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Found 8 results

  1. Old Launcher: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1islVRrWlqUX8Kb6Mi-qaMLiH8m2bGZvs/view
  2. My Launcher is stuck at receiving updates, I've tried the fix of setting <launcher_transport>3</launcher_transport> to <launcher_transport>2</launcher_transport> but to no avail. I have also tried clearing the updates folder, restarting my computer, running as administrator, and turning off firewalls. I played the game before and I remember having the same problem back then but do not remember how I fixed it. Is there perhaps a direct download link I can take to download the full game instead of relying on the launcher?
  3. FreshEricchi


    Help me guys.. i dont know why this always pop ups when i launch the launcher... anyone can solve this? I already check and repair game integrity Also.. if i press yes.. then play the game... it wont connect to the server...
  4.  発生した現象:Firefox および WoWs を起動した状態で戦闘に出、待機画面で[ALT]+[TAB]によりFirefoxへ移り右上バツ印またはALT+F4にてFirefoxを終了すると、WoWsラウンチャーも一切の断りなく突然消える  ラウンチャーから完全に再起動するしかない(いずれも戦闘開始から2分ほど経過していた)  艦船名: 複数 覚えている範囲ではクリーブランド、ARPアシガラ  マップ: 失念  出現頻度: 毎回以降  再現性: 再現可能 ただしCoopで確認、 ランダム戦は怖くて試せない  重要度: 極めて深刻   詳細: 不具合の再現方法: WoWsで「Coop」を選び「戦闘開始」 → ALT+TABでFirefoxへ移動 → lagを減らすため(なくすため)Firefoxを終了 → 同時、ほぼ同時にWoWsも強制終了 なお、ChromeやEDGEではこの現象は確認していない Coop以外では不明。 確認する予定はない。
  5. Ninajim

    No More Game Launcher

    Hey all, just some weird problem I've had for the past few days. I decide to play some WoWS the other night and find out that the WoWS launcher icon was whited-out. Clicked on it and said it was missing. So I went into the game files and tried to launch it through the application. That launched the game, however, it is out of date. The WoWS updater is not in Wargaming's Auto-Update and whenever I try to re-install the game it ways that I cannot choose that location, as it is already installed. Cant find the right section on the official website, and I'm unsure what to do. Any help? I really don't want to have to install the whole game all over again.
  6. Okay, so for some reason after the 0.5.10 update I can't see any ARP ships. For example, I know my friend is using ARP Haruna but in game it only shows as Kongou. For me, in-game it looks like the normal Kongou but for my friend he said it was glowing. I tried to do a Game Check but it just downloads something like a 1.5mb update then game checks again then it downloads another update which is 5.5mb. Now after that I tried playing but they are still the same Kongou, not the ARP ships. I tried to do a game check again, and there again it happens, 1.5mb download, Game Check, 5.5mb download, Finish, Start game, Still no ARP skins. I tried to game check, update, check, update, and after it finishes updating with the Play button clickable I went and Game checked it again this time it just repeats itself with downloading the 1.5mb and the 5.5mb updates :v Halp pls iz annoying not able to distinguish ARP ships from normal ships
  7. Tomahawk012

    Game Launching crash/freeze

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the forums so please don't get mad. I am having a problem when I launch the game and it comes up with the game loading screen i get the windows 10 error sound. i am unable to alt+tab or alt+f4. when i try to bring task manager up i get a black screen. i was able to navigate to task manager using the arrow keys but i still had a black screen. I press turn my pc off and then it comes up with my desktop for a second and then it starts shutting down and i am unable to stop it. any help would be appreciated thanks
  8. Launcherがデフォルトでtorrentを使ってダウンロードを試行するという設定は プロバイダによっては端からシャットアウトされるなどして、「ゲームがダウンロード出来ない」という 問題の1つの要因になってしまうと思います。 Yes-Noで確認するダイアログを作ってゲーム本体のダウンロードを 開始直前にtorrentを切れるよう改善して下さい。 あと、細かいことですが、ゲーム開始時のログイン画面の左上のゲームのバージョンがずっと 『World of Warships』から変わらないのが気になります。