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Found 1 result

  1. So... Less gun range than Kiev... Size of a Cleveland... Turn radius of a heavy cruiser?... Rudder shift of a heavy cruiser?.... 4 km torpedoes....8 km when upgraded, but less speed, and damage... 9.4 concealment (stock)... weak AA.... Recently nerfed HE damage and fire chance... Ugly... So why is the Kiev, Ognevoi, Gnevny, heck even the islayav almost better in every way than the Trashkent... Not only do people stop at Kiev and free exp it because its such garbage, in 0.5.3 they want to give it a 3000 doubloon camouflage that makes the ship a slightly lighter blue... I dont even.. I dont know....is wargaming to afraid of the ugliness of the Trashkent to even give it a decent camouflage? At least give the Trashkent the same range as Kiev... Even better switch the Kiev and the Tashkent. It would be somewhat garbage at tier 7. Rather than being a pointless member of your team in T8. Wait, why not make a premium Russian T8 DD that has way better stats, kinda like how they nerfed Kiev then sold Blyskawica (aka Kiev 2.0 on steriods with Invisfire and usable torpedoes) kinda like the Gnevny and the Gremyashchy