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Found 3 results

  1. Oh no... not without carriers... Can't be done without a DD either... Even catapults??
  2. New_Horizontal

    Why people so salty to me

    After I had a several lost streak, I decided to run my Mahan in Neighbor map, T8 games and enemy had Lo yang and Sims I went C to contest cap but can't fight due to Lo yang + Sims went to C as well so I decided to retreat. But not before MK hit me and my HP reduced to one third of total HP. So, I spammed torpedoes to smoke which Sims and Lo yang sit it and I got Sims and I ran away to B, left Bismarck to die in process because my smoke still cool down. and can't cover NC as well After that I saw Sharnhorst and Nagato tried to rush B so I spammed torp again and hit Scharnhorse a couple of torps. then I have to run away due to team losing very hard but lead in cap points. Still spam torpedoes to slow them down but my remaining teammates decide to fight and got deleted one by one. yet I still spam torps and hit Scharnhorst yes I ran away from team and wait till time ran out so we win in cap point. came back to port and I found that I got reported 6 times for doing the right thing to win the game??? such a LUL I don't know what I did wrong? for not contest a cap C so I surely dead?, not smoking up team while I have to run for life?, for not firing at enemy so I can survive and let team win by cap points?, or for spamming torps and those BBabies ate every salvo? Just not understand people logic ...
  3. There is no right or wrong way to play this game. If I enjoy playing tier 1s only everyday, then it's my right and problem. If I enjoy playing tier 4s because some of my favorite ships are at that tier and I'm also training my commander to transfer to higher tiers, whose to say to me you can't do that because I have played over 2000 games? If I want to play lower tiers just to increase my winrate, WG ain't gonna penalize me. But once I announce to everyone on the forums what my intentions are, then just be prepared to get positive and negative views. If you can't take the negative, then don't bother posting at all and just do what you want to do quietly. I am also a seal clubber, and I do it all the time in all my favorite ships from Tier 4, 6, 7 to 8. Sometimes I get clubbed back as it has been as you can see from my stats. I'm glad I can't play for this 5 days as I'm out of my country atm. Lighten up peeps. It's just a game. chill out.