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Found 6 results

  1. I basically started this game out after looking how beautiful Yamato is. well I did get a Musashi already and made a rant in my first post :P now im getting really used to it. So one way or the other I played WoWs for 2 years now. back then I didnt have anything noteworthy but still remember how OP Minekaze was at tier 5. And how bad Mutsuki was at tier 6. which is now downgraded to being both tier 5 and Minekaze getting nerfed. But seriously its still OP as hell dang. And I mean its good! I use it to release stress and just literally rekt all the straight full speed ahead no manueaver battleships. Minekaze has 5.4 spotting range with full camo and skills + 41Knts of speed with speed flag. Its crazy! torpedoes reload in 40 sec and you can literally spam them geez. Minekaze is the most fun IJN DD I've played so far. (I have until Kagero unlocked and Hatsuharu on the second tree.) Ive never played Akizuki but I'm planning to get it sometime soon. Minekaze is exactly what you would expect in a japanese DD. Bad guns slow turret traverse, fast speed, super good concealment. And lastly which is the most important a Torpedo spamming scrub like I am :D just fantastic ship love it. Its basically a Kamikaze on the main tree. If you havent you should try this hell of a fun ship. its just pure amazing.
  2. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Minekaze/Mutsuki Captain

    Hello, a question concerning the ex-minekaze captain: I have a highly skilled ex-minekaze captain with much seal blood on his hands. With today's shuffle in the Japanese DD tree he is left without a ship. He is in port - and assigned to the Mutsuki (which I don't have). Rather than buying a Mutsuki, I would like to reassign him to another ship. Unfortunately he is blacked out and cannot be reassigned or selected in any other ship. What is going on: 1.Is this a bug that will be remedied? 2.If I buy the Mutsuki, will he be reactivated and then be transferable to another ship? 3. Is he locked into the Mutsuki permanently? Thanks for the help.
  3. ReNation

    Tribute to Minekaze

    a little montage that i made for minekaze after i decide to retire her after long 1k battle
  4. Now as you can see Minekaze was the most successful IJN Destroyer. With her 10 km fast reload torp and decent guns So WG, As usual, Nerf her very badly not only on her torpedoes but her guns too Down to 7 km range (with her stock camo is 6.2 km) making this ship much much even worse than Isokaze (6.1 km camo, 10 km gun range, 7 km torp range) this ship should deserves something better than that!
  5. LeopardTs


    I don't know about most players, but the re-balancing that went live in the last big patch actually made a lot of really nice changes that the game much more balanced, so why did you break the Minekaze! I'm aware people bitched and moaned about its torpedo range and this would be one of the big factors for the 'rebalance' but getting rid of the 10km torpedoes was a very bad game design choice, and I won't just say it but I'll explain why. The Minekaze before the big patch was a bit slower, had 5.9km detecion range, 7km fast torpedoes, and 10km SLOW torpedoes. This was a very good way to upgrade from the Isokaze with her 7km torps, and introduced the facet of the whole 'Jap destroyers have good torps/ Bad guns' mechanic. Sure you couldn't really duke it out with destroyers, but any Minekaze captain that decided to do this was a BAD Minekaze captain. The 10km torpedos were a brilliant addition to the ship as they were OPTIONAL, slower, easier to avoid but longer reaching, meaning a minekaze could keep a flank held at bay for bigger guns to lay into an enemy position, while itself stay at arms length from the front lines. The 10km torps rarely hit the target you were aiming at if at all, but meant that if ships at the front lines were stupid enough to stay going in a straight line for longer than 2 minutes (I exaggerate but it was a SERIOUSLY long time) then they ate a torpedo or two. I believe that the reason these were removed was because people couldnt see the minekaze that was shooting at them, BUT thats the idea of Destroyers in general, especially Japanese destroyers. And seriously, you deserved to eat one if you were that slow to turn lol. I don't disagree that the rebalance fixed the Minekazes TERRIBLE guns, but they are still terrible, just a tiny bit better, but by removing the Minekazes best asset you have made it extremely ineffective. 7km is just not enough, and with a detection range of 6.1km now, it extremely difficult to torp anything unless you charge to suicidal ranges to shoot your torps, at which point they spot you and turn if they have half a brain, making the Minekaze a Kamikaze vessel :3 Please war gaming add back the 10km torps, it was a very good idea for players to choose their favorite loadout, and at tier 5 it was a good time to get some variation. I know from various test that I personally can not play with the 7km torpedoes, and with that detection range its disgusting :3 Yours Humbly, Leopardts
  6. Commander_Dusty

    Minekaze Torpedo choice

    G'day folks, I thought I'd start a new thread which isn't bingo related with whining or crazy suggestions So I've been playing the Minekaze a while (shes a keeper) and starting to wonder what torpedoes you folks use? Initially, I liked the stock torps (7km range and 68 know speed), as I'm usually a USN DD player and like getting up close (well for USN you have no choice) and launching my fast torps at enemy ships, giving them no time to dodge and sealing their watery fate. They usually worked quite well in CBT as most players were skilled enough to dodge the slower 10km torps... But I've now grown to like the 10km ranged torps (57 knot speed), as the recent influx of new players means that many don't even bother trying to turn or taking head to the warning signs. Plus the 10km range allows me to fire at range and spam all the narrows and island corners while keeping at a safe stealthy distance, and they haven't been that slow at all to be honest. Until new players get better I think I'll stick with these and enjoy the fun while it lasts. What are your thoughts?