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Found 3 results

  1. I recently received the new Swedish commander, Frederik Henrik af Chapman. I switched to his voice but could not switch back to Standard voice. I moved him to a different ship and he keeps speaking Swedish. Nice, if you are Swedish but my understanding of the language is not very good.
  2. UwU_Whats_This


    Is there any way to remove the language censoring in wows. Not the toxic words one, but the word that gets boxed. I want to remove that censoring so that i can somewhat understand what my teammate is typing in chat and not get called noob for not knowing the plan.
  3. CromwellCruiser

    Language Mishap?

    Evening all. Sorry to bother you guys twice in the same evening. However, I am encountering a rather unusual situation. This occurs when I am on the player page of the WoWS homepage. Specifically, the annotations for the various 'achievements' are in Japanese even when my selected language is English. As I can not read Japanese this is, understandably, rather frustrating. Is this a general issue? A simple observation of the attached screencap will yield that the 'English' option is highlighted in blue, but the annotation is in Japanese. Is this a known mismatch of languages? Thanks. P.S. When is a post 'too long'? I have been getting this a lot lately. Locked on OP's request. ~amade