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Found 5 results

  1. WG is offering to sell the Kutuzov for doubloons and shut down selling her for sometimes. The thing is , Miku dont really fits me as strangely as i feel about playing her. Before i get IFHE , she feel surreal underpowered to me , i dont know how to play her yet and even now im not that good at playing a cruiser. It is quite a blast when i do get IFHE (14 pts) , but now , i dont really know. Camping and second line sniping is not quite my thing. I really like to rush in and do some hurt , then pop smoke to entrench near an island , which is quite not how you use this thing. Therefore after i get Mi Mo and the animu DD , this thing is left in the port. After 300 battles , i get a subpar 45.92% wr with the thing and damage is only 48,191 average. This thing becoming a limited ship is conflicting with me having it but not really good with it and willing to sell it. So should i just sell the thing and buy another tech tree premium or buy tier X camo ? Any advice is really apreciated , thank you
  2. Reverse_ldeology

    Mikhail Kutuzov is OP

    After playing MK after the patch, I have only one thing to say, we don't need Zaos in Tier 8, we especially do not need Zaos with smoke in tier 8. Now I know why Zao is not nerfed, for they have buffed the other CLs to Zao levels. The Mikhail Kutuzov is an especially overpowered ship, given the right captain skills. With the following skills, which I personally use: -Priority Target -Adrenaline rush -Demolition Expert -Inertial Fuse for HE Shells -Concealment Expert Given this setup, one has 11.1km detection range, 11% Fire chance (12% with flags), and just over 32mm of HE penetration. One's reload also shortens down to 6.5s if damaged, allowing one to spam HE quickly at long range when at low HP. Given the Kutuzov's smoke and insane range, it has really disproportionate influence over the battle. Plus, the increase in HE alpha more than offsets the decrease in fire damage. While before one gets about 60k HE damage and about the same (or slightly more) fire damage, now one easily gets over 100k HE damage, with about the third of HE alpha damage in fires. This is definitely not balanced, the MK does too much damage. Like previously you do no damage to saturated BB superstructure, now shells that hit the hull and bow/stern(32mm) do full damage. This equates to about 6k per salvo on early game and 1.5-3k late game, and the DPM increase hilariously as you take damage. WG Nerf pls Seriously mate, this thing is too OP, earning 700+k every game while farming enemy BBs in smoke is cheesing. Regards Your local HE Spammer scumbag who is actually concerned about game playability Also, buy MK for maximum keks
  3. I love my Kutuzov but the stern looks so awful with the empty dual-row depth charge holds. Was this forgotten because all the other Russian cruisers with similar stern configuration have the two holds filled with depth charges. Please do something and make this ship even better looking P.S. Look forward to purchasing the Premium German BB upon release. Perfection_Man
  4. EULA_violator

    how OP is Mikhail kutuzov's AA?

    right now now i have 16 captain skills on my MK and i'm thinking of redistributing my point because i'm about to get my 17th skill point so right now i have BFT, situational awareness, incomeing, fire alert, superintenent, AFT, and CE so i want to forgo AFT and BFT and exchange them for EM and DE, but i want to know how much is MK's AA rateing with AFT, BFT and manual AA. can anyone tell me how much is MK's AA with full config?
  5. "Pan-paka-paaan!"or Russian Bias? Kutuzov has recently entered the shop for a limited time, and pretty much created a dilemma for me. I have done comparisons, looked at both ships reviews from youtube and forums. And this is basically what i came up with: -Atago gets a lot of praise from many players. -Atago has stealth system -Atago shoots slow but hits hard -Atago torps have beautiful arcs and range -Kutuzov looks incredibly easy to play thanks to its range and rate-of-fire -Kutuzov creates a 7.2km no-fly zone when specced for AA. Great AA even though unspecced -Kutuzov comes in a bundle which is actually cheaper than Atago at the time of posting. -Both ships are very fragile With that in mind, my question is this: Which ship is the most fun to play? Which one gives you a smile everytime you take it out for a spin? Which one keeps you awake at night, impatient for the morning to come so you can unleash destruction with the gem of your collection? Fun and replayability are two factors I have not yet known. I will be looking forward to advice and suggestions to those that might have either or both ships. Comments are welcome. Thank you, sorry for my bad english. P.S. Im writing this from a phone so maybe a lot of errors here and there. Poll may not be working.