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Found 3 results

  1. Alpha_Ovum

    ARP Kitakami when?

    I know this may seem bullshit, But wargaming,People like Kitakami, She's wanted, many of us need her, please listen to this, I hope for you to listen, I think Kitakami is a good ship to add in, and I don't ask for a whole new ship, Just an ARP reward like Takao Please Wargaming, Let us have Kitakami. Please respond Best regards Alpha_Ovum
  2. I love playing in my Kuma, even when I loose the battle. Why? Because its the only ship in the IJN line (sorry have not played the other lines) which can keep a non stop stream of fire on an enemy while also being able to fill the water with torpedoes at the same time. There are some tricks to playing in your Kuma and they are: 1. Don't go it alone. You will get spotted and you will get sunk! Kumas don't take return fire very well and sink faster than a sack of doorknobs thrown over the side. Find some Big Buddies to tag along with (get it, BBs!) 2. Strafe don't volley. By holding down the fire button instead of saving up those shells for one big volley you can keep a near continuous stream of shells raining down on your target 3. HE, HE and more HE!. Kuma's penetration is not very good but if your raining HE down on someone they will catch fire and keep on catching fire no matter how much they put it out.Forget the AP! 4. Torps one side, turn, then torps the other. When not raining HE you can spew torpedoes at the enemy in great number, both sides have multiple torpedo launchers (like all good IJN ships) and two full spreads is more than enough to hit something or drive them away 5. Let the battle start before you get involved. This may sound cowardly but see point 1. By letting your bigger friends kick things off you can move into a good position and line up your targets. Then once they are busy worrying about something else and the others incoming fire they will often not realize that its you frying them up with your HE 6. If under fire, apply the turn/switch rule. What is the turn/switch rule? You probably dont know as I just made up the turn but it means that you know how long it take for your rudder to go from extreme port to starboard. You then steer by counting back and forth, left to right, right to left as you shoot. This makes the ship maintain the general direction its heading in but it makes it swerve around so its not just sitting there soaking up the shots. It also means that you dont have to go out of binocular view much and can keep walking rounds down on the target. If you get this right you can not only destroy targets much bigger than you but also help your team mates by setting multiple targets ablaze (i got the 5 ships ablaze bonus first time out in my Kuma). The beauty of this approach is that even if the target is moving you can keep the fire dropping on them and once you know how they are turning the rounds just keep on dropping on them. I have had enemy ships make hard turns and go all evasive but to no avail as I know they are turning and start spam firing ahead of them meaning that they keep on getting hit. Even DDs can have a hard time getting out of the way as most DD captains are used to dodging volleys which they can see coming and move accordingly. What they don't usually have much experience dealing with is non-stop hell-fire which is running right along with them. Also the Kuma has about a 12k range so you dont have to get too close to make it rain. The only drawback to this method is that you need to practice walking your rounds down on the target (which does not take long to learn as you can watch the rounds dropping and adjust accordingly) and that you do have to be mostly broadside to your target for the maximum number of guns to be brought to bear. But even when you are forced to start making full evasive maneuvers you can usually get up to three of your guns to remain firing and a fully modded Kuma can turn pretty fast and move fast so you can keep up the harassing fire even as you fall back/retreat. But as I have said above you have to be part of a group to do this and the bigger the better, By yourself or in small numbers you and your Kuma will go down faster than a... well you get the idea. You may not get max kills using this method but you will make a massive contribution to your side in the battle. The only time this is doomed to fail is when your team goes turtle or you get caught all by your lonesome out in the open, then nothing will save you. It is a play style change for some players who move, shoot, move etc as this is just getting in and dishing it out but often the ROF and number of hits is so ferociously high that I have driven much bigger ships back once they run out their fire fighting ability yet the HE is still coming down on them. There may be other such ships in other lines but since I don't play those I don't really know but I have never seen other ships. So if you still have a Kuma or want a reason to get one there it is. Have Fun!
  3. Nishizumi_AnkoSP

    Running Teammates

    So speaking of this suppose if CV is in trouble BB and CL should head back and support for cover fire right but fellow teammates on here doesn't said so instead of heading back they all just run and let the CV Fend for itself of course I won't left my CV fend for itself so I went back to support and sunk that Kuma in the end and then the CV sunk the BB in the end only me went back for the CV so this is what we called friendly support by just running away when our CV is in trouble .