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Found 10 results

  1. As a PSA, I was attempting to list up all the ways the event deliberately misleads player into overestimating the value of their purchases, and underestimating their true cost. But, I give up. Everything. The entire event is smoke and mirrors, top to bottom. WG have have outdone themselves this time, having truly implemented every psychological ploy possible. My only advice I can give is: don't touch it. Don't even try to game it out. Don't let yourself be convinced that the ship is worth having at all. Just assume it's a colossal waste of money nope the f out.
  2. TL;DR: If you are not a whale, you can skip this thread, it is not relevant to you. Else don't blame me for wasting your time. Scenario: You are a whale who owns all the ships available in the Satan Crate 2020, which means you own all premium ships from the V-VIII containers, and the Mighty Missouri itself, how likely are you gonna make a profit with the Return of Missouri bundles? Short Answer: Note: Don't get fooled by the value, it is not as simple as it looks. You are not encouraged to gamble your doubloons and you are fully responsible for your bets. Calculation: Maximizing profit for earlier roll scenarios:
  3. Hey_Potato

    Missouri Income

    I realised that the credits earn from Missouri is significantly lower as compared to few months back. Was there any changes to the credit multiplier effect which I am not aware of? Just an average game but with such result a couple of months back I am certainly to earn at least 800k basic credits with premium a/c..if with zulu flag should be around 970k credits.
  4. any hope WG give 35 convert EXP before missouri remove?
  5. Just had a doubt, for existing players who got the Missouri, and those who will rush to "buy" her just before patch 7.2, would she retain her credit making capabilities even after being Replaced by the Musashi? And what of the Musashi then? would she also harvest credits like Missouri?
  6. Don't know if you guys agree with what WG is doing to the Missouri, but to me there's no reason why I'd get a nerfed Yamato for 920k free xp when that's way more than I need to free xp the Yamato from the Izumo (in fact should be enough to free xp from tier 8 I think).
  7. You guys know what this means, right? It means you guys have one new Missouri potato to deal with in high tier battles!!! I am proud to say that I did this without converting a single Free XP with doubloons. It was a long five-month grind to get to this point. As a speculator of a future Premium IJN Musashi, I believe it is a good time now to start building up another stash of free XP. Sub_Octavian, in his interview with NoZoupForYou, did state that there aren't any plans to discontinue this method of 'selling' premium ships. This suggests that the exchange of Free XP for premium ships may have worked out alright for WarGaming, and that they'll do it again.. Makes sense for Musashi to be sold as a Free XP ship. This is kind of a shitpost, but just wanted to share. Look forward to playing you guys on the high seas.
  8. Sting_Ray_05


    My apologies in advance for making a new topic, but isn't 0..5.15 a bit too early (http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/public-test-0515-key-feature/)? I mean, this is the update where two of my topic tags - the USN Missouri and new IJN destroyers were rumored to be making an appearance and I honestly expected this to come in December not just two weeks after update 0.5.14. Just my two cents here and feel free to give your opinions, good or bad.
  9. I’m sure most of you folks are really curious and exciting at the same time with Missouri going to be released in game, however, you will certainly have noticed-why a tier 9 premium? Well, you are gonna find out soon! Long story short, when the Chinese server(run by Kong Zhong Wang (or KDW for short))was in its pre-launch stage-which is sometime after WoWs was officially published by WG-they put forward a crowd funding project-for raising money to develop the Missouri in-game. They needed a grand total of one million Chinese Yuan. Figure 1.1 more than 10k people actually funded for the 'project' Yep you read that right boys and girls. The greedy ass Chinese publisher asked their players to pay one million just to ‘develop’ a ship that was already in the goddamn game-it’s essentially an Iowa! (well, change the camouflage, mess the AA defence around a bit and u got Missouri) And they specifically said that (quoting official sources ) (Once we reached the goal, KDW will work with the Russians to develop Missouri, which will be released in the later version of the game) Not sure about you, but I found that very funny, as they made it sound so ‘realistic’ in the way that this is such a ‘time and money consuming’ project. Well, they made a promise, so they actually need to have Missouri in-game, and here we go-the first T9 premium in game.
  10. Fisherman Spent 3 Years Building Massive 24-Foot Long Lego USS Missouri