoying BB and CA players to hell and terrorize DD players? But still not op Now Moskva....this thing Huge health pool, AA better than IJN, can bounce BB shell's armour when angled, high speed, decent RPM, soviet penetration, magic shell velocity, BBs range The thing is Devs try to justify it by saying it has sluggish turning and bad concealment, But you dont even need to go frontline or to use broadside to unleash this things power, all moskvas just turn bow at enemy BB CAat 18-20 Km and fire non stop, BB can not do anything about it. Yes other nation's cruisers can use concealment to surprise attack, but that doesn't stop it from having the best shell arc/velocity/penetration of any CA in game. Because its better than IJN AA even CVs prefer to torp a poor ibuki/zao/atago over it. German CA have good AP penetration and torps. But in return gets bad armour, bad HE and bad conceal Japan CA have good HE, good shell arc best CA torps and good conceal, but in return gets ultra bad AA, huge citadel, lowest rpm and sluggish turning and no radar American CA have best AA, best RPM and radar, but in return get ultra bad shell arc thus not even good shells are gonna hit anything, and no torps Russian CA Has Good HE, decent RPM, best shell arc, long range, best penetration, high speed, high HP, radar what else does it possibly need? Your opinions, keep it civil.