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Found 9 results

  1. War gaming can you please fix the slow port options and overall loading of the game etc, Why does it log in when you launch the game via the game launcher when you are already logged in, it shouldn't take 15-30secs to recognize that before continuing, the port is one of the most spent/visited parts in the game and having a slow navigation does not make it thrilling especially to new players, no matter what hardware you have the game reaches a point of not loading any faster, due to how the game is. So don't invest in fast ssd's hoping that will make it load faster. Is this ever going to be addressed?
  2. GreenCatcher

    Stuck at the Battle Loading Screen

    [BAD-ENGLISH] While i was playing WoW ASIA, I was trying to join a Random Battle Matchmaking... I got a lil' bit annoyed because of the Loading got stuck. I can even see the "Real-time" statistic (How many enemy/ally ships got sunked) in the Loading screen. I have waited for over 3+ Minutes but yet it haven't finished loading. After waiting about 4 minutes the game suddenly freezed. When i try to click (on something), The screen suddenly becomes "Unresponsive/white". It already happened twice today, I (My Ship) have lost several Signals and Upgrades. And, I have never ever experienced this issue before. Also, I did not installs any mods in the game... Do you mates have any idea how do i fix this issue?
  3. OK , this update really break it for me. IDK whats wrong but starting from this update i got a freaking long load time in about anything. The game refuse to let me get into the action even when the sound of fire is on my ship but i cant freaking do anything about it. And everytime i tab out something broke. Like the sound and the sync , even when im at a net cafe with a more powerful computer. This morning was normal even though a little slow then all hell broke lose. Loading a game with Missouri , 5 minutes still staring at the loading screen. OK fine , reset , same problem still staring. Match lost , got reported. What the ,... . Not cool , reset , delete cache , try again , still 5 minutes . What the .... Now what to do
  4. DESCRIPTION Ship model of enemy vessel failed to load in-game REPRODUCTION STEPS Select ship Enter the battle Play match as usual Realize that (at least) one ship model failed to load in-game and is invisible during the entire match RESULT You cannot see the ship at all - it's invisible! Player Name, ship name, and other ship info are still visible but the ship itself cannot be seen. Even having the ship "go dark" and spot it again does not resolve the issue EXPECTED RESULT Ship model successfully loads into the game. Consistently. (Although, I do believe this is a rare bug, but I'd still recommend looking into this matter :3) TECHNICAL DETAILS Time of Occurrence: about 12:45 PM UTC+8; match itself began at around 12:38 PM Replay: I don't have the replay function on, unfortunately; takes up disk space over time and I'm in a net cafe. DxDiag disabled by Cafe management; got the python log though python.log
  5. Honeywell

    stuck at first loading

    -Issue: stuck at first loading after launcher Screenshots: screenshot attachedShip: -Map: -Occurrences: everytimeTested: everytimeSeverity: it stop me from playingDetails: i have no mod, my driver,vc++,directx is uptodate, try to delete preference.xml, problem still there, already check and repair game integrity twice, problem still there i had update this morning (17 nov 2016), problem still there, wows cpu usage at 35%-40%, ram used 279mb my laptop spec : -i7-4710mq @2.5ghz -ram 16gb -64bit win8 -put the game on ssd do you guys has solution?
  6. Issue: Unable to finish the loading to battle Screenshots: It is loading screen, what do you expect?Ship: AnyMap: AnyOccurrences: RandomlyTested: Yes, could affect Replay and PVESeverity: Almost GamebreakingDetails: The loading are supposedly to be faster on the battle that is not first after the client run, - Somehow the Start button does not appear, but the Ambient, Guns, Aircraft, even the sounds of your ship get shot at can be heard - Another case where i already press the start and "the announcer" announce the battle start, but the screen still in loading screen (with loading symbol still rotating) I could still be able to access Exit menu by pressing Alt + F4 & press exit and also able to reconnect to the game with the chance of the bug reappearing
  7. ThomChen114

    Loading....until tomorrow

    I've noticed that everytime I start a session the first two, and even three games, it takes a ridiculous amount of time before I am loaded into battle. Its just me alt + Tab-ing as I wait for that godforsaken blue bar to fill up and for the spinning icon to taunt me as it spins for an eternity. By then its far too late and ships are dying left and right, and im bound to get reported for being a bot. Aside from this the port ships also takes forever to load, which I should take as an indicator of when its safe to join another match, but its absurd to have to wait that long. It may be a problem on my side, but this has only been happening after the recent patch. I'll probably just go waste my time and ship dailys in Co-Op until the client has fully woken loaded
  8. Tomahawk012

    Game Launching crash/freeze

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the forums so please don't get mad. I am having a problem when I launch the game and it comes up with the game loading screen i get the windows 10 error sound. i am unable to alt+tab or alt+f4. when i try to bring task manager up i get a black screen. i was able to navigate to task manager using the arrow keys but i still had a black screen. I press turn my pc off and then it comes up with my desktop for a second and then it starts shutting down and i am unable to stop it. any help would be appreciated thanks
  9. Currently within pre-battle loading screens, in-game player lists (by pressing TAB), post-battle results screens, and in-game player panels (if turned on within options), the region where the player names are displayed is too narrow horizontally. This means that if a player's name is too long, it cannot be fully displayed (since it becomes appended with "..." at the end), which becomes a hassle if you wish to report a teamkiller or some other form of troublemaker to WG Support, yet cannot find out what the player's name actually is. This problem applies for both the English locale client and the Chinese locale client. Within the Chinese locale client the problem is worsened, since the font size for everything is much larger overall. Player name panels should be made longer so that they can fit the entirety of a player's name. After all, on both the pre- and post-battle screens and the TAB display there is a huge portion of empty space on the left and right sides; what is the purpose of having this empty space? Wouldn't the space be better off utilised by widening the player name area to allow readability? The length of the player name panels were much better during closed alpha, I'd suggest making the horizontal length of the player name columns within the team player tables akin to WoWS version 0.2.2 or version 0.3.*, which would require extension of the table on left and right sides given the increase in font size in later patches, which takes up additional space. Screenshots: Post-battle results screen (0.4.0, English locale) Post-battle results screen (0.4.0, Chinese locale) In-game TAB screen (0.4.0, Chinese locale) Post-battle results screen (0.3.* CBT, English locale) (I won't post any 0.2.2 closed alpha screenshots)