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Found 9 results

  1. I unlocked DesMoines last night. Pretty much the last ship on my bucket list to grind for. So, ok, I know that DesMoines builds have been argued over since the beginning of the game, but to review and give it a modern spin: What are the viable options these days? (I'm assuming that whatever goes here also goes for Tulsa, which is a 6-gun DesMoines at T9 (thus "mini-Memes")) As I see it, the big decision is slot 6. Range module, RoF module (but slower turret), or dodging ability (UU module for DesMoines only)? Slot five is normally concealment, but rudder shift is potentially on the table, slot 4 is engine mod or possibly AA, slot 2 us usually the Radar upgrade unless you really want to go all in on anti-air-defense. I can see very little variation in captain skills, its really just standard cruiser skillset the only choice is in the order you pick them. Fast turrets, priority target, AR, concealment, then SI, then probably gun feeder an the top grade gunner skill for 18 points, the last 3 are a bit of a toss up: 5% more AP damage or 4500 more hp. hmmm.. so I guess what I'm asking is: UU yes/no? Obviously I haven't played DesMoines yet (I do have the UU already though, as the RB points had built up even though I never reset any lines) but I'm really enjoying Tulsa. It's hard to explain why exactly, it's just a really nice-feeling ship somehow. I tried RoF mod, but switched to range and found it considerably more comfortable. Also tried rudder shift initially, but switched to concealment, and it seems to me concealment works better.
  2. Friesland is a funny kind of DD, maybe the best way to think of this ship is as a Gearing with the torps removed. Critically though, you don't have Gearing concealment. So you have the "smoke up your teammates" role, the "AA support" role, the "kill the DD" role, and the "burn down BB" role, but you kinda suck at the cap contesting role and the "dev strike BB" role. So far as your guns go, there are two very distinct use cases, the long range firestarter and the short range DD knifefight. (While the AP can maul a broadside cruiser, it's rare that you are in a situation to do this safely.) I'm finding choosing the optimal captain build to be challenging. Between module and skill selection, the gunpower can change a lot. Maxing our AR puts it at +42% over stock. Wiki recommends PT-LS-SE-CE, plus AFT, AR, and SI. This is far from stupid. Most forum posts though tend to pick a series of 3-point skills to fill out 19, PT-LS-SE-CE, plus DE, BFT, and SI. I have a 13 point captain, debating whether to go with DE or BFT now, or hold out for AFT in a bit. AFT need to be discussed: base range goes from 12 km to 14.4 km, but we are talking Atlanta level arcs at this point so I am really doubtful of the utility. There's also a 15% flak dmg bonus. DE gives the shells 20% more fire chance. BFT is a straight up 10% dmg bonus, and 10% greater firechance as a result of more shell volume. AR have the same benefit as BFT once you are at half health, so depends on how likely/willing you are to drop health early in the game. There's also the question of how much extra resources you want to divert to the AA suite, and how likely you are to benefit from a 4th smoke, DFAA, and 3rd hydro charge. I'm leaning towards the wiki build, but would be grateful for some input on how well AFT works on this ship.
  3. This problem mainly comes back to annoy old players: Say that I have played through the entire IJN battleship line and got the Yamato, and I have sold every other ship in the line. But one day I suddenly decided to buy my Fuso back. In the current system, I would have to buy the Fuso with all of its stock modules first, then buy the upgraded modules, and finally going to the inventory to sell the stock modules. Not only is this a hassle, it also costs me to waste some credit on those modules (since selling only reimburses half the credit). This may not be that significant with lower tier ships, but with high tier ships each module's cost can easily exceed 2M credits, which is not an amount many players can afford to throw away. So my proposal is the following: if a player has already researched a module for a certain ship, they should be prompted and allowed to buy the upgraded module directly, instead of having to purchase all the stock modules first.
  4. #side note# i played ARP ships (which is same to Kongo characteristic) and found out that the update gave significant impact on BB play style. currently at T5 BB's line and I'm not planing to go deeper through the BB line. #question# What is the "best or better" modules and commander skills are recommended for Kongo after 0.6.0 updates?
  5. So I generally use Steering Gears Modification 2 on my battleships, until recently I saw an old post with someone suggesting Damage Control System Modification 2 over it. Well, this got me thinking which one of them is more important, while both have their strengths offer to a battleship. Which one of them is more considered more potent to you fellow captains? Cheers!
  6. I'm still grinding up the IJN BB line and am currently using the Amagi's B hull. Is the C Hull worth to get (around 2.3M creds)? Only thing that changes with the module upgrade is the AA battery. I checked the maneuverability and artillery tab to be sure and there are no changes. Unless it's a hidden value or soft stat, I have no way to know. Maybe it's like the Engine upgrade which increases top speed to 0.8 knots but is more often taken because provides better acceleration or deceleration which isn't quantified. AA changes B Hull 59 DPS at 1.2km 76 DPS at 3.1km 81 DPS at 5.0km C Hull 225DPS at 3.1km 81 DPS at 5.0km Other than the 'spike' in AA value, it also gives a choice to equip the GFCS upgrade which increases range to from 18.1km to 19.9km. While the AA upgrade is nice to have and the extra range for insurance, is it worth to buy the C hull? Or do I just forget about it and just continue to the Izumo?
  7. Storm_Raiser

    About the Iowa "C" hull mod

    So I'm about to get the C hull for my Iowa and I noticed that it actually removes 17 of her AA guns but still manages to Improve her AA by 1 point ... how does that work exactly?
  8. I would like to know what you guys picked for your Yamato's module upgrades? I'm hesitate to choose the upgrades on Slot 2 and Slot 3, was thinking: Slot 2: Main Battery Modification 2 (Increase accuracy), AA Guns Modification 2 (Increase range) or Secondary Battery Modification (Increase accuracy and range) <--- 10k range for secondaries sounds fun Slot 3: AA Guns Modification 3 (Increase effectiveness) or Secondary Battery Modification 3 (Increase rate of fire) Feel free to give any thought or suggestion~ Cheers!
  9. Commander_Dusty

    Colorado Modules

    Hey folks I'm near to unlocking the Colorado and was wondering what equipment modules best suit this ship? Back in CBT (this was as far as I got with USN BB's) I recall she was an average BB which had good AA but terrible dispersion and ok RoF so I'm currently thinking 1.Main battery mod 1 2.Not sure on this one, either increase max firing range or max AA range? 3.Propulsion or Rudder mod 1 (5% fire and 3% protection isn't really much) 4.Damage control 2 - faster recovery is a plus, could also go for rudder shift mod