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Found 3 results

  1. I've noticed that when I am capturing an area, there is a timer that starts counting. As the timer counts down, sometimes it inexplicably goes backwards. Sometimes I understand why this is so: maybe there was an allied vessel helping me to capture the area and they were destroyed or left the area. Or alternatively an enemy vessel has entered the area and stalled my capture. But I just played a game where right at the beginning of the match, I made a bee-line to an area. I was the only one in the area and proceeded with a roughly 1 minute count down to capture. There were no allied or enemy vessels near the zone. Then when some enemy vessels come out from behind an island (but still 8 km away from the actual area, so I'm still the only one in the area), the count down clock starts going backwards?! What gives? Can someone explain the count down mechanic to me? Sometimes the game pushes the countdown backwards and there is no obvious answer as to why: no one got sunk, no one entered the area, no one left the area, nothing happened other than my fat ass simply is inexplicably taking longer to capture the area than when the countdown originally started! (Clarification: At no time during the capture process did my ship leave the area, even for a second) Call me simple but I kinda figure that if I enter an area at the beginning at the match and am the only ship in said area, then the counter should inexorably count down in a regular fashion from 60 down to 1 provided I am the only ship in the aforementioned area for the duration of the 60 seconds. If the rest of my team gets sunk or if enemies pop into visual range (& remain steadfastly outside the area I occupy), my count down should be unaffected unless there is a change to the number of ships occupying the aforementioned area. But this is not what happens and it's really weird.
  2. Harpoon01

    HE overpowers AP?

    The Recent Patch now reward the Tanking through Angling and near miss evasion but now i don't see any thing rewarding of being shot by HE - Immune to angling - Can Cause fire when get hit anywhere by any HE shell in any size - No Overpen - Fire alone could destroy a battleship that get spammed by DD and Cruiser even in 1 vs 1 in the same tier - Favored by Poor accuracy skill player (when they afraid of non penetration) - Damage Saturation mechanic is not effective when it only count HE shell hit, and not fire so you might die just by get spammed - German BB up to Bismarck generally suffer from HE Spamming Cruiser at MAX range (above 15 km) - Even Battleship use HE quite much now - Fire alone could take up to 30% hp if not extinguished early - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, who put gasoline at my ship's deck?! i also want to complain about IJN Shell Normalization or something, that makes me unable to penetrate angling Hatsuharu with my Atago's AP (9 hit all bounce at 4 km range)
  3. What is a reason of killing T5 ship with this MM system? By putting a +1,-2 MM to a T5 ship and make them really really often to meet T7. And T4 ship is a really good sealclubbing tier because that MM.