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Found 3 results

  1. I'm quite certain I'm in the minority here, but just as the title states, my loading time has actually SLOWED DOWN rather than speeding up as claimed by WG. Since 0.5.5 I'm always the last one to load in every match, finally entering the action 2-3 minutes AFTER the match has started. It has caused me several problems now, like being unable to reach my planned target destination in time, forcing me to go with the flow instead (I'm the planning type, can't be helped!). I also want to know if other players are also experiencing this issue, and ultimately, on how to resolve it as well. Thank you for taking time to read this.
  2. Are the textures uncompressed by default? or is it separated for low texture setting to high? If uncompressed and the setting is set to low or medium, does the game engine take time to compress the texture (which will cause long loading times)? I encountered some games that loads faster when the texture is set to high.
  3. A fellow sailor here, I have this issue of a ridiculously long loading time. Initially when i got the game it wasnt as long as i could enter while the timer was at 10s before the battle but now its at best 3 mins into the game where the 1st spots of enemy ships are sighted. I'm trying to find out if my problem is associated with computer specs or internet server, as i currently live "down under" (Australia FYI) so its understandable that it may be bad. Im currently running on a Laptop which runs pretty well for other games like WoT and Payday 2 with no prob for a 4 year old PC Nvidia GTX 620M 6GB RAM I3 intel 3rd gen Anyone else facing this experience give a shout out and share ur exp with me