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Found 14 results

  1. So I recently got the Montana, and I've heard she's really good. I can see that - great AA, accuracy and speed, 12 guns etc... I have found my play to be inconsistent, however. Most of the time I either get HE spammed to death (Smolensk, Conqueror, I'm looking at you) or on the rare occasion trying to escape the fiery hellscape of HE shells, I get torpedoed by an opportunistic DD. Rarely do I find myself citadel'd by another BB in an evenly matched fight, leading me to believe that my angling and positioning are decent. Often trying to stay out of range of the HE spammers I just keep myself too far from the action and end up with a paltry 30-40k damage. I have had a few decent games, what I consider 100k+ matches, mainly these games are devoid of Smolensk or Conquerors. So is it something I'm missing about Tier X gameplay, or is the Montana just obsolete in the current invisible light cruiser HE spam meta?
  2. silenthunter19944

    Montana is simply fantastic

    What more can I say. The Montana is such a fantastic BB. 12 hard hitting and accurate guns. Best AA suit in the game. Armour scheme is quite good as well. Good concealment. Overall, an amazing BB. I think that this ship is the perfect reward for grinding through the entire USN BB line which can be summarized as 'ugly duckling'. Attached is the battle result screen after my very first battle in the ship. Completely stock, untrained captain and no upgrades at all. If you are hesistant about getting this ship, don't be, it shit on absolutely everything, BBs, DDs, CAs, CVs, doesn't matter what it is, the Montana shits on it. Not even the Yamato is that scary, if you see a bow on Yamato, feel free to load skillful HE rounds and start BBQing the Yamato
  3. SanguinusXII

    Montana vs Yamato

    I don't know if I'm just crap at BBs but I have real trouble dealing with Yamatos in the Montana, even more then i had in the Iowa. So I've had enough of bashing my head against the wall so I figured I would ask for others opinions before the salt content in my body eclipses water. I try to sneak up on them when possible but the opportunities to do so are rare due to Monty's speed and concealment and the only way I've had any luck with when dealing with a bow on Yamato is to approach at an angle to try and mitigate the dreaded bow citadels (coughbalancedcough) and attempt to citadel them through that sweet spot where the citadel armor is flat through the side of the bow underneath the front two turrets, this usually costs me a very large chunk of my HP and is near impossible to pull off against a competent captain or a Yamato with escorts because you end up burning to death or with torpedos shoved where they really don't belong. TLDR: How do you all deal with Yamatos in your Montana. Thanks in advance EDIT: To clarify; I love the Montana and the issues I'm having are infinitely more likely to be captain error rather than her. I don't want anyone to think I'm bashing the ship. Thanks again for the advice
  4. I just purchased Montana for 2 days and i think its a downgrade from Iowa. Both of them have the same citadel location, AA power, Montana has better armor and firepower. The main downside is her maneuverability so bad. The Montana's engine is only 172000 hp, stock Iowa engine while Montana is bigger and heavier. People talk about how high the citadel is and it must be fixed. I can deal with that. Now if they give Montana the Iowa top engine 212000hp and reduce her rudder shift time, it can be more agile, make it different characteristic compare to the IJN "Ovematch" and the KM "Turtle Secondaries". And you know that IJN "Yamete" is also a floating citadel and get rekt everytime enemy have her broadside, but she is slow, sluggish and can be easily outmaneuver by others ships. Smart Yamete players will keep distance with enemy at ~15km and stay angle. The only chance Montana can do is find a way to out maneuver and shoot Yamete's citadel. I think right now Montana looks like a tier 10 New Mexico (good gun, high volume of shells but slow and sluggish). So what do you think? Please tell me if I'm right or wrong. p/s: Sorry for my bad Engrisk.
  5. Hello all I have recently added the Montana to my collection and was wondering what commander abilities would be best. Previously on my Iowa I had; Points; Priority Target 1 Preventive Maintenance 1 Incoming Fire Alert 1 Expert Marksman 2 Survivability Expert 3 Advanced Firing Training 4 Concealment Expert 4 Basically I want a stealth build but able to spot torpedoes and kill aircraft's. Any Suggestions??? Also have 16 commander points. Cheers all!!
  6. Boo_Keeper

