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Found 1 result

  1. NguyenArchitakuVN

    British and French "Atlanta"?

    So... I introduce to you the Dido-class cruiser of the Royal Navy (Not dildo, okay?) This ship has a displacement of about 7000 tons. Pretty much similar to the US Atlanta. Her armament is 10-time 133 mm dual purpose gun in dual mounts and 6 torpedo tubes (3 on each side). All turrets are center-line mounted. If this ship makes it into the game, it would likely to be a tier VII premium cruiser for the Royal Navy, her stat and play-style would be a lot like Atlanta. She has less number of guns than the Atlanta, but her guns are bigger. I don't know about the torpedoes but it seems like the torpedoes on British ships are just as bad as the American's. And this sexy lady is the French De Grasse-class cruiser. She would be similar to the Atlanta, Also has 127 mm gun. 16-time 127 mm guns in dual mounts, making it 8 turrets. But she can't have a full broadside of all of her guns. Only 4 turrets are center-line mounted. The other 4 are mounted on her side, making a full broadside of 12 guns. 12 compared to 14 on the Atlanta is a bit of a downside. She doesn't have any torpedo (1946 configuration). But she has a heavier displacement of 9300 tons. So i guess this ship will have a pretty healthy HP pool compared to the Dildo... Sorry, Dido and the Atlanta. Both ships have pretty good top speed of average 32-33 knots.