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Found 17 results

  1. Gday everyone, Just wondering what mods you're currently running from mod-station and the Pro's and Con's of each. Currently I am using: Ship Icons- Adjustable Panels Mods of Combat Interface- BattleClock Score Timer Team HP Navigator Big Port- Stingy By Default Extended MiniCarousel All ships in Tree Session Stats Other Mods- Remove Fog, Glare and Calm Sea Interested to see what the current meta is and if people simply choose to play the game as is. Cheers, Dobby
  2. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    [MOD] Customized Ports

    UPDATE FOR as a request from someone, I fixed the Yokosuka port into Nagasaki port almost the same as the old version. Unlike the Zipangu, this mod have planes and boat circling around the port much like the old mod but didn't have snows anymore. screenshots: download link here Outdated version (mostly have glitches and may not working)
  3. hello there i need help, sry if i post this mod content in general discuss so i just created some mods for changing commander picture but i find some other object image on john doe(seagal) commander, i just remove it and put with my new picture commander but there is some little spam particle that i don't know where is coming from, maybe that particle is a part from hat but i can't remove it first i think this is maybe come from for just a special commander but i wrong, i didn't see this part on another special commander so maybe u know this little object there is where come from, because this is little annoying for me
  4. Adries

    Login video

    hello guys, new player here, can someone tell me how to change the login video with the new one from youtube without using aslain modder?
  5. Since the promotion is still going on, It's been kind of a standard thing for me....have been running the steering gears mod 2 for all my dds for ages. Did some testing in PT server and found it very useful for german & pan asia dd line (sadly live server I don't play them) However for IJN dd line.....The age old million dollar question IJN dd steering gear mod 2 or propulsion mod 2? Any feedback from excellent dd players using propulsion mod is very much appreciated
  6. UltraViolet765


    素人的な感想なのかもしれませんが、一部で出回っているらしいaimbotなるものをプログラム的に使用不可能にするか ゲームとして戦艦や巡洋艦に実装して欲しい プレイ風景見ていると、プレイヤー間の砲撃命中率にあまりに差があるように思う。 砲撃の手間的には着弾観測して斉射という手順があると、どうしても手動による着弾観測や偏差計算を省略できるaimbotに対して不利だと思う。 shift押してスコープ覗かないプレイヤーは論外なんだけど、それしても覆しようのない格差がでるのはゲームとしてどうかと思う ただ、個人的には着弾観測や偏差撃ちは艦隊戦の醍醐味なので、aim機能をゲームに実装するぐらいなら、aimbotのようなゲームシステムに関わるMODSは、ゲームからプロテクトして使用不能にした方が良いと思う
  7. I have just paid for 100 papa papa flags for an NA account that I made recently but without an updated "access to all servers" client or mod I can't use them because I don't have access to the NA server are there any modders out there or anyone who can help me access the server so I can use these signal flags? Also so I don't just cram the forums full of stuff I'm also going to throw in a suggestion, can we please get WG to copy the NA premium shop to the Asia server because the benefits they have there are awesome and I could really use them here.
  8. well i have recently started using skin mod packs and all of them seem to be on the base hull of ship, if i put any camo on (which is obvious that i need to put on 80% ships) the ship with the skin mod looks really really horrible, so wanted to ask if there are any skins which are applied on camo instead of ship for ex - harekaze skin for kagero would be on camo instead on being on the ship itself so you can get detection or accuracy buff without getting your ship to look ugly
  9. GoldenTime

    [MOD] Euphonium Icon

    Euphonium Icon Mod for Wows 0.4.x Version 2e - 23th July by GoldenTime Download [click here] Install 1. Download Mod file and Extract Zip File 2. Choose style what you want and Open style folder. 3. Copy flash (folder) / ship_dead_icons (folder) / ship_icnos (folder) / ship_own_icons (folder) battle_loading.xml / battle_stats.xml / results_screen.xml seven items into your WOWS folder World_of_Warships\res_mods\0.4.0.x *\gui 4. Enjoy Changelog
  10. ♦ ORIGINAL TOPIC IN THE EU FORUM ♦ CLICK HERE! In WoT I used to make anime based Mods to the game for myself, this included a bunch of skins as well. So, why waste the "potential" of WoWs when it comes down to KanColle? *** NEW *** Notes before starting: The list is now OUT-DATED with the current progress of the modifications. Personally, I don't have the time anymore to update the links whenever something new is available. Please, follow the thread and BROWSE THROUGH THE POSTS in order to keep track of the new stuff. *** NEW *** Notes before starting: If you want to share these mods in the forums of different regions, that we didn't cover already, you've to LINK them DIRECTLY to HERE without forget to CREDIT THE AUTHORS in said post. Re-upload is strictly FORBIDDEN. Asking directly in this topic about HOW TO MOD something is FORBIDDEN from now on. Do it through a PM, if you've to, and we MIGHT answer. *** OLD *** Notes before starting: Currently checking, togheter with Bwaka, the files of the new CBT client to understand what has been changed from the CAT build and specifically how. This means there might be some "bugs" in the releases of the following weeks. If you happen to find one please report back here! = New = Updated «Skins» «Tech Tree/Dock» «Flash/Configs» «Commanders» «Consumables» «Missions» «Loading Screens/Loading Assets» «Login Screen» «Flags» «Packs» Hope you enjoy! Thread closed on OP's request. ~amade
  11. Zekamashimakaze

    [TeamWSVN] WOWS Mods

    This mod is make you see which ships you cannot be seen and a rename of ships ( with same ship's class ) I made this mod by myself , i do not copy of anyone . If there is a one like this , then it is coincidence. DRIVE : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8C5DEbzbwxKSFJkWnBEd3BWRlE btw : you cannot buy those ships p/s : The Buffalo's ID i took from Aslain's mod moved to appropriate section of the forums. ~dead_man_walking
  12. Senkan_Suiki


    Muey kanmusu, muey laifu... GONE! QQ
  13. KaiserPhantasma

    any MOD/MODS for improving game performance?

    as the title goes since my hardware is kinda old and an hoping for any mod that reduces say for example the water render so it'll be less rendering for the GPU resulting in more performance... TLDR: more fps mods similar to wot modpacks that remove smoke,tank trails etc etc giving you more FPS better gaming experience
  14. as the title goes since my hardware is kinda old and an hoping for any mod that reduces say for example the water render so it'll be less rendering for the GPU resulting in more performance... TLDR: more fps mods similar to wot modpacks that remove smoke,tank trails etc etc giving you more FPS better gaming experience
  15. cyxnide


    So I was wondering,is modding possible after patch 0.4.0? I'm talking about UI mods,custom skin/camouflage,custom commander pic etc. I'm new to this community so,sorry for any stupid mistakes I've made. >mfw waiting for open beta.
  16. MajorRage

    World of Warships Mods

    the mods in this video can be found here http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7429-mod030-kantai-collection-pack/ Password of the archive: shiphappens
  17. Euphonium Icon Mod for Wows 0.3.0 Version 1b by GoldenTime Sorry, this topic is abandoned. New post link is here. ↓ http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/4853-mod-euphonium-icon/