    Battleship Development

    Battleship Development Upgrades and More!!
  7. legionary2099

    Iowa Montana guns

    I read on wiki that Iowa main battery could elavate different position for each of its gun in a turret. If this is so could we get a unique ability for montana , iowa and maybe NC ?. I mean with that ability those ship can maybe single fire from a turret ( one click wont go off with 3 shells) , or allow it to get a rather strange creeping barrage shot dispersion that reduce vertical ( long) dispersion in exchange for wider ( horizontal ) dispersion. I think that will be fine since most US bb dont get to use their AA alot of times. This may go to the suggestion thread but since ppl watch general alot more i will post it here. Dont know how to make a poll though
  8. 這位蒙大那(Montana)是參考ZECO老師所著"少女兵器(鋼鐵少女)"的人物設定風格創造出來的角色,主要武裝為四座三聯裝16吋50倍徑艦砲,分別安裝在雙肩後側與腰間兩側;副武裝為十座雙聯裝5吋54倍徑多用途防空砲(搭配VT引信),六座分布在膝關節的艤裝結構旁,四座在腰部後方;另外還有沒畫出來的大量40公厘60倍徑快砲與20公厘奧立岡機砲,如果以後要補充畫出來,可能位置大約在膝關節結構旁再延伸出來; 她手中所持的是近距離肉搏戰用的軍刀(要叫它斬艦刀也無妨),船艦會持有刀劍是鋼鐵少女原作裡的設定,我對這點的補充設定是輕巡以上的各級作戰船艦都會配發軍刀,視情況有些船不會帶,有些會像萌大乃一樣帶兩把,然而刀劍終究是非不得已才運用的零距離武器,一般而言仍以正常的砲擊等作戰為主。
  9. yet another "scientific" experiment from flamu featuring tier X battleships
  10. MFW bots know how to play montana better than other players. Hell, they are even play battleship better than some players out there.
  11. FenrirApalis

    Montana HE OP

    So I was sailing my derpitz around today and I took a full salvo of HE from a Monty at long rangs, 16k damage, 2 fires with citadel sound. The other guy shooting at me was a Hindernberg and I was bow on to him and he was shooting AP. WTF RNG are you mad? Or was the Tirpitz missing armour true? The shells landed around rear section, where I have landed citadels on with NO and Balti before on super harsh angles. Citadelling angled Tirpitz with 203 isn't everyday things okay, you probs won't even cit South Carolina if it is angled with 203mm. And yes I was somewhat angled towards that Monty. 100& sure it was HE. I will post replay if I find it
  12. The same as the topic. Got many ranting about how bad the Montana is compare to the Yamato and yet, facing Yamato all the time. So my point would be: keep the Iowa and fully upgrade it to the fullest potential, or get the Montana? I am only getting to tier VI New Mexico now, so that might be a dumb question I'm asking. Thanks for any information, guys!
  13. Paladin0503

    戰艦聚光燈:USS Montana

    (請使用720p60畫質觀賞來得到完整的效果。) 最近在遊戲內玩了不少場Montana,深深的體會到了他的魅力 這次藉由類官方宣傳片的方式來與各位分享駕馭Montana的快感Enjoy it!
  14. Paladin0503

    Battleship Spotlight: USS Montana

    Do watch the video in 720p60 to get the full effect. Enjoy it​! The Montana-class battleships of the United States Navy were planned as successors to the Iowa class, being slower but larger, better armored, and having superior firepower. Five were approved for construction during World War II, but changes in wartime building priorities resulted in their cancellation in favor of the Essex-class aircraft carriers and Iowa class before any Montana-class keels were laid.